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    Re: I am the law!

    Judges so far:

    Juves so far:

    Metacarpi 16-09-2014, 07:15 Go to last post

    Re: GW Promises

    This is the first non-book product I've bought from them in... oooh, years.

    This is a game I wanted to play, and now have a chance to play.

    MiyamatoMusashi 16-09-2014, 07:13 Go to last post

    Re: Helfrost and FnP

    I agree with superdupermatt. I don't think the rule is ambiguous at all, but people attempt to over-analyse it. Feel No Pain is essentially a save you

    Arijharn 16-09-2014, 07:06 Go to last post

    Re: undead legions - Nagash

    Slightly better pic more work done.

    syrme 16-09-2014, 07:04 Go to last post

    Re: Censored Codexes?

    What's an 'eremitic' marsupial?

    Using the word marsupial automatically negates any argument of sexlessness (genderlessness is a completely

    Hellebore 16-09-2014, 07:02 Go to last post
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