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    Re: 40k rules design mathammer question

    I dont think the use of modifiers is that great an idea. I'd rather see an extra dice roll bring further granularity but keeping things from being modified

    T10 26-07-2014, 15:07 Go to last post

    My WW1 rule set

    A bit of time ago, I started writing a set of rules for WW1. Here's the begining of it.
    C&C welcome.
    Army structure
    The basic unit

    GabrielSantar229 26-07-2014, 15:06 Go to last post

    Re: Need Advice: Creating New Starter Kits

    I would avoid making it a particular theme (like White Scars/Bikes) as this makes the starter set less desirable for a lot of players who don't want that

    Sanai 26-07-2014, 15:06 Go to last post

    1500 points CSM list

    Well guys, I have returned from 5th edition and my old army sucks ass. So it looks like I have to adopt, adapt and improve as the great John Cleese once

    Tzen 26-07-2014, 15:05 Go to last post

    Re: Convince me to pick Astra Militarum as my next army. Pros and Cons?

    So, I'm trying to write up a test list for Imperial Guard allies for my space wolves, To see what it would cost with Death Korps models. And.. I want

    Merellin 26-07-2014, 15:04 Go to last post
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