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  1. In the name of RUSS! space wolves log.
  2. Project: Titan Reinforcements
  3. Always Angry, All the time!
  4. My first log! 197th grenadiers
  5. Apocalypse Now - Sheep & SNA Battle Company
  6. Attack of the Internet Memes: Pretty Marines
  7. Cadian Armoured Battle Group – 3282pts
  8. Imperial Guard Green stuff project log
  9. Dads Army, Battle of the Tanks for Games Day
  10. Koraath's Log that WILL get finished
  11. Vostroyan tech guard - WIP
  12. Attack of the internet memes: Angry Marines.
  13. Cadian Infantry Battle Group
  14. 13th Penal Legion
  15. Cripplers Catchans
  16. Redemptionist army. Redeem yourselves!
  17. Planet Terror, outbreak at Unit 31
  18. Mr. Shine's Blood Angels Successor Project Log
  19. The 1st Teutonian Assault Grenadiers
  20. The 256th Coatlan- guns and dinosaurs
  21. Artillery is the god of war - An Armoured Company Log
  22. The Keeper's Ig Log: Yathrans.
  23. werewolve-class titan
  24. The Forces Of The Inquisition…A Summer Project Log!
  25. IG Desert touring force. (Forgeworld goodness)
  26. A few updates on my Marines Malevolent
  27. Fattdex does Escher: Necromunda blog
  28. My Salamander Log
  29. A Vostroyan IG Log ( not a tree btw )
  30. Kill-Team/Anphelion (scratch) Project
  31. Raven Guard WIP
  32. IG: 13th Hellios Abhuman Regiment
  33. Roache's log - Sisters & IG
  34. My brand new log
  35. The 31st Penal Regiment Blog
  36. Raise your fists for the Emperor!
  37. Brother Dreadnought Gideon of the Grey Knights
  38. RED ONE” Imperial Airborne Assault Force
  39. Master of the Ravenwing
  40. Evilhomer's Colours of the Imperium thread
  41. Aurora Dropship - what to do with it?
  42. 351st Rifles-Cadian Project Log
  43. MJO's log - Ragtag IG good guys vs. the rest...
  44. Master of the Ravenwing Completed!
  45. Land Raider MKI - AM colours
  46. Lost in a world of tracks and engine oil - HELP!
  47. SM Ankh Angels Chapter
  48. Waiting to Follow the Worms
  49. Last half years Guard
  50. Blood Angels by a Newbie
  51. CaptainDaris' IG and Marine Project Log
  52. Reaver Titan
  53. Tenoch III Imperial Guard
  54. 1500pt Urban IG army
  55. Aquilla's 40k Sketchbook
  56. Thoth62's first ever project log... How exciting!
  57. scratch build drop pod
  58. L&D's Armoured Company for Tale of Painters
  59. inside a russ
  60. Attempt at a very... diffrent Warhound Titan
  61. "I was there the day the Emperor slew Horus"
  62. V company IV legion
  63. The Hypherion 118th "Drunken Idiots" Reconnaissance Division.
  64. Umber Dragoons Chapter (Space Marines); First 40k Army
  65. Platty and his 40k
  66. Revisiting my Guard
  67. Ne's Project Log, the Never ending story.
  68. Vostroyan trench raiders
  69. MAD MAN's Back to Brazen Claws
  70. No Rest for the Legion of the Damned
  71. Road to Apocalypse: Crimson Fists
  72. [IG] 13th Penal Legion, Schaeffer's Last Chancers
  73. Scratch-built Baneblade etc.
  74. Using those old Rhino hulls - The Argus
  75. Flakjacket & lasgun, vest & torch whats the difference? (Flakjacket's Guard)
  76. The Red Armies of Alezadri, conscripting the Hammer of the Emperor, IG Project log
  77. Templars Sanguine [40K: Marines]
  78. the 42 swea pluton regement
  79. 2nd Company Ultramarines
  80. Another Green Vostroyan IG
  81. Shadowphrakts Painting Tree
  82. Iron Hearts: Fusion of SM & AM
  83. 2nd Rangers (guard with inquisitorial allies)
  84. 501st Death Korps of Krieg 'Isenhertz/Isenblut' Project Log
  85. Synapses truescale termies
  86. Grey Knights strike force
  87. 75th Logres Prime_Ice Drakes (cadian models)
  88. Primarch, Progenitor - To your glory, and the glory of Him on Earth.(image heavy)
  89. In the damned, we trust
  90. This is just a working title...(mostly IG)
  91. bundeswehr by wally
  92. My 1k Space Marine Project
  93. Scoundr3L's Banesword (derberan pattern)
  94. The mustering of the 147th Vostroyan Firstborn
  95. Blood Angels personality army blog
  96. Champions of Ma'at
  97. 1082nd Durandal Grenadiers.
  98. Army Builder UltraMarines Updates
  99. Blood Angels, Blood Angels, Blood Angels! 10 years in the making
  100. Cadian XVII kelly's heroes+baneblade
  101. S.O.R. finally gets a digi-cam... Imperial Fists Legion: Post Iron Cage
  102. Stagler's Marines Malevolent
  103. My Space Marine Armor Project Log
  104. Tiger in 40K
  105. CC's Imperial Guard Urban Assault Rgt
  106. Ice's Blood Angels 3d Company
  107. Valkyries of the Omnissiah Army Showcase
  108. Hatebreed, Warhound titan of Legio Destructor
  109. DarkStarSabre's Log v2.0
  110. FW goodness - Vulture gunship and its progression
  111. IG: Gileads Gunslingers
  112. Whitescars...a long road ahead
  113. Metal Guard Army- a n00b's quest!
  114. Lack0F & EoST Build a Reaver Titan
  115. scoundr3L's complete project log (including the Imperial Cerberus super heavy tank)
  116. Cadian 11th "Death Drinkers"
  117. Ultramarine 2nd Co Command Squad (WIP)
  118. Roadripper's Guardian Angel Marines
  119. 71th dkok urban regiment
  120. Visions of War-Apocalypse
  121. Salamander Space Marine ++WIP++
  122. Steel Legion & Dkok 21st Wight regiment of foot
  123. Rookie - Black Templars
  124. Heavily Converted Walking Landraider
  125. DKoK mixed
  126. Deathwatch Kill Team
  127. Death Korps (and anything else I might be doing) project log
  128. Updating the Predator Mk I
  129. road to apocalypse salamander style
  130. Trench Warfare (Part 1) - Joining the Korps
  131. Fleshtearers, 3rd Company, explorator detachment.
  132. red Scorpions battle company >>forgeworld<<
  133. Dark Angels Restart Log
  134. Death Korps of Krieg
  135. soul drinkers
  136. Soviet Inspired Armored Company Log
  137. the varks builds a warlord titan
  138. Blood Angels For Apoc.
  139. Old Guard puts his eggs in one basket
  140. Sons of Horus
  141. Sons of Horus Drednought
  142. 40k Salamanders Army Blog
  143. The painting endeavours of Inquisitor D'selinas
  144. Horus Beloved by All
  145. Remoah makes a Veteran Squad.
  146. Scratch Built Titan Legion 40K Scale
  147. Inquisitor Themed Termie Army Blog
  148. The Steinmann Conspiracy
  149. The Icarian Crusade
  150. Rabid Stoat's Ultramarine... saga.
  151. For the Emperor! (An Imperial Project)
  152. magnetized marine chapter master
  153. Carapace Drop-Guard: started the army; i'll work on the name!
  154. Building a baneblade
  155. Warlord Titan 40K Scale
  156. Imperial knight titan WIP
  157. The Firedrakes - First Company Salamander Space Marines
  158. It starts.....
  159. My 56th Death korp regiment
  160. Blood Templars 6th Company
  161. Getting Back Into The Hobby - 28mm =][=, Necromunda, Mordheim
  162. The Legion of H: A Sisters of Battle Log
  163. Rogue Trader IG; the Necromundian 9th
  164. Titanjaeger Ausf II
  165. Witchhunters / Guard / AdMech Army
  166. Venerated Brother Yuki of the Pretty Marines
  167. Merc Redreign's Cipher Company 000 "The Nobodies"
  168. IG Rough (and Scaly) Riders
  169. The Three Dragon Order
  170. Winter Cadians!
  171. also forcing myself to paint and model! greyknights
  172. XIV Imperial Rangers
  173. Sisters: Return of the gunneR (to gaming)
  174. Land Raider Paladin: Mobile Chapel Variant
  175. Grey Clovers
  176. Someone please convert this into a commissar!
  177. Master Bait Makes a Mess of his Marines
  178. Castellan 101 st *image heavy* mechanized ig
  179. My inquisitorial Titan
  180. Oh look, more damned kriegsmen!
  181. An Ultramarines Dread of mine.
  182. Elysian D-99
  183. The 'Vaan-Guard' Mechanised Infantry
  184. Salamanders.....and maybe some other things
  185. Hermanesq - first Baneblade log type thing...
  186. Rogue Inquisitor Kurgans Alien Purgation Force .......
  187. A couple Sisters Vehicle conversions
  188. Maladin 812th - The Emperors Legacy (IG)
  189. Chapter Log: Sons of Helios
  190. 7th Tarakian Project
  191. Sisters of Twilight on Dragon
  192. Winter Warfare: The Vostroyan 53rd.
  193. Red scorpions-1500 points and counting!
  194. shortys blog of shortness...
  195. TheDarkKnight's Imperial Apocalypse log
  196. White Scars- A new begining
  197. ravenwing,my1st log
  198. My all brandnew 40K Log
  199. Black Templars Painting Log
  200. wastegates utramarine 1st company log
  201. Cadians! By Chaos & Evil
  202. Plastic Baneblade build up thread
  203. Concept - Gunhead Defense Laser
  204. Arkleys SoB and MaCragge 808's
  205. Wyatt does Adeptus Mechanicus
  206. my first tank project
  207. My new Battle company.
  208. Caelas' Inquisitorial Army
  209. Two Baneblade conversions - The Harvester and a ZergBlade (Pic Hvy)
  210. New Regimeian 1st: Rag tag guard, renegade Sob, Space marine mercs and more
  211. Crimson Fists
  212. 317th Urban Assualt Force
  213. Imperial Paladins
  214. Martyrs of Erebus (marines)
  215. Novamarines: A new start
  216. Unc's Demon Hunters (True Scale)
  217. The Anvil - Danger! Treadhead!
  218. Ultramarine Warhound Titan
  219. Anatolis projects
  220. 172nd Vardian are called to war Pic heavy
  221. Eater's Aeronautica Imperialis Log
  222. Razor Back transport - More customisable than you think
  223. Live By The Grav-chute.. And Die With It Still Strapped To Your Back. [Elysian]
  224. Imperial Guard heavy infantry
  225. Baneblade Company
  226. Ultramarines Force (WIP) (Pics)
  227. Stormtrooper prepares for Apocalypse
  228. Baneblade from WWI Mk. IV
  229. Blog of my Sisters of Battle Comission Army
  230. immortalis ferrum regina- Blood_red_sandman's project log
  231. Fighting 450th Steel Legion Log
  232. IG conversion Start
  233. BoM Starter Box Set: A WiP log
  234. The Clockwork Bear Workshop
  235. 7th DKOK - a very slow painting log
  236. Inquisitor Lord Oberon Tsarks' Witch Hunters
  237. Apocalypse Adeptus Mechanicus
  238. Vietnam Guard army
  239. Starting Sisters of Battle
  240. In the Company of Angels
  241. Order of Our Hallowed Lily
  242. an entire guard battallion!
  243. The Brothers of the Lion prepare for battle...
  244. Big Luke's little log. Tallarn combat patrol.
  245. Gawk at the feebleness of my painting!
  246. Dark Apostle's specialist log!(mostly necromunda, some AI)
  247. IG LOG: 16th Regiment Adelie Rifles 3rd Company
  248. Wman's Death Korps of Krieg
  249. 3rd Vendoland Imperial Guard
  250. 'Blood Angels' 2nd Company - A project log