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  1. Either a Large Red Terror or a small Trygon
  2. 2 guys, 2 days, 2 superheavies...
  3. Warbuggies from Trukks and converted Black Knights
  4. Sheck2s Scratchbuilt Trygon
  5. Craftworld Semphi'rahl: 11,000 Point Eldar Apoclaypse Army...
  6. Eldar army all done.(loads of pics)
  7. [WIP] Tau Sniper Drone Team Spotters
  8. my orks painting log
  9. Eldar Warp Serpert Conversion
  10. Da Boyz Down 'Unda or Orkamunda
  11. Dakka Boyz (return to planet Gorka Morka)
  12. Waargh Gogwort by Lord Blood the Hungry
  13. "Truescale" Necrons
  14. start of my bad moon army
  15. wildy has a bad case of the squats!
  16. The UKGT Run-up Log
  17. Orks and Chaos and Whatever Else
  18. Tyranid Cthulhu Hive Tyrant project
  19. Aini's Eldar Army
  20. Eldar Army Almost Done - Need Misc Advice
  21. Rickie8437,massive eldar project log
  22. Leogeckos Eldar Log
  23. Speed Freakz
  24. Eldar revenant titan scratch build. 95% rdy
  25. Norn Queen!
  26. krootman GOES VROOMMMM!!! (speed freaks blog)
  27. 4,000 points of tyranids.
  28. Necrons
  29. Third Sphear Crusade
  30. Da Aporkalypse
  31. Eldar
  32. My eldar farseer
  33. Epic Dark Eldar
  34. Actual Scale Tau Battle Suit
  35. [W40K-ORK] KoS
  36. They came from below! - A tyranid log
  37. Honorius' Dark Eldar
  38. Reaperofsouls finally paints his tyranids (possibly featuring some eldar asweel)
  39. Legacy40k's Tau Prototype Army Painting Log
  40. 1000pts of Tyranids...Deadline...27th June!
  41. Hive fleet Behemoth. Commisioned for my brother
  42. Sculpting Trygon
  43. Necron Conversions
  44. A Log Of My Attention Span (Tau)
  45. oh no i did it...squats
  46. Ager's Eldar (If only everything rhymed)
  47. Orc mortar carrier (fluff)
  48. [Orks!] The CC Deff Dred Thred
  49. Harlequins in the mist
  50. Necron Wraith Lord
  51. Grand Duke's Green Tide (Try saying that five times quickly)
  52. Kaptin' Goldklaws Bad Moon Orksies!
  53. Da Kult uv da Musheen (an' uver gubbinz)
  54. fengors eldar warforge
  55. A Wee Waaagh
  56. JeyBee's First Log of his First Army; Tyranids
  57. Da Mek Shop!
  58. A meks dream (orks)
  59. synapse does eldar (no, no you rude people. not like THAT!)
  60. We'll Make It Orky
  61. Beginning of a Bloo Waagh!
  62. MrGiggles Paints Orks
  63. My sculpting thread (all lesser-xenos)
  64. Farseer Jetbike WIP
  65. Hive Fleet Echidna, a mythological army.
  66. Eldar log (Summer is coming!)
  67. Dark Eldar Redux
  68. Ork Dred Mob: Kans, Dreds & Stompas, Oh MY!
  69. BigEaZyE gets distracted again (Eldar)((some))[One]
  70. My growing Eldar army
  71. Long Live the Brood! - Stealer' Cult Resurrected
  72. Cityfight/Gritty Tau {40k}
  73. Need to finish my Tyranid army!!
  74. Hive Fleet Kraken
  75. Dustin's Latest and Greatest Project Log! Now With More Greater Good!
  76. Mikari's Genestealer cult [To40KP]
  77. The first expansion (Tau project log)
  78. Tau army (a long way to......)
  79. Tyranid splinter fleet, desert themed
  80. eldar wraithlord - for fun, for a challenge, for sale
  81. Orks of the Brass Ballz Klan
  82. Rabid Stoat's Iyanden Eldar saga.
  83. The boss 'as been finkin'
  84. To40kP - Orks WiP thread
  85. Scrathbuilt Revenant, a stolen idea...
  86. The Lord Mayors (Mostly) Gribbly Log of 40k horror
  87. To40kP- Tyranids WIP Thread
  88. Necrons.... OF DOOM!!! (o.O)
  89. Mono-lit-th
  90. Tyranid infestation, querry
  91. New Saim Hann Army
  92. A Challenge I Hear, 60k of Tau I'll Have A Go
  93. Hive Fleet Orion... and just some of my other stuff!
  94. Girrbad Speedkillaz WAAAGH!!!
  95. Waaagh! Wazzadakka - A 40k Bad Moon Blog
  96. Garthuk Mekrukk - The Abandoned's Orky Project Log!
  97. [WIP] Tau Skimmers
  98. O'Kosvah Hunter cadre, Tau army (pics)
  99. Ork Scorcha
  100. Fully magnetic Tau
  101. Wazdakka Gutsmek WIP
  102. DIY ork stompa made out of a milk carton
  103. Tau Piranha and Crisis Suits
  104. Da 'Uge Soggin' Stompa Orkerprise
  105. Eldar Scorpian (subtraction method.
  106. WAAAGH! Orks, the project log
  107. Get those Orks Painted!
  108. DSS Paints Til He Dies - Painting Log, attempt number 3
  109. Dark Eldar by Your own Lord Khaine
  110. blasta bomma
  111. Gangsta Orks
  112. Altansar Eldar (as they should be)
  113. Raising the Waaaghflag (TO40KP WIP)
  114. The green tide
  115. 9000pts of Apocalypse Tyranids
  116. eldar fire prism Turret
  117. Converted Eldar Jetbike into Autarch
  118. Hive Fleet Ickerus
  119. Eldar Conversions
  120. [40k Orks] 'Eadsmacks Ladz - We'll zoggin' 'ave 'em!
  121. 92acclude's 2nd Edition in 5th Ork Army
  122. Hortwerth does Tyranids!
  123. Female Tau Army
  124. Orks for World in Arms
  125. Showcase: Hive Fleet Locust
  126. The unite nations the Tau way(5 races in 1k)
  127. Eldar Corsairs and Exodites
  128. Warboss gorkilla wip and his goff boyz
  129. Orks! And other Goodies!
  130. Da Orks iz bak!
  131. All Things Bright and Orkiful!
  132. Da blue boyz ( Ork Deathskulls Plog)
  133. Project Demiurg/Squats
  134. EPIC Deathskull Lootas go purple!
  135. forget dark and light sides Despoiler goes to the gribbly side....
  136. Orky horde
  137. Tau fleet Custom (yep someone try)
  138. My Rusty Mega-Nob
  139. A little Slice of Ork Goodness
  140. Red Jack's (sukigod) Waaagh! Log
  141. Project: Big Mek Ork Stompa for 40K
  142. Dont call them Space Commies...cuz theyre green
  143. Bits and Bobs (New: Converted Tomb Spyders)
  144. 1750 - Mont'au Mechanized Ready For Chicago
  145. Crozzface ork Pirates log.
  146. TDR's Greenskin Horde
  147. Goff Rocker Ork "Led Zepplin" Army Blog (with an actual Zepplin)
  148. Big Mek with KKF
  149. Tundra Orks
  150. Name My Deff Skullz Boss!
  151. 'ere We Go!!!
  152. Da mek shop!
  153. Tyranid Reclaimation Pool
  154. Display scale Eldar Striking Scorpion - WIP
  155. Ork Snakebite's
  156. Bad Moon Rising
  157. My first plog: Hive Fleet Goliath
  158. "Your doing what to Tyranids?"
  159. old meets new meets scratch- Eldar blog
  160. Their number is legion: Necron project log
  161. Space Ork log by DoTD
  162. Waaagh Skarbash! Ork Campaign Army
  163. Tau Third Sphere Reclaimation Force
  164. Da Big Tentacley Fing
  165. Kau'ui J'kaara'Eldi(Hunter Cadre Mirrorwing)
  166. Gibbtall's odds and ends
  167. Eldar FarSeer Reboot
  168. Mad Mek Magspanna's Mekanikul Monsta's Mob!
  169. Choppa, The Midnight Ork
  170. omgitsduane's WIP blog!
  171. help creating squats
  172. Project: Eldar Table
  173. Their number is legion : Necron project thread
  174. Epic Bad Moonz
  175. Yuriels Ghosts
  176. My Mk2 Ork force (Blood Axe)
  177. AOBR Warboss (WIP)
  178. Green_Ranger Starts Da Orks
  179. Black Reach Warboss seeks bike. Must be big, loads of dakka, GSOH.
  180. Gold challenge - Necron Army box set ASAP
  181. Flying Scrapheap from hell!
  182. TheUserAreReal's Dark Eldar Painting Log
  183. Necrons for Dummies
  184. Eater Jumps on the Looted Bandwagon
  185. Ashen-Shurgar's First Post- Eldar Army
  186. Tyranid Something-Thrope
  187. Muffe is trying to do Orks!!!
  188. Hive Fleet Murinus
  189. my AoBR kult of speed army!
  190. Dave's showcase o' doom!
  191. Storm boy Warboss, a "flying hulk"
  192. Warriors from the Scrapyard - Diggas?
  193. Orky Advice
  194. The Kuraan (Ongoing Army)
  195. For the Greater Good - A Tau Log
  196. Mad Maks Waagh!
  197. Say hello to Bad Moonz
  198. Caught up in the green tide
  199. dark squats
  200. Ulthwe/Exodite Warhost
  201. Reconditioning the Webway - Eldar get a makeover
  202. Greenstuff Trygon and Emergence Hole
  203. And Tau For Something Diffrent
  204. Epic 40k Enslaver Plague
  205. Orkses from the Big Meks shop of fixing...stuff
  206. Stomp II: Da Comin 'o Da Deff Skullz
  207. The Dude's Orks
  208. More Orks for the Waaagh!
  209. Grot Guard
  210. Squiggoth and Gragantuan Squiggoth Project Log
  211. Orky Slaughterhouse
  212. Triplo Concentrato Stompa Action!
  213. 100% Custom Harlequin Jetbike Army
  214. The agonizingly slow creep of Waaagh! Slugface the slow
  215. Tyranid Threat Behemoth
  216. Painting my Orks in 6 days...
  217. The Tyranid Tortoises Attack !!!
  218. da Badlandz Deff Ramz
  219. Eldar weapon battery
  220. Taking the Plunge....into *ORKS*
  221. Eldar Jetbikes
  222. Project Heirodule: The Painting Commission Blog
  223. Fire Harte's Ork Log
  224. Tau Broadside conversion (now includes Kroot Pathfinders)
  225. WAAAGH!!! Festwazza
  226. Sunny enters the real world...the plog!
  227. MrGiggles Paints a Dreadnought
  228. Millers Necron Army | US GT | UK GT
  229. Painting Greenskins Skin Green...
  230. Wazdakke Guzmek Conversion
  231. The Great Host of Saim-hann
  232. DonUlfo's Green Wave
  233. Waaagh!!!! (Title says all)
  234. 1500 point Necron Army for Club league
  235. Tau Forge World Tiger Shark AX-1-0
  236. Eldar Terrain: Crashed Ship
  237. Purple and Spiky - A Dark Eldar project log
  238. A Necron log by Ark
  239. Yamacon's New Ork Army =]
  240. Back after 3 years.... but need some help!
  241. Warguppy's Death Skull Klan!
  242. Tau project log w/ some cadians
  243. My attempt to make Exceptional Necrons
  244. Ork "Genestealer Kult"
  245. Oi! Mind yer gubbinz, 'ere comes da Deffskullz!
  246. Ork Army for Apocalypse
  247. Here come the Boyz!
  248. Hive Fleet Tyranus
  249. Bloo Funda-An Ork log
  250. razormasticator's everything xenos thread: Nids, Tau & Eldar Oh My!