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  1. Macragge 333rd Mechanized Infantry
  2. Hellbrecht's Sons of the Forge
  3. Ordo Xeno Project
  4. Raven's Flesh Eater Project
  5. Pendragons Paint-a-lot
  6. Death Korps of Krieg
  7. Space Marines - "The Phantoms"
  8. Excommunicate: Soul Drinkers
  9. The Praetorians of Terra Return!
  10. Another Krieg log
  11. Dusting off my old RW - New markings
  12. Angels Vanillus. A 1000pt SM log.
  13. Techpriest Severus , Chaplain of the Iron Souls
  14. Astral Tigers 3rd Company.
  15. My DIY Chapter of Marines
  16. Space Wolves 13th Company Log
  17. That which was will be again...
  18. DanJones's Log
  19. Forgeworld dozer blade - help!
  20. Mumbly has lots of stuff to finish! Valhallans, Cryx, FoW, and MORE!
  21. The Iron Chapter
  22. Urban Fighting Praetorians
  23. Krieg 21st Panzer Division
  24. Golden Demon WIP's Featuring Krieg Autocannon Team
  25. Getting started with Epic: Armageddon!
  26. SHUTUP's Angels of Death
  27. liam 17 space marine chapter
  28. Sleazy's first log..Space Crusade!!
  29. Cherubael does Dark Angels (2000pts)
  30. Space marine army saved from death: painting, converting Iron souls
  31. Space Marine Kill team WIP
  32. Nurgle Doubles army
  33. He's more machine now than man...
  34. Witch Hunter General WIP
  35. Angels of Redemption Project Log
  36. SalaGuard 1st Regiment
  37. DSS and his assorted lot of assortments (Not safe for 56k)
  38. Space Marine's 'Sons of Ares'
  39. Catferret's Necromunda Gang (WIP)
  40. Frost's Panzergrenadier Steel Legion
  41. The workings of an Angel, Angel Robertsons Log!
  42. Admech Themed Force
  43. Penal Legion Rebuild!
  44. Armoured Company Rebuild
  45. Purging with extreame prejudice - Rogue (finaly) does his Witch hunters.
  46. A Space Marine Company in a month
  47. Randy's Sisters of Battle
  48. "Into the Breach you dogs!" 9th Krieg Siege Infantry Regiment WiP
  49. My Nightmares (BA Flesh tearers)
  50. The Valiant Cadian 82:nd Veteran Mechanised Grenadiers
  51. Scanno's Paladins of Guilliman
  52. WIP Death Korps Trooper - Unpainted
  53. The 42nd Carpathian Trenchers
  54. 1-2-3-4 We Love the Death Korps!
  55. Escobar's IG: Help me help myself...
  56. Errant Templars (Another Marine Army)
  57. Attlian Infantry Regiment
  58. Kasrkin serg! you wouldn't mess!
  59. THE RACE IS ON, to get a mechanized gaurd army up and rolling b4 Conflict 07
  60. Imperial Guard - Lasguns and Plasma Guns
  61. Kreig 57th "I'm gone shell you!" Regiment- Jumping on the wagon!
  62. Marines, more precisely Space Sharks (incl. Rogue Trader Company and Chikkas!)
  63. Arbites Mobile Precinct Fortress (Land Raider)
  64. Reabe's Celestial Lions - Hear the Lion Roar!
  65. Liamrob's Marines
  66. LemonPotato's Grey Knight Project Log for Poole 02, plus more...
  67. Stormtrooper Heavy Weapon Squad
  68. Raptor Space Marines
  69. Hellcat legion [SM army]
  70. Another BT log
  71. ultramarine 2500 pointer,before it goes for good... :(
  72. my most ambitious project to date, and my first real attempt at OSL
  73. RyFitz13 gets an airbrush (and a digital cam...)
  74. Krieg Panzerabteilung 501
  75. The Korps is Mother, The Korps is Father
  76. 3rd Company, Drogan 81st Armoured Regiment
  77. Dark Angels by Dance of winter
  78. Another one of no-use's Project Logs (Marines)
  79. Black Templar 13th Crusade
  80. Homeworld: squat guardsman project
  81. Dave gets off his ****. . .
  82. "Walk All Over You" WitchHunters
  83. Finally I'm going to do a codex Chapter! Of Sorts
  84. AaronS Paints the Good Man's Army
  85. A Possibly Bad Descision
  86. For the Wolftime...
  87. My other log is dark angels
  88. Howling Griffons - (I wish I knew why...)
  89. Kinonian 82nd project log
  90. Grey Grey Knights - a project log
  91. Death Comes on Swift Wings!
  92. My First Project Log.
  93. Who likes Blood Angels?
  94. Adeptus Arbites army
  95. Rovahn 22nd Counter-Insurgents
  96. Killgore's Death Korps and Phantom Titan log
  97. Hurl Stormsonn's Lost Great company (SW WIP)
  98. Hiveminion's Humble Hobby Log
  99. Deamonhunters/Sisters of Battle/Vostroyans Painting Log
  100. WIP Death Korps 11th Rgt ...
  101. Ravenwing Project
  102. My 'Oh dear, i seem to be wanting marines' Project Log
  103. grey knight terminator
  104. Preparing for Apocalypse - the 2nd Battalion of the XV Karaboudjani Kataphraktoi
  105. 7th Heavy Panzer, 3rd Division."Grey Ghosts" IG armoured Company
  106. Kurai takes Ravenwing to Tournament
  107. Need help making a kill-team! (Imperial Guard)
  108. Deathwing project log
  109. True Scale Space Wolves 3rd Company…
  110. Old guard brings up the big guns
  111. Golgotha Crusade Army
  112. DaCone's log of Krieg filled goodness
  113. Dark Angel Standard Bearer
  114. My first foray into 40k!
  115. Rate my new Iron hands
  116. Deathwatch Diorama Project Log
  117. Scythes of the Emperor
  118. AD does a LR Crusader - or he goes hungry (no really)
  119. Hill 241 Forward Firebase Echelon
  120. Commisarlestat Imperial Guard division
  121. Sons of Horus (yes I do dare)!
  122. *PIC HEAVY* Battleforge Games Store Army Blog - Marines
  123. AmKhaibitu updates his Relictors!
  124. Imperial Guard Crusaders
  125. The Nameless, (Trying to complete a space marine army)
  126. Extension's First Bloggie
  127. DA - Blog Updating and Prepping for GT
  128. Jim Reaper applies a quantity of paint to models
  129. Xyon's command squad
  130. Marines Malevolent Libarian + Command Squad
  131. Dark Angels Command Project
  132. The road to War (Mech IG GT2007 Force)
  133. Rikka Rakka's Dark Angels Log...
  134. Bashy, the little neophyte who could
  135. Easy Truescale-ish Space Wolves Blog
  136. Imperialised ogres
  137. Wildly Firing's marine's and other projects!
  138. THE CHIEF's Deathwing Log! (probably with some DA/RW too!)
  139. kousa's black templars
  140. Black Widows Female Space Marine Prototype WIP Pics
  141. Daemonhunters and Imperial Guard log
  142. Long awaited wip Vostroyan ratling pics
  143. 202nd elysian drop troops
  144. Fleafa's not-so-big painting log
  145. IP's Raven Wing Mk2 force
  146. Vostroyan XII
  147. Deathiwing in 2 weeks!
  148. starting a GK army....NO idea what i'm doin
  149. Ice Warriors Of Valhalla
  150. Iron Hands
  151. My Imperial project log
  152. Strelok's Log-a-thon
  153. my marine army...lets get cracking!
  154. Yet another Ultra Log
  155. By the authority of the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind...
  156. Star Wars (space marines)
  157. Malakian does Deathwing (now something totally different)
  158. Warriors of Ultramar!
  159. Evolution of an army, the Egytpian experience.....
  160. Rogue Trader/Old miniatures project log
  161. The Lion and The Wolf - Bodhitree and AD's Project Log
  162. Project Basilisk!
  163. Heero does Ultramarines :o
  164. Red`s Necromunda Gang WiP
  165. My Savlar Chem Dogs Log
  166. Order of the Embered Rose Project Log
  167. HUGE witchhunter retuine
  168. Cosmic Space Knights (of doom) mini-log
  169. Dhyssische Dragoner
  170. Making Grey Knights Blanche
  171. Well It was only a matter of time before I found another silly project...
  172. Cities of Death Grenadiers, Cadian 121st
  173. modern storm trooper mech army
  174. Vedder's Vultures
  175. The Astral Spiders Space Marine Chapter
  176. Nazerth paints some DA Vets
  177. Destris' Thunderhawk Log
  178. Koraath Goes Treadhead
  179. Might of the Imperium - Epic
  180. Feral Marine Command
  181. Salty's Log...
  182. Majin does Dark Angels :O
  183. IMP GUARD BLOG - WITH BLUE VOSTS!!!! (and some death Korp)
  184. Scratch Built Thunderbolt
  185. Jade's Xenoshunter/Deathwatch Veteran Squad
  186. Scratch Built Baneblade
  187. making and army from bits
  188. twilight hour of fame... probably not...
  189. 400 point Ultramarine force in 12 hours...
  190. tancrede's back in green
  191. Sons of Russ
  192. Horus finally Paints His men
  193. Lamenters
  194. Kittah's Space Marine Log
  195. black templers log
  196. The Paladins of Titan
  197. Fattdex does Red Scorpions
  198. Black Templar Sword Brethren army
  199. Citifight Vos Log
  200. The Crusaders (Black Templars)
  201. AD renews his faith - All hail the Inquisiton!
  202. Krieg kampfgruppe (for GT)
  203. For the Queen! An Imperial Guard project.
  204. Imp Guard 'Cerberus' half-track conversion
  205. Road to Chicago(2007 GT)
  206. An IG army in less then two weeks? Is that even possible?
  207. A monkey's (Marine) Plog.
  208. MoonDark's Ultramarine Paint Blog
  209. My first dread
  210. Reaver Titan: Legio Metalica (The Iron Skulls)
  211. The rise of the Valstadt 4th
  212. Fallen from Grace: Dark Angels
  213. Marovingeans Dark Angels Project Log
  214. TWS's Deathwing Venerable dread(prepaint)
  215. Of Dice and Marines - NaT's UltraSmurf Project Log
  216. My Ultramarines
  217. XI. Crematorian Rifles “Death’s Head Brigade” (Traitors)
  218. Corrupt Logs His Progress
  219. brams first logie :D
  220. Karl's Guard Project Log
  221. Inq.scale Imperator Titan Project log. Alt. "Serge Gone Mad"
  222. Leman Russ "Xerxes Pattern" project log
  223. Pompey's FORGEWORLD log (Red Scorpions and Death Korp of Krieg)
  224. My Space Marine Combat Patrol Log
  225. Small DKOK Army, but expensive!!! -> Science Fiction Painting Logs
  226. Steel legion Infantry Regiment
  227. dean's Rarely Updated Dark Angel and Cadian project log.
  228. "In nomine Ferrus" More miniatures of the Iron Souls Army
  229. Death Korps 49th Siege Regiment
  230. The dark sarge's log of doom
  231. Got a Tank from a carboot.
  232. Blood Angels, a project log i may actually complete...
  233. Complete an army or bust project...
  234. Titan Squadron Armelius- Credit to lackofbettername for templates
  235. My first marines - Dark Angels
  236. Aeronautica Imperialis Imperial Forward Strike Carrier Project
  237. Salamander coomand squad....... and beyond!
  238. My first ever Log - Imperial Guard..
  239. To hell and back - The Legion of Cerberus: Hawkes last stand!
  240. SM army painting progress
  241. Imperial Guard Army
  242. McBains Soul Drinkers
  243. Adeptus Arbite vehicles
  244. Resin Praetorians
  245. Red Stars Space Marine Chapter
  246. Jokre's Inqusition Log (Pic Heavy)
  247. No! More Guard logs!
  248. I am the law!
  249. 110th 'Shadow Corps'
  250. In the name of RUSS! space wolves log.