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  1. The Inquisition thread =I=
  2. Theseus and the Minotaurs (Space Marine Log)
  3. First Thundervalry attempt
  4. Space Wolf Grey
  5. Epsylon2004 IG log
  6. Angels Sanguine - What lies Beneath???
  7. Into the Underhive!
  8. The Reclamation of Kievan's Reach
  9. Painting angels.... slowly...
  10. Precinct Omega paints... Flesh Tearers
  11. Dyoran Scavengers - conversion heavy IG
  12. Legacy40k's Ordo Xenos/Blood Templars
  13. Dave (commission) paints...... Lamenters
  14. Dave (speed) paints..... Black Templars
  15. My Blood Angels
  16. More Iron Related things!!!!
  17. The Eternal Crusade! Kobra's Black Templars
  18. My Lamenters blog
  19. The Museum of Rogue Trader and Necromunda
  20. Rob paints some Blood Angels (or tries to...)
  21. painting my life away.
  22. Burthecitydown's General Imperial Log (Grey Knights, Space Wolves)
  23. Valtens Grey Knights
  24. A tale of a unemployed painter 40k
  25. Vostroyan 117th Grenadiers "Blue Bloods"
  26. Archangels - BA DIY Chapter WIP MII
  27. Astral Claws: A log of where I'm up to
  28. +++ Grey Knights - The origins - the first 8 +++
  29. tankgirl's Heavy Metal Thread
  30. Ever on the wing, a DA plog
  31. Khrangar's Black Grey Knights
  32. Only in death does duty end: Tanith First and Only
  33. 25th anniversary project
  34. Super heavies for Wargamescon 2012
  35. The Jackals of Medusa
  36. Renegades of Graal - Necromunda plog
  37. Working towards 1500 points of fiery Salamander fury!
  38. The WAAAGH Studios Commission Log - Dark Angels Strike Force
  39. The Sons of Medusa - 2000 points in less than 4 weeks...
  40. Never Forget, Never Forgive - a Deathwing Army
  41. The 306th Krieg on a shoe string budget...(or welcome to being unemployed thread)
  42. Cadian Urban warfare army
  43. Tanith Imperial Guard - Conversion Extravaganza
  44. Magotīs 231st Regiment Death Korps of Krieg
  45. Chaoschrist's Grey Knights
  46. Angels of Redemption (DW)
  47. Samiens' Deathwing Heavy Dark Angel Log
  48. The Bloody Rose
  49. Iron Hearts Space Marines (Blood Angels successor)
  50. Recruiting a new Imperial Guard army
  51. Cell #379, from Ghorstangrad with love...
  52. "...we surrender...By the mercy of the God Emperor... the war is over...we surrender"
  53. Richter's Dark Angels Double Wing!
  54. +++ Ordo Hereticus Strike Force inbound+++
  55. Ba'al's Black Templars!
  56. Necromunda: An Escher gang
  57. ChrisMurray does the Imperium of Man.
  58. The Vlka Fenryka
  59. Red scorpions project log
  60. WIP Finecast 25th Anniversary Space Marine Captain
  61. Red Scorpions Revamp
  62. 174th Death Korps of Krieg
  63. :: Scion of War :: Deathwatch Kill Team ::
  64. SuperDans Big Space Wolves Plog
  65. Minotaurs!
  66. Dark Angels, a slow burning log.
  67. The Mordian 57th - Building an Army for Charity
  68. Slow and Purposeful - The Hyanom Reclamation
  69. Raising a New Guard Regiment.
  70. Blood angels army painted in 24 hours
  71. Inquistorial Comitatus, auxillia, xenos and deviants
  72. The Endoe Last and Only - Time to chew gum and kick ass...
  73. Sisters of battle Our martyred lady
  74. Three Stage Studios - It begins! w/ True Scale Space Crusader Heavy Armor
  75. The Bronze Beast in the Darkness - a Minotaurs Project
  76. Planetary Merchant Marine & Imperial Coast Guard v Pirates
  77. 25th Anniversary model
  78. Black Forge Presents; The Ravens Guard
  79. Space Wolves
  80. Necromunda Ork-lock Gang
  81. The Foring of Ultramar - Great Crusade Ultramarine
  82. The Forging of Ultramar - Great Crusade Ultramarines
  83. Blackadder WIP Warlord Titan
  84. My first attempt at Space Wolves... WIP
  85. 1/6 scale marine
  86. my blood angels :D
  87. Redemption's Grey Knights
  88. Wildsnake, guns and gangs. A life in the Underhive.
  89. Death korps of krieg, 546th Infantry regiment
  90. Sisters of Battle-Order of the Purple Rose.
  91. Carcharodons Astra: A Space Sharks Log
  92. We Paint Your Tanks finished commission jobs- GK STormRavens now
  93. Nugget's Space Marines (slowly updated - pic heavy)
  94. Legio XIX in the Great Crusade
  95. Smells Like..... Victory - IG Project Log
  96. Saardis IG & Admech thread
  97. Sons Of Lion El'Jonson - slowly growing Dark Angels Force
  98. Duty, Honour, [I]Revenge[/I] - The Marines Immaculate Go To War
  99. The Sons of Sabbat - a WIP Space Marine army.
  100. White Scars
  101. Astra Claws Iron Hunters
  102. Dave Paints... lots of 40k stuff
  103. Primarchs & Emperor
  104. Green as a lizard, a Small Salamander force.
  105. Retro Ultra-Marines
  106. Ghattana Bay-The Battle for Gate IX
  107. My first Plog...Ultramarines!
  108. A Murder of Ravens - Raven Guard in 40K & Epic
  109. Ultramarine 5th company
  110. *brad-bin's plastic thunderhawk gunship mini log of ausm!!*
  111. *Brad-Bin's Plastic Thunderhawk Gunship Mini Log Of Ausm!!*
  112. DreamForge Games Leviathan Crusader
  113. Loken's 13th Company and it's enemies
  114. Death Korps Combat patrol
  115. halo marines army
  116. Leave No Model Unconverted (A Tall Scale Battle Company in the making)
  117. ~Night's Plutonian shore, a Ravenguard tournament WiP~
  118. Crusader style models project -very useable in a grey knights henchmen squad.
  119. Tales of the Underhive - Tiny's Necromunda Log
  120. Grey(ish) Knights: The Golden Boys (or Golden Company, I can't decide)
  121. A Guardsman Conversion (my first!)
  122. War Angel's Space Marine Project Thread
  123. Need a head for my Horus Conversion
  124. PHMs Space Wolves Army Commission
  125. The Angels! They've arrived!
  126. death korps and death company log
  127. Enter the Underhive; Back from the dead! (and other imperial distractions)
  128. Tears of the Emperor Space Marine Chapter
  129. The Porros Suppression Force
  130. The WAAAGH Studios Commission Log - Deathwatch Strike Force
  131. Firestorm Armada Tarakians
  132. Might Makes Right - Minotaurs Painting Log
  133. LordKhaine does a small Flesh Tearers army
  134. Angels of Darkness
  135. Grey knight project log
  136. Adeptus Custodes....
  137. "Fear our name, for it is vengeance"- Memnons Imperial Fists
  138. Decadent_puppeteer's Commission Plog - Vol' 3: 'Draigo'wing
  139. 14th Cromorian Legion (IG)
  140. Deathwatch Strike Force
  141. Ultramarines Space Hulk Terminator
  142. Workin' on a small Space Marine strike force
  143. Adeptus Arbites Army
  144. An attempt to do a flesh tearers army
  145. Belial Master of the Deathwing
  146. Precinct Omega paints... Ultramarines
  147. The Saga of Rylak Foestrider and the Wolves of Tra
  148. The Saturnine 27th, "The Reaping Death"
  149. Semper_Fi goes Crimson Fists - The return to Spacemarines
  150. Guardians of the Covenant (DA succesor) by Rob and Roll
  151. Finished Paintjob for the "Emperor of Mankind" miniature
  152. Kasselin 361st
  153. The Saturnine 16th
  154. 3rd Tank Company
  155. 22nd Panzer-Division ( Death Korps of Krieg )
  156. Winter War! -++ Death Korps of Krieg ++-
  157. Gun Emplacement Mk. II
  158. Silver Skulls Space Marines
  159. folketsfiendes Space Wolves
  160. Droken's all things imperial (Mainly IG and yellow fists)
  161. Ed's Inq 28 Plog
  162. My retro (Rogue Trader and 2nd edition) Imperial Guard army
  163. Deathwatch Army (1st Painting Log Attempt)
  164. Surodai Ha Space Marines (Hinted Japanese Theme)
  165. Thunder Swords Chapter
  166. Knights of Baal: A Blood Angel Log
  167. Hashmollage's Gray Knights
  168. Chicken, No Discussion! My Fire Hawks Log
  169. Ultra smurf work in progress log
  170. Thunderbolt conversion
  171. Kit Bashing the Stormtalon
  172. Doom Wolves Chapter
  173. Templars. Angels, Wolves, Imperium Projects through the Ages
  174. IG scratch building Tanks, Aircraft and my regular Army
  175. Andy_T's Necromunda plog
  176. The Wolves of Jarl Vandrad Gorebeard
  177. Imperial Fist: Living the dream
  178. Speed Painting a FW Dread
  179. Madcaps' Space Wolf Project
  180. [Commission/Golden Demon] Warhound Titan Diorama 'Hunting Bigger Game'
  181. Trying to do dynamic truescale marines, give me your input!
  182. Mastodon Super-Heavy Siege Transport
  183. Synís Cadian Special Operations Platoon
  184. Davidian's Death Spectre Space Marines Plog
  185. crashed stormraven
  186. INQUISITION Ordo Xenos
  187. Imperial Guard Bommer... I Mean Bomber!
  188. Fire Hawks Company Champion
  189. 10th Company Raven Guard
  190. Novamarines Storm Talon
  191. No One Expects.... Anarnaxe to paint stuff...
  192. Inquisitor Loks Forces of the Imperium (Pic. Heavy)
  193. Meet Daisy the warhound...
  194. Apothecarian does Space Marines
  195. The Mars Warlord Titan Project
  196. The Leonis Cluster: Forces of the Imperium
  197. Adama16 returning to 40k and Space Wolves
  198. Sons of Horus
  199. black suits comin'
  200. The Sons of Tyr
  201. Upcoming Krieg Division (with Gorgon SHT)
  202. The 'not so' Grey Knights project log
  203. Krom Dragongaze's Great Company (Sun wolves)
  204. spikeyjim's Ultramarines
  205. The Unnamed Regiment....
  206. Iron Within, Iron Without........ A Mordian Iron Guard log?
  207. Something big, this way comes...
  208. New Space Wolf project
  209. Art/True Scale Fallen Dark Angels
  210. My easy to paint White Scars army
  211. Libator's Space Marines
  212. Rich's Red Knights
  213. Urban Imperial Guard - Catachan / Orlock / Escher
  214. Knights, Knights and more Knights!! Of the titan variety!!
  215. 113th Krieg Armoured Battlegroup and 262nd Krieg Siege Regiment
  216. Desert Scorpions Space Marines - some truescale, some conversion, some greenstuff
  217. Death Korps of Krieg Commission
  218. Elf's 2nd Macharian Mech Guard
  219. BrotherTearz paints Lamenters
  220. Adeptus Arbites. Repainting 200+ minis, need advice.
  221. 243rd Briford Light Foot
  222. Wolfguard Terminator Army
  223. The 2nd Company, 367th Steel legion.
  224. A Little More Blue? My Ultramar PDF and Ultramarines Second Company
  225. Toll the great bell once! A Mechanicus Log
  226. Ricks Space Wolf project
  227. Imperial Fists 4th Comp.
  228. The Spring Offensive - A Krieg Project Log
  229. Warhound of the imperium....
  230. The 147th Krieg Regiment (devastators)
  231. Imperial Guard based on 8th Cadian
  232. Imperial Guard Project Log - Fortaxian 19th
  233. Imperial Guard Project Log - Fortaxian 19th
  234. Ultramarine log
  235. Bringing out the big guns. Spruglys New blog.
  236. Mephiston converted for a friend
  237. BFG: Battlefleet Scarus
  238. Monk's Project Log - A Newcomer Appears!
  239. Belrissian 7th - an IG project log.
  240. Feudal/Feral Imperial Guard project logblog
  241. Repent Today: Angeli Tenebrosum Ephemeris
  242. Return of the Swedish Peace Marines
  243. Gray Knights Grand Master Commission
  244. Another Scratchbuilt Tank Log... (and Steel legion too!)
  245. Space Wolf new pattern Land raider and tanks for my entire army.
  246. 68th Praetorian Light Infantry - British Napoleonic Imperial Guard
  247. A gift to make to a very special friend!
  248. A 30th Birthday gift - Mars Pattern Warhound
  249. Wardsylvania Creates a Counts As Grey Knights Army
  250. My space wolf Great Company.