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  1. Homebrew Marine chapter
  2. Imperial Fist army with Imperial Knight support
  3. Imperial Knights Force - More Fire Wasps!
  4. Betrayal; The Sons of Horus Rise!
  5. Ultramarines I Company
  6. Tournament Ultramarines & Inquisition
  7. The Seeds of Terra
  8. Imperial Knight WIP: Knight Lights
  9. Slowpoke's Space Wolves
  10. Taranis Imperial Knights
  11. Ultramarines!!!!!!
  12. Agyar space wolves
  13. Step by Step Guide to Reposing Knight Titan Legs
  14. Horus Lupercal Master of Mankind by Forge World
  15. Mordian Iron Guard painty adventures
  16. A New Chapter Is Born. (Another Aspie Gamers Log)
  17. Black Templars Army
  18. 87th Baran Armoured Company
  19. The Rhino's Guard
  20. Taurox - for those thinking of arming them with wheels...
  21. Voss pattern BFG ships
  22. Horus Lupercal Warmaster of the Imperium
  23. The sons of Cruor, a plog by Hide the Pickle Studios
  24. Angie's 28mm Warbands - Inquisitor
  25. Macloren's Knight Plog.
  26. Agyar log :13/4/2014 Taurox and Hydra.
  27. Knight Errant Warlord WIP
  28. Crimson Fist Mayhem
  29. Imperial Fists/Sentinels of Terra/Imperial Knight Ally
  30. The Sons of Amar; A Chapter from Founding to Fall
  31. Krieg 138th Gunheads (9000 points and counting)
  32. Beppo Builds a Second Thunderhawk
  33. Beppo Builds a Second Thunderhawk
  34. The Emperor Protects!- Sanai's Imperial Paintlog
  35. 5th Mordian Heavy Artillery
  36. Vostroyan 24th and Forces of the Inquisition
  37. Hawk Marines
  38. Resurrection of Land Raider Mk.1
  39. Sons of Horus
  40. The Van Halen Crusade
  41. Logic prevails - The Adeptus Mechanicus marches to war!
  42. Scythes of the emperor.....for the ghosts of Sotha
  43. Czevaks Index of Imperial Forces
  44. Ultramar Knight Titan
  45. CanonicalSquat's Mantis Warriors log
  46. 739th Vostroyan Mechanized Regiment
  47. imperial miscellany
  48. Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting PLOG
  49. Little House Cadmus Knight Project
  50. UnNamed guard Regiment- they're red....
  51. Space Sharks ahoy! (another Carcharodons log)
  52. 30k Imperial Fists
  53. Autobot marines
  54. Confessors DIY marine blog
  55. The illumination of Horus
  56. Jim's Space Wolves W.I.P
  57. death korps of krieg 407th Imperial rifles
  58. New rules? New ARMY! LordKhaine does Deathwatch!
  59. Deathwatch Strikeforce
  60. Luna Wolves 107th Company/93rd Brabant Rifles
  61. IG AM - Ortonian 98th
  62. Duffy's Sons of Horus
  63. 5th Necromundan Regiment: "The King of Cups"
  64. The Prisoners of planet F22594 - A counts as IG Project
  65. House Raven Knight Titan Painted
  66. Space Wolves WIP - Making a start on the plastic mountain
  67. [Heavy Metal Painting] Imperium Log
  68. Group of Imperial Ocupation Forces Germanica, the Fulda Incident Second Edition.
  69. The Sins of The Fathers, a IVth Legion Log.
  70. Tobys Imperial Log of Everything er Imperial
  71. Legio X, 1031st Expeditionary Fleet Detachment
  72. Bob Paints The Colored Armor Guys
  73. Red Dragons--------Homebrew space marine chapter
  74. Adepta Sororitas / Inquisition Army Commission
  75. Warseer chapter WIP thread
  76. Adeptus Mechanicus Genestealer Cult
  77. Sivyours Novamarines
  78. Getting ready for the new orks... Armageddon 31st Steel Legion Mechanised Infantry
  79. 202nd Jouran Dragoons
  80. Rinak's Imperial Thread
  81. Ultramarines. Boys in blue!
  82. Vostroyan - hand over your first born!
  83. Space Marines. Now I have you, come see my wierd robot head, RT'ers and heavy gear
  84. Truescale Carcharodons army
  85. For Britannica!
  86. My Astra Militarum ( Guard ) Vendetta, Valkyries and some troops
  87. A New Dawn
  88. Dark Angels army log
  89. Forces of the Inquisition and Chambers Millitant
  90. Spare Bits/ Kitbash Warhound Titan
  91. We Who Are Hunters of Daemons - a Grey Knights Log
  92. Death Korps of Krieg and terrain...
  93. Bringing the God Machine to life
  94. Armageddon 707th Steel Legion
  95. Astral Claws (and other 40k stuff) painting blog
  96. 1st Turian Security Force / 101st Cadian Expeditionary Task Force
  97. Ad mech, Dragons and Hawk Lords modelling log
  98. + Burn With Me +
  99. House Hyperion Knight Errant
  100. Breaz does Stormclaw and a bit more
  101. Zujara's Imperials (Death Korps of Krieg & Guardians of the Covenant)
  102. Zsoulless's Wolves
  103. Sons of Horus
  104. Radium's Exercitus Imperialis
  105. Inq28/40k - Inquisitorial forces
  106. Necromunda gang, Haronds Hydras +future updates on scavvies other gangs!
  107. The Battle for Swordpoint
  108. Stormfang Gunship - Viper pattern. *WIP*
  109. Drachen Armee Korps: 301st Andenburg "Falke Legion"
  110. The start of my Taghmata Omnissiah...
  111. The Hounds of Idun (space wolves)
  112. Scratch built ironclads finished
  113. Alatos' Dark Angels Project
  114. The Fall Of Seraph - Histories of the IXth Legion.
  115. The Saga of the Sloth (Zlatan's space wolf PLog)
  116. Good, old fashioned, Squats.
  117. (WIP) A Long March Home! Space Marine Army
  118. Rich's Necromunda Plog
  119. The Great Rout. Vlka Fenrika Space Wolves Bjorn, Krom, Logan Grimnar
  120. Dark Apostle paints some HH era Word bearers
  121. Hive Spyrers - an exercise in kitbashing
  122. Siege-Captain Lord Leng's 6th Cohort - A 2nd Edition Take on the Iron Warriors
  123. bevulf's blog for Emperor's Finest
  124. Warhammer 40k crimson fist by DG
  125. Astra Vipera, Viper Marines project
  126. My Grey Knights - Now for sale
  127. New vostroyan army Progress pics. Would love to hear (gentle) thoughts
  128. KiwiBen's Grey Knights
  129. Amy's Project Log: Stormclaw Space Wolves
  130. Hick's Firestorm Armada log
  131. Guderian 412th Imperial guard army
  132. Warriors of the Dust Prophet: A Mantis Warriors plog
  133. [INQUISITOR] Ordo Obsoletus Warband
  134. Incredibly slow DKOK
  135. 47th Zencari 'Hellhounds' (plus possible allies)
  136. Six Plus Painting
  137. Warlord Titan Rory Pattern
  138. Adeptus Mechanicus CTF 2.00019122014
  139. I Legion Goes to War - Dark Angels Great Crusade Log
  140. The Heralds of Sanguinius
  141. Truescale Deathwatch
  142. Some Space Marines projects.
  143. Into the fires of battle, unto the anvil of war - A Salamanders project log
  144. The Golden Knights of Terra, Adeptus Custodes GK Army
  145. task force exterimatus....
  146. The Wolftime - Lost Egg's Rogue Trader Inspired Space Wolves
  147. Hurin's Space Wolf WIP thread
  148. Imperial Fists Project:
  149. Completed Penal Legion Detachment
  150. The Yellow Peril: A Space Marauders Log
  151. 101st Screaming Eagles Space Marines - Den of Imagination
  152. Kill Team; There's an east wind coming...
  153. Mechanicum Cerastus Knights
  154. Vlka Fenryka - the 13th Company Sky Warrior Rout !
  155. [unpainted][conversions] Imperial Guard
  156. Relictors Captain - Work in Progress
  157. Dead Korps of Krieg: "In the Emperor's service, the Death Korps will pay any price."
  158. Iron hands, between the metal and the flesh..
  159. Lamenters, Minotars and other loyalist stuff.
  160. From the Shipyards of Olympia
  161. Sons of Horus 30k and Death Guard 40k
  162. Commission for Imperial Fist
  163. Imperial Knight Showcase HD THE TEMPLE
  164. Torch's Emperor's Heralds
  165. [Space Marine] Cato Sicarius Ultramarine's second company (historic army)
  166. Blood Angels Rhino/Razor - Den of Imagination
  167. Rainbow warriors Plog.
  168. Legio Nex, Death and Glory
  169. Legend's Fists of the Imperium
  170. Lamenter's Artscale Swarmlord (Truescale Project)
  171. [WIP] Posable titan
  172. Imperial Sons, 5th Company: "For Emperor and Imperium!"
  173. Baalshield: Storm of Death – a sci-fi interlude
  174. 250 points a month Space Wolves (in Purple)
  175. 728th Warhawks Black Templar Crusade
  176. IxionEx builds and paints Deathstorm
  177. Blood Angels, offerings upon the altar of war
  178. New Year: New Army - Blood Angels.
  179. True/art scale space marines
  180. Blackadder Proposes a Warmonger Titan of the Emperor Class
  181. Blackadder's Marauder Destroyer A Kit WIP
  182. Thin Blue Line - Jiro's Scouring Era Ultramarines: 2nd Battle Company
  183. Iron over Flesh
  184. Blackadder's Landkreuzer P500; Die Wühlmaus
  185. The One Man Manufactorum; Tanks en mass
  186. Steel Legion and Imperial Fists by RealBabyBackRib
  187. Grey Knights! A small Terminator horde.
  188. Cadian 8th Project Log
  189. The Unending Crusade (black templars and IG)
  190. Cadian 79th Mechanized
  191. Building a plastic thunderhawk
  192. Flesh Liberators - An AdMech and Guard Project
  193. Snowy times: DKOK, Armour, Knight and more
  194. Awaken Realms Forge World Cerastus Knights Showcase
  195. Thunder Warriors...
  196. Legion of Dr Doom!!!!
  197. August Dreadnought
  198. A New Year, A New Army (Because I don't already have enough to paint!)
  199. Le Pretty Boys: (An ongoing Blood Angels project)
  200. The Emperors Executioners - A Vlka Fenryka Slow (and not that great) Development Log
  201. Eloqui Ex Angelus - True Scale Deathwatch Kill Team
  202. Bluecat's chopshop (inq and GK mostly)
  203. Imperial Guard / Army, Ad-Mech, knights and maybe some Iron Hands?
  204. Awaken Realms Salamanders Army Showcase - with a scenic diorama for Vulkan!
  205. House Terryn Knights
  206. Finite Imagination - Inquisitorial Henchmen
  207. [Necromunda] - Underhive 1713
  208. Awaken Realms Blood Angels Showcase
  209. Kame's Blood Angel Successor - The Knights Martyr
  210. getting back into 40k.. a Blood angels/space wolf and primarch painting log
  211. Calypso IV Guardsmen (Cadian arms + pig iron heads + fantasy bits)
  212. [INQUISITOR] A Coterie of Daemonhosts
  213. Rule Praetoria
  214. Jopall Indentured Squadrons
  215. Inquisition Kill Team
  216. Easy Necromundia Shipping Containers
  217. A lamentable beginnning?
  218. Rogue Trader Personal Army (=][= Henchmen)
  219. 2015 Project Log: Crimson Fists and Allies
  220. Necromunda
  221. In Defence of Baal! Blood Angels Log
  222. Dark Angels Army Build - Restarting an Old Army with a few new bits. Picture Heavy
  223. My True Scale Space Marine sculpting thread (picture heavy).
  224. Winter is receding... not! Three Space Wolves armies
  225. RTB01 - Adventures Of A Rogue Trader Era Modeller
  226. Blood Angels Tactical Squad
  227. [Inquisitor] Leander, 54mm scale Mars pattern Warhound scout titan
  228. The inquisitors toughest girls of the galaxy as guard thread
  229. "Rynn's World" - Rogue Trader 40k log
  230. My many many sisters of battle
  231. 25mm to 32mm base adapter fiddlings (with a smattering of Dark Angel)
  232. Tycho's boys
  233. The Unforgiven
  234. An Armageddon Winter - A Steel Legion Plog by Dangermouse425
  235. Dauntless Class Cruiser...but BIG!
  236. Sisters of Battle
  237. Bolter Drill -Imperial Fists 3rd Company
  238. Bolter Drill! Imperial Fists 3rd Company
  239. Blood Angels ..The pure sons of Sanguinius ..a army reboot
  240. Gorthaur's Skitarii and Cadians
  241. .; Indolatron's Space Wolves .;
  242. New Adeptus Mechanicus
  243. Jacobites Various 28mm =I= Forces
  244. Adeptus Mechanicus skitarii : Research station Burasufōji
  245. Dark Angels 1st, 2nd and 4th Company + Skitarii and other Things k
  246. Alexis polux 405th captain of the imperial fists
  247. The Battle of Pilgrim's Ashes 2nd Ed. - Beowulf's Forces of the Imperium
  248. Imperium's variety :)
  249. Linden's 40k Skitarii Project log
  250. Mechanicum/Mechanicus Arch Magos on Abeyant Conversion