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  1. Beautiful Deadly Children - the Slaaneshi Chaos Sisters army
  2. Mirakel_Jockes Word Bearers
  3. Catterjee's painting journal.
  4. My Chaos army...
  5. My New Iron Warrior Army starting 3-2-06
  6. All about last_chancer's New 40k Blood Pact Army
  7. MFV's Deathguard Blog
  8. My LaTD... the crusades
  9. Iron Within Evilbeetle's Project Log
  10. DeathGuard
  11. Death Guard and LATD Blog
  12. Engel's Night Lord Diary
  13. Grand Army of the Eye
  14. Alpha legion
  15. Golden Demon Entry 1 - And so it begins...
  16. Road to Baltimore Gamesday RTT
  17. Dark Genesis: the Creation of a Chaos Legion!
  18. Slow Night Lords project...
  19. Reforging Iron: rebuilding my IWs
  20. Samae's emperors children project
  21. Word Bearers--- A tale of spongebob
  22. 1000 pts Emperor's Children in 30 days
  23. EPIC: Lost and the Damned - The (slow) Rise of the Throng
  24. Slaanesh Lost and the Damned - Demonworld project
  25. Nurgle LatD- Highway to Hell (Baltimore GD)
  26. My Wordbearer E-bay thing...
  27. My Chaos - Khorne Army
  28. Deathguard
  29. Nurlge surprise (stick with me this is gonna take an while!)
  30. Black Legion Heat 1 Army
  31. The Followers of Khorne!
  32. Old School GW Chaos Wizard WIP
  33. Need help with Word Bearer Land Raider
  34. Unforgiven Command Squad
  35. Lavfluris' 2006 Project: Part Three...
  36. Chaos Undivided Possessed Squad
  37. The Dunham Project: A Noise Marine/Emperors Children army
  38. Rediscovery of 40K
  39. Nurgle Traitor Imperial Guard
  40. Project Big Bertha(scratchbuilt nurgle warhound)
  41. Must complete Chaos Army damn it! Project
  42. Lords of the Night - Converting 1500pts of Nightlords [VERY pic heavy]
  43. Forces of Chaos- Traitors
  44. Brother Fandango's Royal Nurgle Army
  45. Unforgiven Land Raider Crusader
  46. Warriors of Iron
  47. Crusade For Spiritual Supremacy - bulding a Word Bearers army
  48. Carnage or Bust - 1500pts in 3 weeks
  49. Death Guard Army Log
  50. Chaos army assembly
  51. Crone World Eldar (Tzeench) by Anubis
  52. Death Guard titan and some other stuff WIP
  53. Omricon's GLOWING 1k Sons Army Tutorial
  54. My Pre Ahirimn Tzeentch Marines
  55. Death Guard modeling project.
  56. Scratchbuilt Nurgle DaemonHost - WIP
  57. My Khorne Army WIP
  58. The seige 40k iron worrios breach force
  59. The Pantokrator's Fallen Men: Renegade Space Marines, 1,500 points
  60. Fattdex's DeathGuard army blog
  61. The Dark Pilgrimage; Ashc's Word Bearers project
  62. Chaos militia
  63. Rebels with a cause - Project Soul Drinker.
  64. Ian chaos coats of many colours
  65. Help With My Chaos
  66. Iron Warriors 9th Grand Company: The Dire Legion
  67. The blood god: 300
  68. Sons of nurgle
  69. Khorne Daemonbomb army
  70. The Filth Brigade: Nurgle 40k Army
  71. The Keeper's Great Unclean One
  72. Brass Scorpion
  73. Arcane_Blade's Finally Painting
  74. Traitor Vehicles - very WIP
  75. Serge Pilos' Bloodthirter-The Road to a Slayer Sword
  76. MeatGrinder's Flesh Eaters
  77. Band of Rotters - Sneazy Company (Plaguemarines)
  78. Beginner Chaos Marine Album(Pic Heavy)
  79. Chaos Militia Project
  80. BozzyB's Emperors Children
  81. Emperor's Children ~ The Long Road Back
  82. A Day In The Life of A Berzerker: A Biography
  83. Dark Stars Army - The Fallen
  84. VainEnd's 40K Chaos Army
  85. Death Guard Projekt
  86. Traitor Guard, The fallen ones…
  87. Finishing my Night Lords n stuff
  88. 501st Grand legion (Abaddons Fist)
  89. WIP - Heads or Tails ( building two armies for the price of one )
  90. Returning to the dark side, Hideous Loon’s way back
  91. Caelas' Traitor Guard log
  92. Caelas' Chaos Army
  93. Chaos militia build up thread
  94. Chaos comes for you! Chaos Renegade Militia
  95. The chaos renegades return!
  96. My Death Guard Project
  97. Project traitor IG - The Blood Pact
  98. MFV's Contagion of Nurgle
  99. Iron Warriors Siege Company
  100. The Slannesh Warriors
  101. Path of Iron- Iron Warrior's Grand 4th company
  102. My Defiler (Pics)
  103. Trolond's Thousand Sons log
  104. Nurgle LatD
  105. A thousand projects and always one more
  106. The Keeper does Word Bearers.
  107. LaTD horde project log
  108. Iron Warriors army
  109. My deathguard project log
  110. Chaos Aliens - My little project
  111. Daemon Prince with speed, INSANE!!!
  112. Togari 88th - Traitor Guard of Nurgle
  113. My Nurgley marines.
  114. Here comes chaos! A Word Bearer's project
  115. TheWarSmith goes crazy on Tzeentch spawns
  116. All Is Dust- Anubis_the_Harlie does 1k sons... slowly
  117. Nurgle Renegade Militia
  118. Baron Pedro's Chaos Project Log
  119. Secertive Chaos Marines
  120. Chaos Defiler, The whole projekt in one day
  121. Bloated Company! (Deathguard) conversion madness
  122. IW vindicator
  123. Barbarossa's log of foul sorcery
  124. LOOK! Ha, now you must observe my IW log!
  125. My Niddy Chaos Marines
  126. Nurglicious Deathguard (Lighthorse Distraction Project)
  127. Fabius Bile WIP
  128. Mangustheix's Log'o'Rama (CSM Log)
  129. The exiles(a slow progressing army blog)
  130. The Scourge of Kadath (a CSM-LatD log)
  131. Ye olde Death Guard
  132. Keeper's new bloodthirster....thing.
  133. bare chested berserkers (300 inspired)
  134. Iron warriors .. My first Log
  135. The Scythes of Malal - Chaos Marine chapter
  136. I can't take it anymore, my dad is a Noise Marine!
  137. Captain Nathaniel Garro of the Death Guard early WIP
  138. Chaos Renegade Militia
  139. "Take what you can, give nothing back!" A Corsairs summer project
  140. Iron Within, Iron Without. Vaktathi finally paints his Iron Warriors
  141. Now thats what I call Blogging - Thousand Sons Army
  142. Renegades Project Log: The Lost & the Dumb
  143. Kobal - My chaos lord
  144. Another Slaanesh Sisters of battle commissioned army
  145. Word Bearers Log
  146. Sculpted Chaos Spawn
  147. The Bestial Damned
  148. Nurgle Blog
  149. Shadows of Orphan VII : 13th. Co/Homebrew
  150. Crusaders Long Term Renegade Militia Log
  151. Preparing for The new Dex, Bluebugs does chaos!
  152. Black legion log
  153. Slaaneshi Eldar, tournie painting blog.
  154. Arkleys Chaos Log
  155. Chaos Marines, Blak's Log (I'll acually update this)
  156. Project: Brass Scorpion for Apocalypse.
  157. Traitor Guard + CSM Possessed WiPs
  158. CSM Scheme - You Likey?
  159. The Call, Dino's first 40K Log
  160. Blood For the Bloodpact! - A project for the coming Apocalypse
  161. Renegades Log (but 1st a question)
  162. Charalice's Emperors Children Log
  163. MFV's Nurgle Contagion
  164. Nurgle Army Log
  165. Kraal chaos.."Horde"
  166. Cypher and Fallen Guard...
  167. Blog of the Living Dead
  168. Redterror's Log o' goodness- slaaneshi goodness
  169. meneptah's 1st log of sorts
  170. my word bearers project log
  171. world eaters apocalpyse
  172. WBRB's long run CSM project log
  173. When Good Guys Go Bad - AD turns to the darkside
  174. PATH OF IRON- Floyd's Iron Warriors
  175. Nurgle Preditor
  176. Finally my Personal Renegades Blog
  177. Nurgle marauder...
  178. Turned Guard Army
  179. Ironduke's back in the game...in a manner of speaking
  180. Zoroaster's Revelation (Thousand Sons)
  181. The UnNamed One's Khorne Project Log.
  182. Truescale Bandwagon Sons Of Horus
  183. Rotten to the core - Death Guard project
  184. Do you hear the voices too? A CSM Log
  185. Deamon Prince on Custom Base (Based from GW artwork)
  186. The road to West Coast Mayhem
  187. Eternal pain, suffering, and a great dental plan - The black Legion
  188. UNDIVIDED. New Codex, New Rules... New Army!
  189. Path to Darkness
  190. Gasp! Shock! Nurgle!
  191. Sorcerer for my new chaos army.
  192. NurgleBitch's Chaos Marines
  193. Get some chaos stuff but don't know what to do
  194. Musings from the Warp .... lots of stuff log.
  195. World Eaters Army
  196. renegate space marines
  197. Skip's Chaos Mercenaries
  198. Papa Noigul's Festering Children
  199. NB did something evil!
  200. Bob Tries To Get Organised (Chaos with BANEBLADE) [pic heavy]
  201. Dark Mechanicus
  202. Pfreck starts with CRM!
  203. Slaanesh Winged Lord Log (first log, pics)
  204. Litany of Hate, Word Bearers 40k log.
  205. Children of Mengenard- Iron warrior project log
  206. 4000pts of flawless host and pals. (pic heavy)
  207. WIP Chaos Marine Battleforce
  208. The Stinkfists ride again! (Chaos Milita)
  209. Alpha legion Project log
  210. Real men wear Pink - A Chaos log
  211. Chaos Army Blog - the Krypt Keepers
  212. Death From Above!
  213. Chaos Techmarine Army
  214. Sons of Malice - Painting Spree
  215. my techmarine on a bike
  216. Chaos Terminator Lord from basecoat to varnish in a day!
  217. Ravagers of Orphan VII: Chaos in All its Forms
  218. Engel's Night Lords
  219. An Unholy Alliance - Khorne and Nurgle (Please Comment)
  220. Nocturn does finally NUUURGLE. Chaos ftw, lots of work..
  221. My first Log (and army) - Chaos
  222. Tzeentch Chaos Space Marine WIP
  223. Would it look cool to...
  224. Thousand sons log by Develain
  225. New photos of old Slaanesh Nuns - WARNING NUDITY!
  226. Death Guard 7th Company - The Chosen of Typhus
  227. Succmbing to Chaos - The Blood Pact
  228. Magnetised Chaos Baneblade Project Log
  229. Traitors, fallen, heretics . . . . all lie within!
  230. Brass Preying Mantis of Khorne (Brass Scorpion)
  231. DC's Traitor Guard
  232. Alpha Legion scout
  233. Starting my death guard
  234. New Chaos Marines
  235. Chaos Undivided Army
  236. Chaos
  237. My Renegade milita army!
  238. my renegade project
  239. Renegades and Heretics! Another year, another Guard Army...
  240. Catbarf loses his will to live- Chaos Renegade Militia
  241. Deathworld veteran renegades
  242. BladeWalkers Slaaneshi Warband Log
  243. Death Guard Apocalypse
  244. Rahveel's chaos and other projects log (pic heavy)
  245. Custom Tzeentch Land Raider
  246. Emperor's Children "Wing" for Baltimore GD, 1-15-08
  247. Harbingers of Misery Chaos Legion
  248. Renegades of Funk (or how i stopped caring and learned to love the hobby)
  249. Sisters of slaanesh
  250. I WILL finish an army dammit - CSM Dragon Warriors or Plague Marines - YOU decide!!