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  1. The Boys in Blue - Ultramarines!
  2. Horus Aximand Paints... Space Marines!
  3. Angels of Retribution [DA DIY Successors]
  4. Logan Grimnars Great Company - The Onn (+ warhound titan)
  5. Precinct Omega paints... Revenant Titan
  6. Elfaen's Imperial Guard 'Pheaton 4th Battalion' Mechanised.
  7. Mini77's Blood Angels
  8. Unforgiven Brothers
  9. We bring you death - Blood Angels Death Company by SuperDuperMatt
  10. Commission: Imperial Fists! (Pic Heavy)
  11. The 51st Alban Rifles: Imperial Guard Project Log
  12. Deathwing is coming
  13. Grey Knights! - PIC HEAVY - wip
  14. 19th Krieg Siege Regiment
  15. Blood for Blood - Angels Vermillion
  16. Brother Claudio
  17. An Angelic Host, a Dark Angels log a new army for a new edition
  18. Imperial Fists !
  19. Angels of Vengance test mini
  20. 58th Cadian Rifle Regiment
  21. Raven Guard (and friends)
  22. My Imperial "Mud" Guard army
  23. [Commission] Dark Vengeance; imperials log, Deathwing and Dark angels
  24. Piratos's Painting Blog - Crimson Fist
  25. Andy_T's 40k plog
  26. Guard-a-rama-rama
  27. Hark, The Ravenwing!
  28. Olberon Starting over - This time BLOOD RAVENS
  29. WarHammermans Red Scorpions
  30. For the Motherland! A Valhallan log.
  31. Iron Kid's Space Marines
  32. LordKhaine does some howling griffon space marines
  33. Griffions, Ravens, and an occasional Angel
  34. Armfelt & Corax's Miniature Log
  35. Swords Of Truth (Homebrew Beakies)
  36. Deathwing Project
  37. Forget your past life.From this day forth you are simply a Dark Angel.
  38. HoboAnarki's Sisters of Battle
  39. Amalgamated Motor Rifles: A WWI (ish) Guard Plog
  40. The Sons of Horus
  41. Space Wolves.
  42. Alpha 81's Minotaurs
  43. Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Guard and more!
  44. My Imperial Forces Painting Blog (SM, SoB, GK, IG)
  45. Crimson Fists
  46. Sons of Agemo - Return to Hobby PLOG
  47. [Commission] Battleworthy Blood Angels!
  48. Dave Paints....... Vostroyan's (and lot's of other things!)
  49. Finally Decided on my IG Army.....
  50. Dark Angels, Battle of the Sularian Gate (Unknown.M41)
  51. Angels of Fortune; Marines for Hire
  52. Firestorm Armada: Directorate Iron Sky Colour Scheme
  53. Navar's Sons of Medusa
  54. Ultramarines Rhino Interior paint
  55. Imperial Guard Jagdsword
  56. Reach themed Imperial Guard
  57. Finished Marines Malevolent 5th Battle Company Showcase
  58. Dark Angels
  59. IG Troop Transfer Station
  60. The Shadowlegion and the Order of the Everburning Flame
  61. Blood Angels - First Airbrushing Experiment
  62. Loyalist Istvan III Massacre Death Guard
  63. Hawk Lords Army (using BA codex) pic heavy
  64. 101st Krieg Siege Regiment - D. coy
  65. Space wolves (Bran's company)
  66. Inquisition, Deathwatch and Imperial Guard, allin one army!
  67. Sanguinius Lord of The Blood Angels
  68. Miniatures of the North and Anvil: painting and converting plog
  69. 13th Wolfwing (OOP but with a select few newer kits)
  70. 802th Imperial Rifles : Iron Tommies
  71. Hawk Lord Librarian conversion
  72. The Blades are Drawn - DA Successor Chapter.
  73. WIP: Krieg´s Command
  74. The beginnings of a Sisters of Battle Army
  75. Count-as guard allies for my boyz
  76. Legio Cybernetica Robotic Cohort Kill Team
  77. Blood Ravens 1st/3rd company
  78. Blood Angel Army and Deathwing preview.
  79. Dark Angel "The Reaper Man"
  80. Build me a Chapter..... letting a dice decide
  81. Graven Fists: The fall of a chapter during the Abyssal Crusade
  82. Von's Deathwatch log
  83. Shattered oath's - Red Scorpions (painting Warhammer for the first time ever!)
  84. [Space Wolfs] The Einherjer Saga and the 13...
  85. HwG Goes Titanticus - Mars Warhound Titan Blog
  86. ‘My sons, it seems Horus is not the only soul to believe he is heir to the empire’ DA
  87. Chronicles of the Ascension War: act 1: chapter 1: ignition
  88. Really big ultramarine figure
  89. My Aegis Defence Line
  90. Help! Winter Steel Legion of Pig Iron Cadians? (PAINTED PICS)
  91. The Endless War; Hawke vs the imperium
  92. Titan Planning
  93. Imperial Guard Praetorian Army Log
  94. Horus Lunar Wolf
  95. WarbossTae paints Space Marines
  96. Alphachicken's Wolves
  97. The Sodorian Regiments
  98. Log of lots of things by Virre
  99. The Blaze of Titan, Inquisitorial Dreadknight
  100. Iron Hearts Space Marines
  101. Jay's Wargame Painting - Project Space Wolves
  102. [Necromunda] Multi-Gangs, Collecting the Original Models
  103. The Imperfect - Laborious' Loyalist Emperor’s Children Plog
  104. WIP scratch built Reaver Titan
  105. Blood angels :D
  106. The Britannian 7TH
  107. Angels Dominion Plog
  108. You ever wanted a Steel Legion painter?
  109. A "true scale" Death Eagles project by Spjuth
  110. building myself a company - raven guard
  111. Into the fires of battle, unto the anvil of war! The Phoenician paints Salamanders
  112. Sons of Horus - 13th Genetic Research Cohort
  113. Leopard's Marines
  114. Leopard's Imperial Guard
  115. Leopard's 2nd Edition resurrection project
  116. + The Inquisitor Trilogy + A Log of Lies; Good, Bad and the Ugly.
  117. Captain Alessio Cortez Re-Born
  118. Road To War
  119. Sons of Heracles
  120. From the Mud Flats of Vostroya
  121. The (New) Space Wolf Landraider, Indominator patern.
  122. into the shadows..... building a full company
  123. Space Marines, Ultramarine and Imperial Fist
  124. 101st Airbourne - Bastogne Project
  125. Kill Team Proteus
  126. To Survive You Must Adapt! 6th Ed. Iron Lord
  127. Crimson Penance
  128. Gomez builds a Warhound titan
  129. Vostroyan Imperial Guard
  130. Purple Dark Angels!
  131. Legio Spectra AKA Rainbow Warriors.
  132. Marshall Voltan's XII Crusade Force
  133. Trying to learn layering - Imperial fists
  134. Legiones Astartes XVI, 'Luna Wolves', X Company
  135. A Salamanders Stormtalon, on fire!
  136. Imperial Forces of The Jungian Expanse - Assembling (very) slowly
  137. All Hail Horus, All Hail the Warmaster! Commission by LilLoser
  138. Hells Blood Angels and Imperial Guard
  139. Elysian - 320th Drop Troop - Peregrinus
  140. DARK ANGELS new army Project Log
  141. Mr-Awesome's Bad Moons project (Count-as Space Marines)
  142. SDKFZ:s Squat Landtrain
  143. 'Threads of Fate' - 28mm =][=
  144. Adeptus Custodes, Kit Bashing Madness.
  145. Zealous Black Templars with an angelic touch
  146. "Britannia confides that every man will do his duty." Yeri's Napoleonic IG army
  147. Harald Deathwolf Company
  148. Hairy Painter loves power armour!!!!
  149. Krieg! - Into the grinder...
  150. The Unforgivens Crimson Fists
  151. Smurfs! Look out!
  152. Tominators Blog of Marines
  153. Death Korps Armies On Parade (and then some!)
  154. RRChristensen tries true-scaling once more!
  155. Secrets and Lies
  156. May the 4th be with you (Dark Angels)
  157. Crimson Fists, lets actually finish this one...
  158. Deathwing assault
  159. The never ending war, a multi chapter painting log
  160. Storm Riders: DIY space marine chapter
  161. Psyko's Space Lions
  162. =I=munda Warbands Project Log
  163. Life in the Dome FC-28, my journey in Necromunda
  164. Dark Angels 5th Company- 40K Scrapheap Challenge
  165. Hellhammer in winter camo.
  166. Head swap - Mantic marines and Imperial Guard
  167. No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear! A Black Templar's Plog
  168. eek Does White Scars
  169. Gauntlets steeped in blood! Crimson Fists
  170. Asdrubael Vect's Dais of Destruction / Forge World Tantalus Conversion
  171. For The Lion! A Dark Angels plog.
  172. Drookian 78th Armoured Regiment
  173. Dark Angels, Good to be back on the rock
  174. The Ravenwing! Quork.
  175. "The Lord Inquisitor" Movie: Mars Class Imperial Cruiser 3D
  176. Tinners' Final Log : Baran 221st Siege Company
  177. Raven Lamenters
  178. That other Landtrain thread...
  179. Walk down the right back alley in Necromunda...
  180. Roman styled Imperial Fists of the Honourable 5th Company
  181. Cpl_hicks Triple Death (Krieg, Guard, Wing) and others log
  182. Angels of Death - Storm of Iron Tournament
  183. Hands of Iron Project Log
  184. 121st Elysian Drop Troops...Conversions
  185. Red Scorpions:5th Company
  186. Insurrection! A successionist Imperial guard army.
  187. Dark Angels ( new to 40k, first army)
  188. Batatius' "mostly Space Marines but other bits likely" log
  189. Batatius' "mostly Space Marines but other bits likely" log
  190. Faceless Fighters - 307th Siege Company - An Imperial Log
  191. White scar Painting log( with some blood angels)
  192. Precinct Omega paints... Purge Thunderhawk
  193. Female Guard Project
  194. Finished Blood Angels Land Raider
  195. The Cleansing of Rygria - The Dark Angels march to war...
  196. Ragnar space wolves
  197. "Mass" Produced Customized IG without Sculpting
  198. Enforcers of the Emperors will, an Imperial fist log
  199. Iron Hands - a log of the last few steps to the final 2500pts
  200. Dark Angels Sub Chapter - Unnamed as of yet.
  201. Deathwing .... a Terminators tale!
  202. Chubby Wombat's Imperials
  203. [Commission]Imperial Fists
  204. Terminator Librarian WIP
  205. Back to the start..Dark Angels
  206. For Humanity! The Humanist Guard
  207. Krieg Founding
  208. Space Marines(Chaos, Imperium etc.). NMM
  209. *homebrew* Sons of Retribution!
  210. GhostWalkers (Angels of Absolution) - a log to keep me moving
  211. Marty's Cadians
  212. WIP Sons of Horus 'Cursed Rhino'
  213. Strikeforce Animus: Dark Angels Commission by Lil' Loser
  214. Epsilon Chapter
  215. Inq28 by Monsterzonk
  216. Project: Blood Angels
  217. Weeping Angels: a Deathwing blog (with Greenwing)
  218. the dark ravens
  219. For the Emperor!
  220. Ebay Predator Renovation Log!
  221. 6 Weeks of Space Marines
  222. Magnetized Space Marine Predator
  223. Imperial guard - Weapons Pharos patterns - A 3D printing adventure
  224. Imperial Falcons & Mistral Storm Guard - New and Old Space Marines
  225. Ordo's Inquisition! Grey Knights first:
  226. Zustiur's Dark Angels... and whatever takes my fancy
  227. 1st Armageddon Pioneer Reconnaissance Regiment
  228. Shattered remains - the II Legion Astartes
  229. There is only Krieg
  230. Killteams
  231. The Two Titans Twin Scratch Built Warlord Titans
  232. Through sun and steel - XII Phyrassian Cohort
  233. goliath Necromunda gang/ Chain Swangaz
  234. Belial. Display mini.
  235. my blood angels (mostly WIP)...caution,picture heavy!!!
  236. Modern Squat Army! Allied with Tallarn.
  237. Backwater Adeptus Mechanicus - Mechanicus with a feral edge - The Drawing Board
  238. little horus' Imperial fists
  239. Dark Angels for a new gamer.
  240. Deathwing and Mabye some greenwing.
  241. BoBo's Blood Angels!
  242. Bubblegums Son's of Medusa
  243. Black Templar - Crusade of Retribution
  244. Kron's Inq28 Log
  245. There are no wolves on fenris - a Wilca Fenrica blog
  246. There are no wolves on fenris - a Wilca Fenrica blog
  247. Demon2027 30k and 40k space marines
  248. Imperial Guard, 121st Alcari + additional Hellainian units
  249. Sons Of Horus 13th Coterie
  250. Omnissiah's Pride - An Adeptus Mechanicus project