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  1. Dark Angels Log
  2. Kai-Itza's completed Admech-themed Necromunda gang
  3. Nugget's Mars pattern Warhound Titan build (and other small projects)
  4. Another Deathwing army, plus ravenwing and even some greenwing.
  5. Ragnar Blackmane's Planetstrike Spearhead Force (Picture Heavy)
  6. RTB01 space marines
  7. The "Fighting" 5th Company - Cadian 110th "Shadow-corpse"
  8. MUD DOGS a Catachan army begins
  9. Korskian 21st Infantry Regiment
  10. Armies on Parade - Dark Angels
  11. Mechanicus Exploratory Force
  12. The Blood Lance (and peppermint treats of a sort!)
  13. Black Templar Holinious Crusade
  14. Scratch Built Marauder Destroyer
  15. Into the Darkness of the Metro - A Scavenger Imperial Guard Log.
  16. Post- apocalyptic styled guard
  17. Legatho goes on Inquimunda
  18. Imperial Guard G.I. Joe Cobra army
  19. Nilo's Log o' Painting: Iron Knights
  20. Space Marines: Storm Lords
  21. Attempt for Admech
  22. Short Mercenaries
  24. Into Da Underive! - Necromunda in three gangs...
  25. Magnetised Ultramarine Stormtalon
  26. On the waterfront: Edie the Sentinel powerlifter, Barry the Draisine, Terry the Barge
  27. Death Korps of Krieg 61st Tank Regiment;
  28. Conradtrons Imperial fists plog
  29. "We will be avenged" Post Massacre Raven Guard
  30. The Emperor's Gift: 1500pts of Grey Knights
  31. Cold Warriors: Cold War NATO Themed IG
  32. Art's Ultramarines on the cheap!
  33. Arkhan's Log - The Sons of Tyr
  34. King Azog's models: a thread full of pics of my work in progress
  35. The Xyphon Sector
  36. CDalton goes 40k crazy... Sons of Horus, Death Korps and more!
  37. Space Marines by Claudio
  38. Imperial Forces, Amalthean Crusade
  39. Man vs Machine: Swatters (15mm Terminator)
  40. Ultramarine Veteran
  41. Collecting an Adeptus Arbites Army - Space Police Enforcers
  42. Time to paint my gangs before scenery turns up! Necromunda, Space Hulk, Judge Dredd
  43. Hard working parent's slow moving GK project. (as and when I can get some done!)
  44. Wolfen's log Imperial goodness
  45. Wulfen_Kind's Wolves
  46. Imperial Guard: Valhallan 597th featuring Ciaphas Cain
  47. Maulokk paints Blood Angels....and Crimson Fists.... and Chaos....and Dark angels erm
  48. IG - 33th Konig Armoured Regiment
  49. Grey Knight Task force
  50. Yet another cardboard titan
  51. Inqu][sitor
  52. More Iron Hands
  53. "For Lost Tanith!" A Tanith army blog
  54. TUDs Imperial Log
  55. Ash Wastes Gangsters
  56. Deathwatch army
  57. Scythes of the Emperor! A lets paint to play PLOG
  58. Another army ; Grey Knights
  59. Shetland 17th Light Dragoons
  60. Sons of Horus part II
  61. A Short And Brutish Life: Landsknecht Themed IG
  62. Boogeymen; From Restart to Finish
  63. Mr Joeingtons imperial guard armies, tanks and infantry etc
  64. SteelTitan's GK Draigowing Blog
  65. 48th Picandian Guards - An Imperial Guard project log
  66. All Things Epic, Necromunda and Inquisitor
  67. Sheep does Adeptus Mechanicus
  68. Female space marines project... Or.. called Angels of Vengeance (non SM female SM)
  69. Mailean 7th Air Cavalry.
  70. To Survive You Must Adapt! 6th Ed. Iron Lords
  71. First Plog: Star Dragons Space Marines (plus others!)
  72. Ultramarine Tyranid Hunters
  73. Starting an Apocalypse sized Death korps of Krieg army
  74. Nuo's Reaver Titan
  75. Grey Knight Strike Force
  76. 40k Marine Plog (Multiple Chapters)
  77. Superdupermatt's Minotaurs Space Marine log
  78. FOW - DAK Army Plog
  79. Lavadude's Persuit of Phoenician Perfection
  80. ColdWinter's Cerberus Legion Thread
  81. 7th Battlegroup "A ragtag Guard plog".
  82. The Pacification of Remanda Prime - Nashas Imperial Lpg
  83. Dangermouse's Elysian and Astartes Strike Force
  84. Steel Legion - The 32nd Enlisted Battalion!
  85. DeSnifter's Space Marine Company
  86. Medlems IInd, because there are too few IG logs
  87. The Hive
  88. Fenris sector Imperial Navy BFG
  89. Collecting Necromunda Gangs (Orlock and now Spyrer)
  90. Keep Calm & Fortify Terra! - A Legiones Astartes Imperial Fists Project Log
  91. Russ Conversion (with lots of pictures)
  92. Blackadder's Lucius Pattern Reaver
  93. The Currency Of Lies: an =I=28 project
  94. The Headhunters of Charon - Deathworld Imperial Guard
  95. A Titanic Grey Knight Model - GD entry
  96. Russian Roulette's Death Rider Apocalypse Formation
  97. The City Guard
  98. The Silencers: 'A Grey Knight' Plog
  99. Sisters of Battle Titan
  100. My Darkshroud Conversion
  101. Blood Angels - The Doomed Sons Of Sanguinius Log
  102. My Grey Knights
  103. Mud and Steel (a slow growing DKoK-log)
  104. Imperial Fists 5th Company
  105. Hawke vs The Imperium of Mankind
  106. The Explosive Lords - Custom SM chapter
  107. Absolvers Space Marines - a new take on one of the missing legions
  108. Heavy Metal Smurfs - All-Metal Ultramarines
  109. Mars warhound titan
  110. Oh, you crazy wolves...
  111. White Hydras 5th company (homebrew marine chapter)
  112. Hunter Killer DKOK Tank
  113. A Menagerie of Marines
  114. Homemade Thunderhawk Mark 3
  115. Return to painting- salamanders
  116. Blood Angels Army [Den of Imagination Log]
  117. HH Ultramarines in commission at BuyPainted
  118. Project Digger! An Australian Imperial Force Themed Imperal Guard Army
  119. Grey Knights for Council of War
  120. Made it up as I went along!
  121. First squad painted.
  122. Death Korp Of Krieg Army And Scratch Builds
  123. Defenders of the Imperium; New Centurions, Sternguard and Vanguard
  124. Crimson Fists! and most likely some other stuff too.
  125. Emperor's Word Space Marines - Part 2
  126. Sons of Medusa Project
  127. Blood Ravens
  128. Iron Hands - Steampunk Marines - Project log by Rob and Roll
  129. Converter's Grey Knights
  130. The Sternguard were the decider - A Salamanders PLog
  131. 2k sons of medusa army for a tournie in November
  132. Iron Hands (We Need More Steam!)
  133. Back to Vraks - 931th Death Korps Infanterie Regiment & the Baddies (photos!!)
  134. Angels Encarmine Blingwing log
  135. Guard and Marines for Tournament in November...help!
  136. 6th-editioning Ultramarines
  137. A dorm room challenge, IG, Terrain, and some random bits.
  138. Unique Custom Imperial Guard WIP (Pic Heavy): "101st Sol Shadow Scorchers"
  139. Rasta Marines
  140. Angels of Darkness
  141. Aldavaer's Dark Angels
  142. Bartali's Marines
  143. Black Templars
  144. God Machine
  145. Imperial Guard Shadowsword
  146. Steel Legion Imperial Guard
  147. Mike D's Space Wolves .;
  148. Texan Scrunts visit the Underhive
  149. Let there be Ultramarines
  150. Coustom space marine chapter.
  151. BLOG - Currently a Salamander
  152. Homo Sapiens Rotundus
  153. Warhammer 30k Sons of Horus
  154. The Warlord build
  155. Time to clear up the clutter - Ultramarines first
  156. Sacramante's test with Imperial Fists
  157. Sisters of Battle Project Log: Order of the Red Rose.
  158. Blood Angels contemptor with jump pack
  159. Helix Imperial fist painting log.
  160. Aximand's Imperial Fists - Updated 16/10/13
  161. Blackadder's Refurbishment of Derelict FW Resin Baneblades Thread.................
  162. CCCP Valhallan Army
  163. Florentine's Lament: A Record of the Tarsen Secundus Incident
  164. Ultramarines Commission
  165. Benogham's Raven Guard 4th Company log
  166. Almost complete
  167. Hopefully not too long 7th Company DA expedition +Pics
  168. Dusk Wraiths: Yet Another Space Marine Thread
  169. The Red Planet
  170. The Raven Host
  171. Creating a better Sister
  172. Raven Guard Army Project Log - DoI
  173. Epic scaled Imperial terrain for 3d printing
  174. Hooy's project log(advanced skill) - Blood Angels Rhino
  175. Jumping on the warbandwagon. INQ28.
  176. White Scars:Re-Tolling
  177. INQ - Ordo Hereticus Kill Team
  178. Inquisitor Zaetoc's Warband
  179. Animatronica's Marines Exemplar Project Log
  180. My Crimson Slaughter marine army.
  181. Silentexile's Brotherhood of Tesla
  182. Matts Red Scorpions/Elysian Guard PLOG
  183. Imperial Guard Epic Army #Denofimagination
  184. The Exorcists 5th and 12th Company
  185. Librarian, Terminator and wolf
  186. Imperial Fists Showcase -DoI
  187. Liberators of Badab - A Minotaurs Strike Force
  188. =][= Inquisitorial Escort - The Bleaux Controversy =][=
  189. CubanNecktie's Forces of the Imperium
  190. Horus Lupercal Sculpture
  191. Cadian 142nd Armoured Regiment; Treads rush in where astartes fear to tread!
  192. My Death Korps of Krieg Force (pic heavy!)
  193. chibiPrimes - LION EL`
  194. "Let freedom ring with a Boltgun's roar" - Marines Project
  195. Inquisitor Able Lenk and his warband (Inq28 / Inquisimunda / Kill Team)
  196. Vlka Fenryka - Sixth Legion Astartes
  197. Charnal Carcharodon Astra; Kill Team
  198. Warders of the Maelstrom; the Astral Claws
  199. The 1st. Great Company comes to Terra: a death guard log.
  200. 2 Part Iron Hands Project
  201. Worlds of the Imperium A Sisters of Battle Plog
  202. Not Original DKK
  203. Fossamian Rifles, WW1 Inspired Imperial Guard regiment
  204. Grey knights with wings
  205. Cadian 203rd
  206. As of yet unnamed Imperial Guard Regiment log
  207. The Draculi Ignis, and the way of the Drake Slayer
  208. Apotheosis Codex
  209. Converted Hawk Lords Captain
  210. Raven Guard Showcase Log - DoI
  211. Relictors , 3000 point army repaint and conversion !!!
  212. Back on the Grey Knights & loving it!
  213. Death korps with a human touch
  214. 14th KRAKEN Brigade Death Korps Mobile Division
  215. Dark Aly's necromunda goodness
  216. Zombie P's Prolonged Imperial Guard
  217. Toll the Great Bell Once; Adetpus Mechanicus (40k/INQ28)
  218. KANE LIVES - Brotherhood of Nod IG
  219. The Spartan Elite -> 40K Logs
  220. 15/12 Garron Hussar's, KampfGruppe Hiesel and assorted imperials. (WIP)
  221. Poke 'em in the eye!!!!!!!!!1
  222. The Oh So Judgemental Knights
  223. Blood Angels don't Surf!
  224. IRON HANDS - Showcase Den of Imagination
  225. Chronicles from the Cibola War
  226. The Lost and Forgotten: Building the II Legion
  227. Inquisitorial servitors.....
  228. Formosan Inquisitorial Task Force / Kantors post Rynn city Crimson Fists
  229. JageR's imperial log
  230. 13th Praetorian guard regiment Blog - almost done building and prepping
  231. When tanks run out of fuel... Possum's Imperial Guard with dinosaurs
  232. Imperial Guard of the Sefirem Sector
  233. Inquisitor Coteaz
  234. Lucifer First of the Host. Blood Angel Lord and Chapter Master
  235. Inquisitorial Henchmen Army
  236. Astor's Teutonian Imperial Guard
  237. blood knights (also known as grey knights, cheese knights, hoe knights)
  238. The East Wind is coming...
  239. Its Knight time!
  240. An inquisitor's retinue
  241. Mechanicum and Allied Knight House
  242. new New Imperial Knight Warhammer 40k
  243. Toll the Great Bell...Imperial Knight Paladin and Errant
  244. scratchbuild EMPEROR CLASS TITAN
  245. Come Ye Come All Visit The Space Marine's Emporium!
  246. The Imperial Knight (MrChaos)
  247. ~Firefall, Fire Hawks, Badab war Disposition~
  248. Imperial Knights Army 40k
  249. Space Minotaurs! Rogue Trader mostly...
  250. Tale of the 303rd