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  1. Back in black - Black Legion.
  2. A Rookies experiences... (death guard!!)
  3. The Scion's of Extacy - Chaos Emperor's Children.
  4. Hordes of The Screaming Vortex - Feral's Daemons for 6th Edition
  5. Oracle's Chaos Log! (Death Guard, Iron Warriors and more!)
  6. Syn's Emperor's Children Log.
  7. First Attempt at Painting (Chaos Cultist)
  8. The Cradle of Sin: A Slaanesh Chaos Space Marine army
  9. Knights of the Realm...
  10. Updating the Despoiler!
  11. Custom Slaanesh CSM
  12. huu ?! what was that noise
  13. Moritz Thurm and his fearsome entourage
  14. The Brotherhood of Filth
  15. Nightmare Craft: Frausty's Daemons
  16. Chosen of Nurgle COMMISSION
  17. Short break with Imperium (Slaanesh Daemons Army)
  18. Another lot of Word Bearing loonies
  19. Another lot of Word Bearing loonies
  20. Daemons of the 4 gods! finished daemon army (warning, pic heavy)
  21. The Carnival of Flies. A smelly nurgle plog
  22. My death guard army
  23. Nurgle Daemons, my first serious attempt at painting.
  24. Daemons of Slaanesh, slowly but surely
  25. Lz7947s Emperor's Children Blog.
  26. The Dread 49th
  27. First word bearer painted
  28. Strogg Themed Dark Mechanicum force
  29. Slaaneshi noise marine band
  30. Forge World Bloodthirster
  31. The Phoenix Arisen - Emperor's Children Contemptor by Lil'Legend Studio
  32. Brotherhood of the Iron Star (Renegade IG)
  33. Nice girl 13's Log - The purge
  34. Chaos Reaver Titan of Nurgle
  35. DoomedDiceThrowers DoomedDeviationsThread (pic heavy)
  36. Scourge Drones - Counts-As Nurgle Heldrakes
  37. Cult of Golden Tears
  38. Abyssal Crusade Plog! First of four cults! : Grey Death
  39. Kuma's Death Guard and Co
  40. Ferozoica Manufactorum..... Zoica Rises!
  41. The road to the Solent 40k Charity Challenge....
  42. Nuo's death guard army
  43. Maulerfiend of Khorne
  44. Thousand sons rhino (more of a before and after)
  45. Seeking Perfection
  46. War Angels' Homebrew Warband
  47. cerberus's shamblers- zombie apocalypse of the 41st millenium
  48. The Disciples of Ulkair (Nurgle Marines Army)
  49. Inaith's khorne army
  50. Legion Rising - A WIP Thread from The Dark Works
  51. Z's Noise Marines ((WIP
  52. Sons of horus v2.0, 1 and 5 company
  53. Minionboy's Black Legion
  54. Sacred Word of the Eight-Folded Part (Traitor Guard-army)
  55. Z's Plague Marines
  56. The Juggernaut Paintbox (Commission work)
  57. Death Guard 2013 project
  58. Forgeworld Renegade Militia Army
  59. Dark-Apostle's Word Bearers (with Imperial Guard and Chaos Daemons allies) army log
  60. Sircyn's Slightly Smelly Traitors Trip to Council of War.
  61. KILL MAIM BURN! - Khorne Berzerker force
  62. XX Legion - Of the fabulous hydra it is said...
  63. Children of the Feast - My Nurgle Marines
  64. Death Shadows Arise!
  65. The Posse of Pus - plague marines of the sticky kind
  66. "Burn the body, sear the soul." Hakanor's Reavers warband
  67. The Godzooky Builds a Plasticard Nurgle Warhound Titan of Questionable Quality Thread
  68. Night Lords 17th Company Project
  69. Death Guard Plague Marines Painting log
  70. Keecai's WIP Contemptor Dread Conversion
  71. Plague-god machine
  72. red corsairs
  73. III Legion - The Emperor's Children
  74. Night Lords Maulerfiend WIP Log. 2013
  75. Night Lords WIP Army Log 2013
  76. My Death Guard - fully converted
  77. Renegade Guard + Death Guard
  78. Let my Weekends burn!
  79. Typhus and His Merry Band!
  80. The regal court (slaanesh daemons)
  81. First chaos space marine (feedback/ideas appreciated!)
  82. Renegade Nurgle Gard - Daemons & CSM Allies - The Three Red Suns.
  83. The Bloody Twelfth, The Lords of the Red Sands
  84. Christmas is coming & so are the Daemons
  85. Nurgle Daemons/CSM- First Foray into Sculpting
  86. Alpha Legion Army
  87. the traitors of serberus... a renegade gaurd blog
  88. A Thousand Sons
  89. "Those are... the good guys?" Loyalist VIII Legion, Night Lords
  90. Cuddle Daemons
  91. Tales from the Maelstrom
  92. The Purge Chaos Space Marines
  93. Making a Lord of Skulls the way I imagine it
  94. Token Death Guard Thread / Project Log
  95. The Hounds of Perturabo: Iron Warriors Kill-Team
  96. the servants of decay traitor guardsmen and daemons
  97. Emperor's Children Legion Kakophoni squad
  98. A little bit of 'Decay and Plague' Nurgle Madness!
  99. A Chaos Space Marines Chapter reborn
  100. Porco's Dark mechanicus
  101. Coven of the Tortured Aquila-Obliterators
  102. My first Fell Blade.
  103. I tried but I couldn't resist.... my legion blog
  104. The Soul Forge - Dark Mechanicus/Iron Warriors themed army
  105. Fear`s Chaos Cellar
  106. Plague Demon.
  107. Re:Blackadder's FW Chaos Warhound Build
  108. Lord of Beasts (...Lord of Skulls conversion)
  109. Blood, rust and oxide
  110. Black legion of a bad monkey
  111. Plog of the Damned
  112. Death Guard War(p) Smith + Friends to come!
  113. Konrad Curze - Sculpt - Den of Imagination
  114. Word Bearers Calth MADNESSS
  115. Hydra Dominatus- Sanai's Alpha Legion
  116. Blood Pact - 1st Assault Brigade of Enok Innokenti's host
  117. Sidetracked by Tzeentch - speedpainted demon army project.
  118. Dark_Apostle's Traitor Guard
  119. Iron Warriors Metal Menagerie
  120. Istvaan v to Terra - Dark deeds of the Mechanicus
  121. Wires, wires and wires. My attempt at a Dark Mechanicum Army.
  122. VIII Legion
  123. Night Lords 33rd Company - The Mongrels of the Eight
  124. Don't fear the Reaper: Mortarion Primarch of the Death Guard
  125. From the Abyss - A Word Bearer's Blog
  126. A Few Bad Men - Tiny's Black Legion
  127. Khornate black legion
  128. Heavily Weathered-Renegade Guard (Slow)
  129. My Nurgle themed daemons
  130. My Chaos marine army log. iron warriors and death guard
  131. Thousand Sons Plog
  132. Chaos Knight
  133. In Midnight Clad.
  134. Kharn the Crimson
  135. Kuma's Iron Warriors: the rust buckets PIC HEAVY
  136. Traitor Guard - "Traitor 13th" Project Log
  137. BLOOD WILLS IT - World Eaters and the Warp Forge
  138. Straight outta Medrengard: Iron Warriors
  139. Z's Legio XX
  140. The Infiknights & the Fountain of Puke
  141. Great Unclean One
  142. The Black Legion
  143. Warhammer 40K Black Legion by DG
  144. The Ravaging Inferno - A "World Eaters" blog
  145. Project: Chosen of Abaddon
  146. Forgive me father, for I have sinned.
  147. MasterGideons renegades warband (Khorne/nurgle)
  148. Oblits
  149. Night Lords Commission
  150. A Warriors Progression part 2: The Fall. A true-scale Emperors Children project
  151. The Pyre - Chaos Space Marines Log
  152. Thousand sons refurb
  153. The true horde of Chaos
  154. The 30th Host of the Word Bearers
  155. [CSM] Abaddon's Black Crusade rises
  156. Chaos legions- nurgle
  157. VIII Legion; The Doomstar Requiem
  158. Drakon - DeathGaurd/Fallen/Daemons
  159. SpaceGimli tries to paint Nurgle
  160. The Night Haunter Commission by Lil'Legend Studio
  161. Night Lords 17th Company-The Dread Wail
  162. Chaos Space Marine Flickr Group
  163. World Eaters 7th Assault Company and Traitor Guard
  164. World Eaters(Angron's Iron Hounds)
  165. Nurgle Chaos Space Marines - Den of Imagination
  166. Awaken Realms Nurgle Army Showcase - with FW Great Unclean One and Plague Hulk
  167. The 13th Black Crusade; The Fall of the Casternalls
  168. Taghmata Omnisiah - Dark Mechanicum
  169. Blood Lords (Vampire CSM)
  171. Chaos Nurgle warhound titan build.
  172. Warren's Word Bearers
  173. Shadowed Loyalty: An Alpha Legion Blog
  174. New Bloodthirster of Khrone
  175. Rage Unbound. New Blood Thirster of Khrone!
  176. Blissful Brushes - Commissions: Kranon on a bike 10/03/15
  177. Building a Better Nurgle Chaos Space Marine
  178. Creating a Better Nurgle Chaos Space Marine
  179. Glory to KAY-OSS! Episkey's CSMs
  180. Chaos warhound titan diorama - den of imagination
  181. Daemons of Chaos - Terry Pike - Hobby Log!
  182. BigSean's Khorne Log
  183. Awaken Realms Bloodthirster of Khorne Showcase
  184. Nurgle Tau Project
  185. Alpha Legion
  186. TBMC - Khorne Daemonkin Army, Tonnes of OSL
  187. Khornes Children. A Demonkin Warband
  188. Lord Vorax's Eightscarred, a Khorne daemonkin Plog
  189. Flar Valdyr-Treacherous wolves= when the good guys go bad
  190. Khorne themed army
  191. Chaos Knights - The Fallen Lords of Mars by Dangermouse425
  192. Chaotic's Variety :)
  193. From the Fallen Forge
  194. My Black Legion project log to be joined by daemons soon
  195. The Pandemic Brethren
  196. The Lost And The Damned - Elazar's Renegades & Heretics
  197. The Destroyers of Ghloria - A Black Legion Project
  198. The Wrecking Crew! Iron Warriors
  200. The Eudotic Host - A post-heresy Emperors Children army
  201. Dark Mechanicus Cult
  202. Terror From The Deep! Dark Admech
  203. World Eaters, Knights & Mechanicum
  204. Gore Hounds (Khorne Daemonkin plog)
  205. Thousand Sons painting log
  206. Daemonkin; a bloody adventure.
  207. My Emperors Children Log
  208. For those who are about to rot......a Death Guard blog.
  209. The Lost and the Discounted
  210. A Tale of Blood and Brushes
  212. Setesh's several chaos legions
  213. Blood in the Snow
  214. How to become a daemon prince - Thalion's cult of Slaanesh
  215. The Galaxy Shall Burn! (A 30/40k Word Bearers Log)
  216. The Wretched Sons
  217. Perturabo by Den of Imagination
  218. The Upreti Kindred
  219. 30k - Night Lords (FW & Kitbashing)
  220. A break from the Imperial Forces: Daemonkin
  221. Reviving the XVII - A Word Bearers project log.
  222. The Neverborn Paradox; The tale of two Hosts...
  223. BlueWolf's very slow and ponderous log of everything V.2.0
  224. Slaanesh army
  225. Yojinn's first attempt at Nurgle Deamonkin
  226. It's on Random: a mostly Chaos Space Marines PLOG
  227. Ave Dominus Nox! A Night Lords Blog
  228. Iuchiban's Chaos Additions [40K]
  229. Iuchiban's all and only Chaos army showcase
  230. ewar's Sons of Horus
  231. Rise of the true faithful - a Word Bearers force
  232. Cultists, Mutants, Traitors, and Dregs of Society
  233. Alpha Legion, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hydra
  234. Varyn's Sons of Horus Project Log
  235. Wishing for Renegade Knights
  236. Dark Angels.....THE FALLEN
  237. Lorgars Chosen
  238. Tzeentch in the Realm of Beasts
  239. Abaddon the Despoiler (classic)
  240. The Plague Parade!
  241. Chaos Varanguard - by Den of Imagination
  242. 30k Ahriman
  243. Tzen's Thousand Sons
  244. Chaos Project Logs
  245. Ssilmath paints Thousand Sons / Chaos
  246. Blood Pact for INQ28
  247. Death Guard
  248. MaaX's World Eaters
  249. Miniature Showcase: Daemon Prince
  250. Magnus