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  1. Colouring my renegades
  2. Novemberrain's Mega EPIC Chaos Space Marines
  3. Noise Marines...With Guitars! Well...sorta.
  4. The Champions of Chaos Plog: Slaves to Darkness -inspired WoC and stuff
  5. Scions of Steel(Work in Progress)
  6. Leviathan Mortis / Chaos Titan Diorama
  7. Bloodthirsting
  8. Dreadfleet Plagueship
  9. Mutant warband of Tzeentech
  10. Doomrider!
  11. Blood for the Blood God
  12. BFG Night Lord/Renegade Fleet!
  13. Krasnov rebellion [traitor-IG]
  14. Traitors ahead! Renegades of Vraks plog!
  15. Daemons reboot (heavily converted)
  16. My 5000th Post - All For Chaos!
  17. Minions of Medrengard - Iron Warrior Allies Blog
  18. Davidian's Emperor's Children Plog... oh dear!
  19. Iron Warrior army commission work
  20. Dark mechanicus bust
  21. Word Bearers - UselesswizarD's Hobby Challenge progress blog.
  22. Alpha legion 3rd fleet
  23. For the Warmaster!
  24. Thornea's Black Legion Blog
  25. Little World Eater battleforce
  26. nurgle rot(my chaos log)
  27. Remnants: a Death Guard log
  28. The Contagion of Ganymede; a Death Guard Plog
  29. The assault on the Black Library - A Thousand Sons Log
  30. Scourge of the Sabbat Worlds - Blood Pact
  31. Slaaneshi conversions
  32. Spreading the Word (Bearers)
  33. The Apostasy Reborn - Word Bearers By The DLO
  34. Chem-Dog does some Traitor Guard....
  35. The Chaos that is called Sinnertje!
  36. Skulls for the skull throne and all that jazz...
  37. A Foray into True-Scale Lore
  38. A Plog.....About Kill Teams.
  39. Grizzlybeer's CSM Log
  40. Alpha Legion - Human Operative [WIP]
  41. Death and decay! Death guards plog! (Fizzy)
  42. Doing Death Guard...slowly
  43. Myrpian Tox Guard (Nurgle Renegades AI;VOL.7)
  44. Musings of a Chaotic Mind
  45. A Thousand Sons: Pre- and Post-Heresy Log
  46. Slaanesh theme Blood Angels
  47. BFG: Night Lord Raiders
  48. Bone Collectors (A new legion)
  49. Traitor Guard: Brigannion IV Subjugators
  50. Lord of battles
  51. Red`s Retro Night Lords
  52. Night Lords 8th grand company
  53. Daemons FateCrusher Painting and Modeling blog. TONS to do. Update and Pics
  54. The Iron Scourge: Iron Warriors 13th Grand Company
  55. Say Word. Cy's chaos army
  56. Iron Warriors 32nd Grand Company!
  57. The Vanguard of Kharneth - CSM and Daemons
  58. Wattles Iron Warriors.
  59. Traitor Guard by EvilMonkee
  60. Ennemi's everywhere
  61. 40k Chaos Skaven Hrud
  62. Flawless host - I must be mad....
  63. Iron Warriors 7th Grand Company WIP
  64. Iron Warriors 122nd Grand Company; Chaos Unleashed
  65. RedTerror Returns, and brings the Death Guard
  66. Narcissus' Death Guard
  67. Precinct Omega paints... Chaos Space Marines
  68. Getting Back Into 40k - Iron Warriors
  69. Gornaks Lad's
  70. The Concept of Pain - Chaos Demons
  71. Deathguard Plog
  72. Nurgle Chaos Decimator
  73. Mariners Blight - A Maritime Inspired Lovecraftian Chaos Marine Army
  74. Chaos Undivided IG- Sons of the Magister
  75. Gertjan tries to rescue some Death Guard
  76. My Chaos Daemons
  77. 51st Cadian fall to Chaos.....
  78. Followers of Malice a Traitor Guard.
  79. My hands, they too are golden (PH Word Bearers)
  80. Gateway to Hell - Chaos Death World!
  81. Dicky does: Gorewing
  82. Obsidians Chaos Lord
  83. Plaguebearers
  84. Building custom Khorne Berserkers.
  85. Lost and the Damned
  86. Nurgle Burgles - Zombie Wombies - And big blobby guy...
  87. Emperors Children by a bad monkey
  88. Night Lords + First Claw
  89. Mortarion and his Death Guard (GW, FW, GS and others)
  90. Great Unclean - trying to get it finished
  91. Gotta convert them ALL!!
  92. Battle Ready World Eaters!
  93. Return To The Desecration [Truescale Chaos Renegade Marines]
  94. Fixing a mistake-Chaos
  95. Nurgle Predator Dio
  96. Gargantuan's Death Guard
  97. My Project Daemons
  98. The Death Guard........
  99. [Vantus's Everything Is a Conversion - Dark Mechanicus-ish Themed Army Project Log]
  100. Corrupting a Warlord Titan
  101. Word Bearers LXVI host
  102. The Sons of Davin - Plague Marine army...
  103. Chaos Reigns! The last Black Crusade
  104. Beppo's Darkside, Renegade Guard and Black Legion
  105. Night Lords 10th and 11th Companies WIP!
  106. Slaanesh Lord & Chaos Decimator - Decadent_Puppeteer's Commission Plog - vol' 4
  107. Chaos Stormhoundthingamajig
  108. The Scions of Devastation - Iron Warriors Reborn
  109. 21st Host of the Word Bearers Legion
  110. Sheep's Sons of Horus
  111. IV Legion; Iron Within!
  112. Tessa's Chaos IW renegade project (ongoing)
  113. Whispers from the warp ...
  114. Chaos on the Rise (Word Bearers and general Chaosy goodness)
  115. Battleworthy Chaos Warhound
  116. Spreading the Primordial Truth!
  117. Lucius' immortals
  118. Plague, Ravage, Rot and Death ~ A Nurgle Blog
  119. A gathering of warbands - kitbashing in the EoT
  120. True Scale Echo of Damnation Warband (Nightlords)
  121. First War of Armageddon - Khorne!!
  122. Echo Instruments were coming slowly ...
  123. The Tyrants Claw - Red corsairs
  124. The ∆ther Maze
  125. Brazen Kabal (Thousand son's CSM)
  126. Catwell's Ec army, with some custom sculpts and conversions
  127. Post/Build Your Own Chaos Terminator Lord/Sorcerer
  128. The Iron Brotherhood
  129. Obsidians Night Lords
  130. My Black Legion
  131. Sculpting a greater demon
  132. Lighting up the forges, revamped Iron Warriors.
  133. Artscale Nightlords. I blame Apologist...
  134. Emerald Fists - Duel SM/CSM Nurgle army
  135. Converter's Chaos Marine Madness!
  136. Slave to Darkness... And to nostalgia too! A journey to the 'good old days'!
  137. Saul's Chaos forces
  138. Nurgle CSM and Demons
  139. Dark Vengeance: Plunge into Chaos Paint log
  140. Grim's Rengade Regiment
  141. Thousand Sons
  142. Minigiantís Giant Khorne Army Blog
  143. Show me your Dark Apostle!
  144. The Spiders Net - The Void Spiders and assorted cults
  145. The Dark Prince Rises...A Slaanesh CSM Project Log
  146. Free Chaos marines
  147. Blessings of the Plaguefather
  148. Slaanesh Noise Marines and Keeper of Secrets
  149. Nurgle Daemons
  150. RedTerror paints to sell!
  151. Demrush Word Bearers/Dark Vengeance plog
  152. Shaidin's Forces of Chaos
  153. NLM Industries Siege of VraksChaos Renegades painting commission
  154. Something Wicked This Way Comes - a Purple Legion plog
  155. Prognatus Nox, a Night Lords blog
  156. Ilikebmxbikes goes Renegade - Alpha Legion and Traitor Guard
  157. [My own personal army] Word Bearers, Chapter of the Shattered Star
  158. First 40k army - Night Lords
  159. Warmaster Davroth's Apoc sized Word Bearer Host
  160. chaos marines. - first testminiature finished.
  161. Morf's Night Lords
  162. Emperor's Children Plog
  163. Alpha legion new stuff
  164. Daemon within, Iron without
  165. Chaos Space Marines: World Eaters
  166. Sons of Thanatos (moar space zombies)
  167. SFS does Angrath!
  168. Iron Warriors of Daemonforge Infernum VI
  169. The Eye Bleeds its Venomous Tears!
  170. Tellie571's paintblog. Lord Kallig's 28th Grand Company
  171. What's that smell? Gwarsh41's Nurgle adventures.
  172. 7th Death Guard Suppression Squad
  173. The Fallen Angels of Raphael Truthseeker
  174. can't_decide starts again
  175. The Crimson Slaughter and the World Eaters...
  176. Aryllon's Nurgle CSM
  177. Second Helbrute coming soon!
  178. Heldrake and other horrors ....
  179. Khorn Force!
  180. Dark Vengeance Chaos Force - BLACK LEGION, Start of a new project
  181. Marshalfaust takes on the Heldrake
  182. New Chaos Space Marine project
  183. Jay's Wargame Paintings Iron Warriors Project
  184. Worldeaters, maleblog
  185. Soul Reaper's warband of the 8th legion
  186. Preachers Of Pestilence (Nurgle Marines)
  187. First time chaos log
  188. Nurgle got my helldrake
  189. Colligan's Chaos Log!
  190. Thousand Sons Chaos Marine Army
  191. Ghost's "Truescale" World Eaters- Blog
  192. Thats not a Heldrake, Now this is a Heldrake
  193. We Are Returned! (A Black Legion PLOG)
  194. Chris_Tzeentch does Legion of Everblight
  195. Fallen Children
  196. CSM Night Lords or Word Bearers
  197. Night Lords 7th Company
  198. Lord Deimos' Worldeaters
  199. Blackadder's FW Chaos Warhound Build
  200. The XIIth primarch... Angron and daemon Angron!
  201. first log Nigth Lords!
  202. Nurgle army blog (quite a bit of forgeworld)
  203. Liefathers Word Bearers plog
  204. Heldrake for my Emperor's Children
  205. Fork's take on Angron, the Red Angel!
  206. xedric does Nurgle
  207. Khrangar's Emperor's Children
  208. beautiful desease.....a Nurgle plog
  209. Chaos Cultists (full blown force)
  210. Minionboy's Red Corsairs
  211. The Gods made heavy metal - another Iron Warriors log
  212. Word Bearers army log: 66th Host of the XVII legion
  213. The Servants of Decay
  214. Black Legion is crusading again... and again... again.
  215. House Divine rises once more!
  216. Brotherhood of Iron, Iron Warriors Army
  217. Nurgle Chaos Space Marines...
  218. Chaos Marines (Mostly) - Updates Daily (Almost)
  219. Descent into madness: The diary of my Thousand Sons
  220. Chaos of HooY
  221. Sons of Gaddr - traitor guard
  222. Warp Gorgons: A Chaos log
  223. NIGHTLORD PROJECT Display piece Commission
  224. Wickedcarrot's Conversion Clinic of Nurgle
  225. Waiting for a New codex... The Creepy legion is back...
  226. Back to the Old Skool: VN's Death Guard
  227. Word Bearers Plog of motivation
  228. Psycarius' 4th Legion (Slaanesh CSM)
  229. 5th Tyrant's Legion "Badab's Shield"
  230. Dread Worldeaters Stepy by Step
  231. The Coming Of Change.....A Long Drawn Out Hobby Relapse PLog
  232. My Dark Apostole and some of his flock
  233. Braaaains! (Gav does Zombies)
  234. Project: KHORNE
  235. Death guard (beginning of my army)
  236. It Came From The Warp! - Starfarer's Death Guard and Nurgle Daemons
  237. Khorne Renegade WIP
  238. Smashotron's Traitors and Renegades // Death Cultists and Jacobus (02/17)
  239. So I Heard You Like Zombies
  240. Kh‚rn the betrayer
  241. The Phoenician, Primarch of the Flawless Host, Fulgrim Lord of Light
  242. The Phoenician, Lord of the Flawless, Fulgrim, Primarch of the the Emperor's Children
  243. Thousand Sons & Friends
  244. Red corsairs
  245. Nightlord army showcase!
  246. The itch of the butchers nails. The XIIth legion is loose...
  247. Matt's Emperor's Children + Daemon Allies
  248. Nurgle CSM
  249. Chaos Daemons & Blood Pact Armoured Company
  250. Pride and hate. Abaddon VS. Loken