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  1. Ultrasmurfs blog
  2. I cast a Knight titan, what do you think?
  3. [[ Back to 40K... a Black Templars Log ]]
  4. Vargojones does dirty smurfs
  5. Deathwing ahoy!
  6. [W40K] 689. Krieg - Those Who Must Not Be Sold
  7. Loki73's Crimson Fists log
  8. Gavin's log of Salamanders and Miscellanea
  9. Under the Hood (a Black Templar WIP)
  10. = The 1st Dryuck Hive Dogs = IG Speed Paint
  11. Mr. Black's Sing-Along Blog, Now Minus the Sing. (Current Project: Chaos Tachikoma)
  12. Arbites
  13. Vostroyan Panzer Grenadiers - IG Revival
  14. Index Astartes Dark Angels
  15. Master Gideons Angry Angels....
  16. Lehr 130th Armoured and 143rd Heavy Infantry (or: Cadians with Panthers and the like)
  17. Desert themed marine test mini
  18. Eustis Majorus Planetary Defence Force
  19. 9th Haalvak Legion, Vaktathi's 2nd Mechanized Imperial Guard army.
  20. 23rd Lapphyttan 'Red Shirts'
  21. Zoat's Imperial Guard
  22. Zodiac's SM army (102nd Division)
  23. IG made from Wood Elf & Cadian parts
  24. Festablo's Cadian 131st Infantry Regiment log
  25. Yet Another Red Scorpions Thread
  26. WIP Lysander
  27. Urath's Dark Angels
  28. An IG log - 6th Pangean Independant Regiment
  29. Havokas's WIP Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy
  30. Havokas's WIP Death Korps and Imperial Navy
  31. Blz Bobs Build Bonnanza III Changing the Guard
  32. Leunams Thread of Balderdash, Shenanigans, and General Tomfoolery
  33. Witch Hunters Army
  34. ironsons. -BobPandas heavy support group
  35. Knights Of The Emperor
  36. Crimson fists Wip (slow)
  37. my Imperial Valkyrie
  38. A kingdom for the legs! (sniper scout)
  39. Elysian log hopeful- need help starting :D
  40. ArchAngels, 1st Company, by Coltaine
  41. the_yuk Finally starts an Army (dark Angels)
  42. IG Combine kill team
  43. Hemogoblin does Cadian airborne.
  44. Vuvaxian 4th City Guard
  45. 6th Ko. 163rd Panzer-Grenadiers w/Air Support
  46. Arkaedin's log of all things purple (and grey!)
  47. It doesnt have a name, jim...
  48. Black Templars, Lots of pics!
  49. Halo Warriors (DIY SM) Plog
  50. Salamanders modelling and painting project log
  51. Precinct Omega paints Titans (formerly Three Titans in two months)
  52. Avernus Maxima - Scratchbuilt Mars Pattern Warhound Titan
  53. Scorpion Clan
  54. Guard and Scouts!
  55. Sisters of Battle Tournament challenge
  56. Tiberian 2nd Panzerregiment: IG Armoured Company Log
  57. Help needed magnetising a Warhound titan
  58. Okay....might be out of my depth here....
  59. The 8th Co. 'Hornets'
  60. Space Wolf Army
  61. Anvilbrow's Imperial Conquistadors
  62. Deathwing commission WIP
  63. Index Astartes Space Wolves
  64. Sons Of Orar project log.
  65. Wolf Time
  66. The Glorious 83rd Death Korps of Krieg
  67. Rogue Trader private army: Dick Grabber and the Minotaur
  68. Man At Work!.............Tanks!
  69. +++The Survivors of Circe+++ [a BFG log]
  70. Broodan's Relictor Space Marine's
  71. Black Templars "Eternal Crusader" Battlebarge (CG 3D project)
  72. Yet another Sapcewolf blog ;)
  73. A Tale of Two Rivals
  74. Guard Regiment... not sure about the colors ;)
  75. 54mm Tech Magos - Another Commission Plog from Precinct Omega
  76. “Sonderheeresgruppe Rammbock” - Krieg Tank Division
  77. My WIP Guard
  78. Revamping the Blood Angels
  79. The Beaver Log, A Space Beavers Painting Log
  80. Sculpting Adepta Sororitas
  81. Ordo Malleus =I=
  82. For Valhalla!!! An imperial guard valhallan army
  83. PMT's Dragonsons
  84. marvelous drunk (wolf wolf bandwagon)
  85. TWTs new IG project log
  86. for FREEEDOOOOOM and the emperor...
  87. Cry of the Jackals
  88. Ithmaril's Star Phantoms, BoLS Badab War scheme
  89. Thunderwolf Calvary Comission Sculpts
  90. Scratch-built Necromunda "not a bounty hunter".
  91. Project Dorn's Fury
  92. 15 going on 16 an OJ log!
  93. Sallies don't make me beardy do they?
  94. Kadavergehorsam Mechanikus! (AdMech Panzers)
  95. XI Legion: The Shadow Panthers
  96. Redemption is coming! Angels of Redemption project log
  97. Adeptus Arbites
  98. Starks' Desert Scorpions and Desert Table
  99. WIP Deathwing
  100. Sheepsters Imperial Guard blog
  101. WIP negima marines
  102. Verbannt Death Korps: 10th Siege Regiment
  103. Grey Knight log
  104. Jobawicks Grey Knight Log
  105. Halcyon's Imperial Guard
  106. Blood Angels
  107. Operation Valyrie (Tom Cruise free zone)
  108. For Russ and the Emperor! Corrode does Space Wolves
  109. Something MASSIVE is approaching...
  110. StraightSilver's Macragge PDF (pics soon)
  111. My Imperial Guard army (all WIP)
  112. Space Wolf army (with scenic base and other cool stuff)
  113. The Army of the Last Stand
  114. The Fedian 501st
  115. Crimson Fists motor pool
  116. Another thread about....... Space Wolves
  117. WhiteOwl's Log
  118. A secret project of madness
  119. 'The Sky Warriors of Fenris...' - A Space Wolves Log.
  120. Space Wolves (maybe mostly Wolf Guard Terminators)
  121. Scratchbuilt Gorgon
  122. My attempt at a Thunderwolf Cavalryman....
  123. My attempt at a Thunderwolf cavalryman...
  124. Blood Angel banners
  125. Kobrakai's Iron Lords 5th Company Project Log
  126. The Imperial Radon V (WIP)
  127. M.E.R.C.S. - IG project log
  128. Adeptus Mechinicus Skitarii
  129. Rhino Mk II conversion to Mk. I Prehersey w/ template
  130. Zealot's Adeptus Mechanicus
  131. Korkki's Ultramarine Log...!
  132. Eagle Warriors Orbital Drop Specialists
  133. Back to Space Wolves!
  134. Courage & Honor - ULTRAMARINES
  135. Crimson Vengance's Crimson Fists
  136. The Birth of my Space Marine Army
  137. Full Blood Angels 2nd Company by ilikebmxbikes
  138. The Tahnelian 42nd
  139. the titus crusade, ave imperator.
  140. B:s BA remake
  141. Eisenhorn does Modern Imperial Guard
  142. Advice needed on choosing a space marine chapter.
  143. Bloodbane legion 32nd company
  144. 42nd Brigade and 29th Panzer Detachment
  145. Angels of Redemption 4th Company Log
  146. Space Puppies
  147. Mechanized Red Marines
  148. Don't Tread on Me: Tank Tracks for Super-heavies and War Machines
  149. My first 40k units ever: Starting a Blood Drinkers army
  150. Black Templar with a medieval touch
  151. Pariah's Guard
  152. Death Korps 11th Assault Korps
  153. Hell on Dinosaurs - Space Marine Log
  154. The Mighty 23rd Jakran Regiment! ->Project Blog<-
  155. Inquisitorial Gaurd (lots of pics)
  156. Havokas the Imperial Painter - WIP Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Death Korps
  157. A paper craft Warhound Titan in a day
  158. Blood Angel bobblehead sculpt for Charity.
  159. Howling Griffon drop pods
  160. Scratchbuild Thunderbolt and Inquisition mates
  161. IG Stormtrooper
  162. Mentor Legion Space Marines
  163. Black Templars A.K.A Grey Templars army in a week!
  164. 307th Cadian: The Sidewinders
  165. Punkfish's BA 5th Company
  166. My thunderwolf cavalry
  167. (Another) Space Hulk Log
  168. Painted Throne of Judgment
  169. +++ Adeptus Astarte - XI Legio - Shadow Hawks +++
  170. Illya's Log - Valhallan 5th Regiment "The Browncoats"
  171. A Space Wolf log
  172. Space Wolves Project Log
  173. Mk II Angel Pattern Power Armour
  174. Cartellian 3rd - An Imperial Guard Project Blog
  175. The Inquisition of Gaius Pax.
  176. Legio XVI - Sons of Horus
  177. Blood Angels wip
  178. 1st Panzerkrieg Division, "Das Gewitter"
  179. Paint a 1750pt army in 11 days?
  180. improved scouts - for Crimson fists (and maybe later space wolves)
  181. Iron Dragons
  182. Sanguinius
  183. Lamenter for Life's Project Log
  184. Bigbot's Salamanders of doom! (+2)
  185. The tale of two hobbyists; 40k & Necromunda
  186. Simply Raven guard
  187. 'Reaver Titan Inbound'
  188. The middlefinger of Cadia
  189. space wolves FOR RUSS !!
  190. Age of the Emperor - The First Legion'
  191. Titan136's obsession with power armor
  192. Anodyr's Imperial Miscellany
  193. Vinctorus aut Mortis!
  194. Precinct Omega - Red Scorpions commission
  195. Maidens of the Hunt (Witchhunters)
  196. The General does more guard.
  197. Back to the Hobby : mostly Ultramarines
  198. A rarely updatet log from a lazy dane
  199. Index Astartes Log
  200. Witch Hunter WIP, Starting with a Sister Repentia
  201. Themed Sisters
  202. A Tale of Two Gamers - Deathwing and Salamanders
  203. thewizard99's Death Korps Of Kreig Project Log.
  204. The 26th Harakoni "Death Hawks" Regiment
  205. Arsenal's Blood Angels
  206. 7th Panzer Division - The Ghost Division
  207. Index Astartes: Lycanthropes
  208. Krieg 60th Assault Korps
  209. 19th Elysian Drop Troop Regiment
  210. My take on the Reaver
  211. 1st Home Guard
  212. What Norsehawk has been painting lately (Imperial)
  213. The 5th Company - Dark Angels
  214. Royal Guard
  215. Lysander WIP
  216. "In Cog we Trust": An Iron Hands log
  217. my -jet- unnamed urban space marines!
  218. <insert name here> space marines chapter
  219. Covering Fire (hopefully) does some painting (Salamanders, Word Bearers, Alaitoc)
  220. 308th Armoured Infantry Regiment (DKK)
  221. Kardon's Space Wolf puppy plogg
  222. ~Astral Claws Chapter strike force!~
  223. Krieg Log, First painting done in years
  224. Imperial Fists 5th Company: Painting Yellow! [Pic Heavy]
  225. Hawke's: BFG- Big and small.... (help needed)
  226. Petay's True Scale Marine Project
  227. Dark Angels and more
  228. WIP FW Warhound Titans x three
  229. XI Death Korps
  230. Gejb's Ultramarines 3d company
  231. Dannage's Imperial Forgeworld!
  232. Protectors of Avalon (Grey Knights and Sisters of Battle)
  233. Space Marine shoulder pad decals.
  234. Mordian 766th by Maynard
  235. Dark Wardens (Space Marine WIP)
  236. The Messenger's Painting Log
  237. Orange Cadians
  238. The Good Doctor Revives his Sallies
  239. My Imperial Guard Projekt Log (Elysian Drop Troops and Death Korps)
  240. Guardians Of Asagård
  241. Repent, sinners! Order of the Burning Beacon incoming!
  242. The Project Log of a Lonely Lieutenant
  243. Another space wolves thread!
  244. Lexxian IX "Sawtooths"
  245. Oh look, another Space Wolves army!
  246. Painting a Black Templar Army, suggestions and advice welcome!
  247. Mars Attacks: A Newbie's Adeptus Mechanicus Army Project
  248. Rise of the Iron Brothers!
  249. Inquisitors guard
  250. The Road to 'Ard Boyz 2010 - A Salamanders Log