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    Re: GW Originality

    This is hardly correct. D&D was published in 1974 as a new based on Chainmail, which was published as a self contained game in 1971. How can Chainmail

    tmod 30-08-2014, 18:09 Go to last post

    Re: End of times fluff spoilers.

    The latest Gotrek and Felix book also has quite a bit of info. Vlad Is back as we know, and leading a great army of Undead and the Empire in what is now

    nagash66 30-08-2014, 18:08 Go to last post

    Re: Supension of disbelief suspended 3D

    Hydra AA Turret Animation Test

    everything WIP, but i think the firing is already pretty awesome^^

    Keep 30-08-2014, 18:06 Go to last post

    Re: End of times fluff spoilers.

    You've jinxed us all!
    We lost King Kazador and Thorek Ironbrow.

    TheRiverTrollKing 30-08-2014, 18:01 Go to last post

    Re: Is undead legions playable in normal games or campaign only.

    I haven't seen the actual text but someone I trust said GW have been very precise and explicitly about this not being a campaign-only thing due to the

    pinktaco 30-08-2014, 18:00 Go to last post
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