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  1. Creating IG xeno Mounts - Kashann Outriders?
  2. Doghouse's Last Chancers
  3. I love my Sisters
  4. bits of 40k too small to keep (mainly epic+some 40k)
  5. The Inquisition (What a Show...)
  6. Vostroyan Firstborn 24th Armoured
  7. So the Eagle Keens (Imperial guard Log/ Whatever I am working on!)
  8. Building a Crashed Reaver Titan head for objective marker.
  9. ARGH! The yellow! It burnses!
  10. The Beginnings of an army!
  11. Space Marine Blog - The Brotherhood of Kalmah
  12. Demonhunters, (truescale)
  13. Nobody Expects the Exeter Inquisition!
  14. Tempestas Ferrum - God Machine - Warlord Project Log
  15. space marines custom chapter
  16. "Desert Korps" the 119th DKoK panzer regiment
  17. Tank Details
  18. Legion of the Damned WIP
  19. Space wolf terminators with MkII Land Raider
  20. Space marine chapter : the sons of Vulcain
  21. alexh's Imperial Fists
  22. Mimi's Project Log
  23. Mac's SoB Project Log
  24. Norwegian Scout Titan WIP
  25. Usiel's Predator Annihilator
  26. Doctor Does Inquisition, come see : D
  27. painting a friends guard army, a lesson in tollerance
  28. 23rd Elysian company - reformed
  29. Mandragola's Witch Hunters
  30. Camouflage Ogres !!!
  31. 40k Scale Warlock Titan!
  32. An Epic Adventure
  33. Sarlock's Painting Blog
  34. Death Korps Of Krieg
  35. My first attempt to sculpt a Commissar(WIP)-pics comming soon
  36. Imperial Propaganda, Posters and Signs
  37. Lack0f Does (something Different) True Scale MK2 Stuff
  38. truescale blood angel
  39. Wulf's Ordo Hereticus Log
  40. Ace's IG Project Log- 505th Drop Troop Regiment
  41. Ace jumps the bandwagon- Truescale Marine
  42. Salamanders Rekindled
  43. Even In Death I Still Paint (A Dark Angel Project Log)
  44. New leman russ
  45. Inquisitor Damian, and his loyal army!
  46. Maynard's Inquisition Project
  47. From the rock
  48. Imperial Guard - An Edifying Pictorial of Progress
  49. My first Project log - IG armoured company
  50. Cuska's Scratch built Thunderbolt Fighter
  51. Bjorn the Fell-Handed
  52. Kurisu313's project log True scale marines, latd and a knight baron
  53. Gunners' Krieg
  54. BigEaZyE's Imperial cityfighters
  55. IG Ogryns (renegade / Chaos)
  56. The Descent into Madness, Radical Daemonhunters
  57. Burnthem attempts Storm Ghosts Space Marines....
  58. Kapathian Royal Guard
  59. Jimbobjeffs log of vostroyan logitude
  60. Thracian 5th
  61. Horus TheWarmater sculpt - almost complete
  62. UK GT Project - Swordwing
  63. McBain's old style Space Wolves
  64. Necromunda redemptionists
  65. Super heavy army group
  66. 40K 'Storm Eagle' Super heavy Drop ship/transporter
  67. Nexus' SLog
  68. Triszin's (Space Marine log, custom chapter)
  69. An Hermit Log. Part1: Forces of the Imperium PICS HEAVY!
  70. Scy's 2,000pt Howling Moons/Wolves
  71. Zealot's Adeptus Mechanicus
  72. Converting Orges into Ogryns.
  73. =I= Mott's Inquisitor Log!
  74. Weaver's Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Force
  75. The Start of Something Big(Imperial guard)
  76. Another True Scale Bandwagoner! By Chappy P!
  77. Epic Vostroyans. Now with added hats
  78. WIP Wolf class warhound
  79. Wolf Lord on Chopper
  80. "Dont wake the sleeping bear..."
  81. Nicola's Space Wolves
  82. Blue Harvest
  83. the Ochre Oracles
  84. CELS' Battlefleet Gothic log
  85. Right, lets try this again...
  86. ... no walk in the park - titanproject #2
  87. Praetorian Guard Blog
  88. Dark angels successor chapter
  89. sartarius' ravenwing
  90. Drogmir's Ultramarine 2nd Company
  91. Drakons - Sons of Fenris
  92. "Grav-chute check! Go!" - Elysian Project Log
  93. Shadow Falls Black Knights 2nd Company 'Spartans'
  94. A Ducks Project Log (IG)
  95. 13th company-fear the Lycanthrope
  96. "Sons of Odin"
  97. Deliverance From Above, To Glory Below - a leap of faith with the Harakoni 43rd
  98. 1st airborne division red hawk.
  99. Duffy's Deathwing! Surprisingly, a log of me painting Deathiwng!
  100. Brethren of the Broken Sword
  101. Allegian Imperial Guard! An attempt at self control!
  102. Ordo Xenos
  103. Deathwatch a UKGT log
  104. My Reaver, the FW one!!!
  105. [Epic] Guard Camoe Scheme
  106. Czevak's Deathwing Blog
  107. Red`s Goin` Stompin`
  108. Project log: Ultramarines by real youngbloods
  109. First attempt at true-scaling
  110. Crimson Fists Pre-Rynn's World
  111. IF & Cadian infantry - long term project log
  112. Building a Thunderhawk Gunship
  113. Scratch Built Minelayer Project
  114. Seraphim Squad w/ inferno pistol & flamer
  115. Sands of Deceit (An Inquisition and Black Templars log)
  116. Scratchbuilt Revenant Titan (no toothbrushes required!)
  117. 24 Days Till'...
  118. Swifty2's Imperial Fists
  119. Space Wolves, IG, Titan, Black Templars etc..too much going on at once!
  120. Snowy City Imperial Guard
  121. Mr. Shine Getting Busy!
  122. Dominatrix SoB project log
  123. Ultramarines 4th Company project log
  124. 900 points of gothic death from above scratchbuilt Thunderhawk
  125. 5th Edition Imperial Fist 1st [Heavy Siege] Company
  126. My DKoK
  127. Bob Hunk vs. The Deathwing
  128. Forgeworld Antonius, God machines on demand.
  129. FW Goodies - A Cadian Log by Dictator (now with Macharius Vanquisher)
  130. Legio Aegis auxilia by Marqo
  131. Shirow Masamune Inspired Guard
  132. Wafflez Created BT Successor Chapter
  133. The Black Widows Female Space Marines
  134. Priory Angels 5th Company
  135. Sisters of our Martyred Lord
  136. Imperial Fists expeditionary force and advance recon force.
  137. Shiznaft's Blood Ravens and Soul Drinkers Project Log
  138. ''CORE'' SPACEMARINES MEGA FORCE(apocalypse size).
  139. Going up to true 'true scale' full scale log
  140. Wilsonian's Imperial Guard
  141. (Harakoni Warhawk?) Drop Troopers
  142. Steel Legion project.
  143. Logius Imperialis
  144. BLARGAG's Imperial plog
  145. Priory Angels 6th Company
  146. Fay_Redd and the Raven Guard
  147. 40k Grey Knight Titan "glorior Fides"
  149. The Emperor'S Paladins Blog
  150. Inquisitorial Cell
  151. Two's Companies!
  152. Astetics question for my Emperator titan
  153. 'Scourge of Xenos' - The deeds of Captain Ardias and his 3rd Company
  154. wikear's SM army log
  155. Veritas Imperialis - Warlord Class Battle Titan for Apocalypse
  156. Burn the Heretics! (Sisters of Battle)
  157. Blizer's Space Marines
  158. Daemonhunters Project Log
  159. Imperial Lightning Fighter Assembly Help
  160. The Godjera Incursion
  161. Sisters of Battle Army
  162. The hand of the Emperor - A GK log
  163. FW Reaver #025 My Log
  164. Night of the smurfs
  165. Playwithbob's Painting log
  166. Maharajah's Inquisition Folly
  167. The Flaming Paintbrush Commission Log.
  168. Space Wolves
  169. Flesh Tearers [All jump pack flying circus]
  170. deathwing of chaos
  171. For the Khan
  172. Forge World Reaver Titan - A painting blog..I hope!
  173. Angel Wing
  174. Jeramy404's Imperial Guard Log
  175. Death Korps of Kreig Baneblade Scenic Diorama (WIP)
  176. imperial guard- a new start
  177. Dark Angels?
  178. Black Templars. thinking crusades
  179. FW Reaver Titan (no.35)
  180. An Imperial Guard plog, The 707th Hellmouth
  181. Golden Demon 2008
  182. Jacobite's TS White Ravens Space Marines
  183. From the forgeworld of vostroya
  184. AzIron does Black Templars
  185. Tallarn Death Worm/Devil Diorama.
  186. Spamus' Deathwing Log
  187. 152 Furian Rifles WIP .....
  188. Baneblade Tank Commander
  189. Scratchbuilt Ultramarine Thunderhawk Gunship very much P.I.P.
  190. pun3D Dark Angel Project Log.
  191. Loyalist's Commission PLOG
  192. The Games Vault Guard
  193. a n00b's log (Dark Angels, Necromunda, etc)
  194. Heavy Metal or a Klutzy way of painting Black Templars
  195. Formation of a new Death Korps Regiment. ( My first real 40k Army and First Log )
  196. Ultramarines Army!!!!
  197. Side Projects (while I wait for forgeworld delivery) Please Critique my work.
  198. Free Titan
  199. Gibbtall's Salamanders WIP
  200. really old (1st edition) predator
  201. The Eternal Struggle: Loyalist's Log of Paint, Plastic and Platitudes
  202. 173rd Cadian Guard - A Progressive Advancement of Guard
  203. Warhound`s Death Korps
  204. BFG - Messengers of Tzeentch
  205. Salamanders (WIP).
  206. A Fistfull of Fiefdoms - Kasrkin's 2nd Crusade!
  207. Red Scorpions of epic proportions...and scale,a commission log by Valo.
  208. Harkness Does Guard
  209. Mother of all Apocalyptic forces?!?
  210. The Vostroyan 68th "Devil Dogs"
  211. At the Gates of the Imperial Palace
  212. Finished Warhound Titan: Flesh scheme
  213. bertibop's drunken log of stuffs
  214. Captain Daris' Angels of Atonement
  215. 3rd Company of the Knights of Dracaena. A Truescale Marine Company!
  216. The Vostroyan 20th - Punctum Saliens
  217. The Fallen (WIP)
  218. Salamanders: Part one of one
  219. Into the Fires of Battle, Unto the Anvil of War!
  220. Blood Angels, 3rd Company
  221. My Cerulean Guard Space Marine Project Log
  222. First Log: Grey Knight Reaver Titan
  223. Real men wear big furry hats - Vostroyan
  224. Imperial Fists/Eldar Army Log
  225. Ultramarines Army (with pics)
  226. redyellowpinkgreen's project log!
  227. New Stormlord Imperial Tank (how To) Step By Step Build
  228. Flesh Tearers by Watcher
  229. My return to 40K. A Dark Angels Army.
  230. Space Marine Blog of Furry Doom
  231. The great space marine experiment
  232. A teeny log of Vostroyans
  233. StormHammer Super-Heavy
  234. CMDante scout squad diorama
  235. Inq Lord Shelton and his Ret WIP
  236. Red Scorpions Sternguard
  237. Custom Mars Patern Warhound Titan MKII
  238. "Order of the Garter" a sisters painting log by spam
  239. Red Scorpion side project
  240. Angels of Redemption
  241. Wolf Lord (may become Rune Priest) in Termi Armour
  242. Doctor Thunder's Black Widows Dread
  243. Tussky's long lasting log
  244. My little (ish) project log
  245. First Models for DIY Chapter "Death Reapers"
  246. My IG army, (first 40k army what do you think)
  247. Rev's 'mostly marines' Showcase
  248. Doublethink's Mechanicus
  249. What do you think of my Guard?
  250. to40kP - Space marines WiP thread