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  1. Houseruled 8th march movement
  2. 8th Edition High Elves
  3. Possible BA Apocalypse Data Sheet: Rage of the Primarch
  4. Making a better skimmer
  5. Ravener Prime
  6. Codex: Chaos Cults
  7. Warhammer Armies Dwarfs (Player Edition)
  8. Tau Outriders - Home Made Unit Rules Help!
  9. Tactical Squad
  10. Dark Angels Codex - Version II
  11. Command Rough Rider Squad
  12. System design, kings of war and zombie nazis oh my!
  13. Tyranids: making everyone happy
  14. New Imperial Guard Advisor - Regimental Musician
  15. 8th Edition Terrain Generator
  16. Cost Questions for Custom Units
  17. Imperial Guard Land Speeder
  18. Codex: Lost and the Damned WIP (fan-made) - Feedback is most welcome
  19. Idea for SBG house rule
  20. Warhammer 24K
  21. Dragon Variety
  22. Swarms in 40K
  23. Codex: Ordo Tempastas (name may change)
  24. CSM Apocalypse Datasheets: Legion formations
  25. Primarchs and Legion Datasheets
  26. New army book for wfb
  27. Iron Warriors Codex by thebaz
  28. Apoc Datasheet: Tank Company w/ Commanders
  29. Warhammer Armies - Norse (full, fan-made army book)
  30. Deamons of Chaos "modification"
  31. Design a Legendary Formation for WFB
  32. Alternate FOC Idea
  33. Large Vehicle Rules for Warhammer
  34. WHFB - Updated Daemon Lore of Tzeentch
  35. Chaplain Character - Essentially Ortan Cassius Altered.
  36. Mighty Empires Campaign help needed
  37. The Mercenary's Project
  38. King Pha - is this balanced?
  39. Space Marine Fandex
  40. New Wardancer Stats - Your Thoughts?
  41. New Magic Phase
  42. Cult of Nurgle! Army idea I want to try
  43. Black Legion/Chaos Marine Fandex
  44. Fanbrew High Elf Special Character
  45. Chaos Cult Dedications - An Unofficial Codex: CSM Addon
  46. Would you fight this in Apoc?
  47. Tau Empire Fandex
  48. Anyone interested in helping me write a brand new sci fi skirmish game?
  49. Skaven special character help?
  50. CSM Squad Special Rules For LATD Armies
  51. Wood Elves: Fandex Required
  52. Reworking Force Weapons
  53. Iron Warriors Fandex
  54. Chaos Psychic power suggestion
  55. Storm Them! Imperial Guard Elite
  56. My Codex Necrons attempt
  57. Definitive Ragnarok Rules
  58. WHFB campaing rules development
  59. Warhammer 8th modified army composition rules
  60. New AP rules
  61. Warhammer Armies: Dark Hordes of Nagashizzar
  62. Stuck on Eldar Assault ... the Fix is in ...
  63. Daemons of Chaos Balance Patch (7th ed)
  64. Chaos Space Marine fandex
  65. Time of Sigmar
  66. Death Korps Grenadiers: Ways to Improve Them?
  67. 8th edition Chaos Dwarfs Errata (Ravening Hordes)
  68. Creating an entirely new race, need help!
  69. Warhammer Armies - Estalia (not quite a full army book yet)
  70. Different rules for initiative (WFB/40K)
  71. My Chaos Space Marines ideas
  72. Chaos Daemons fan-dex: Army wide Special rules
  73. (Yet Another) Dark Eldar Redux
  74. Eldar Fandex by Son of Sanguinius
  75. Squats/Demiurg - Want to use them in a game? Try this!
  76. Daemonworld: 40k Skirmish Game
  77. Warhammer Armies - Norse (8th Edition)
  78. Maiden World: *another* 40k skirmish game!
  79. Harlequins
  80. Yet Another 40K Skirmish Game- Ad-Mech
  81. Custom Space Marine Codex
  82. 40K Rule Tweak Proposal: Wound Allocation
  83. Help Price custom characters!
  84. Phoenix Lords
  85. Warcraft Fantasy Battle: A Long Look Into The Abyss
  86. It's all in the Special Rules: Necrons
  87. Price cost for home made Lizardmen Character
  88. Turn Sequence
  89. Cultists and Marks for Chaos Marines.
  90. Aspect warrior themed Chaos Dwarfs?
  91. Ultra-Simplistic Skirmishing - Playtesters Wanted
  92. Converting 40k to Infinity rules
  93. Chaos Space Marine fandex by Son of Sanguinius
  94. I_D Beats a Dead Horse: CSM
  95. Traitor Legions
  96. Developing the Navy. (40k Scale)
  97. Rise to Brotherhood- Another 40k Skirmish Game
  98. Small Tweak to WHFB Magic
  99. New army (another one)
  100. WH skirmish game
  101. Alternative Takes on Existing WHFB Armies?
  102. WHFB - Weather
  103. Fixing the Magic Phase
  104. Extensive 8th ed house rules
  105. House Rule Proposal: improved assault through cover
  106. Raven guard Chapter Master Ideas
  107. Raven guard Chapter Master Ideas
  108. Raven guard Chapter Master Ideas
  109. Warhammer Armies: High Elves of Ulthuan
  110. Iron Warriors Character
  111. Codex: Eldar
  112. WH40K Codex: Black Templars
  113. It's all in the Special Rules: Eldar
  114. [WHFB] Making magic work in big games
  115. Tweaking Tomb Kings
  116. Drawbacks for chaos armies?
  117. 40K rules tweak: Simultaneous Turn Sequence
  118. my take at 40k
  119. WH40K speed rules?
  120. Stat and Rule Cost
  121. Pushing around ideas for Codex: Radicals
  122. Codex Crusades
  123. Fandex: Word Bearers
  124. Codex Iron Hands our version
  125. Daemon Demigod (WFB) - Point cost & input?
  126. red orcs
  127. personal Dark eldar army list
  128. Space marines fluff/rules
  129. Intergrating BFG into 40K?
  130. Master of "The Tainted"
  131. new special characters
  132. Steadfast - what can be done?
  133. Warhamer Armies: Dogs of War version 4.0 out now!
  134. Wood Elf ideas
  135. Thoughts for Daemonhunter special rules and wargear
  136. Would this help balance HEs?
  137. Fury of the Savannah - Warhammer Armies: Gnolls
  138. Scaling magic
  139. Warbands (8th ed skirmish battles)
  140. Alternative rules for cover in 40k.
  141. Fandex Wood Elves
  142. Unofficial Lizardmen Special Characters
  143. Fixed-Mordheim
  144. SeaSwift's Tau Empire Codex
  145. Custom Special Character: Zorburg Groinsplitter
  146. Custom Special Cha
  147. Big Squig's 40K Re-write.
  148. Space Marine in Fantasy
  149. Codex:Chimera (from resistance)
  150. Rules for a long-term campaign
  151. Chaos Harbinger rules?
  152. Apocalypse Redesigned - Rikal IV revisted
  153. The Codex Project
  154. Thinking about optional extra rules: formations
  155. Datasheet: The Emperor of Mankind
  156. Kelderaith's version of what Tyranid should have been like
  157. Eldar; WD 127; Menshad Korum
  158. Help with racial special rules for a campaign.
  159. the return of Tactical Dreadnought
  160. Warhammer Armies - Amazons
  161. Life without dice
  162. Dragon ogres (and similar)
  163. Chaos Space Marine Legion upgrades for HQs
  164. Alternative idea for 'to hit' WS and BS.
  165. Kharn the Betrayer (from my fandex)
  166. 40K Deathmatch & Schola Progenium Storm Trooper Assessment scenarios
  167. C'tan - Apoc Rules
  168. Fandex: Hrud & Umbra
  169. Campaign rules- Advice Wanted
  170. Chicken
  171. Astartes Flyer/Transport Development
  172. A War of the Worlds Tripod army
  173. Add some flier rules to 40k
  174. Some Quick 'Nid Improvements
  175. Scaling Magic Up
  176. Dwarf Magic-would you support this?
  177. Spell Types for Armybook Spell Lists
  178. Yet More Niddy Goodness
  179. What do you think about this new mission system?
  180. Buildings and House Rules
  181. Rules for fielding Sigmar
  182. MoK - Generating Dispell Dice
  183. [WH] Mono gods WoC rule ideas
  184. Fixing Mandrakes
  185. Give me your thoughts - WoC Alternate Heros
  186. The Empire's experimental weaponry
  187. InquisiMunda released!
  188. Need help with Exodite modifications for craftworld codex.
  189. Chaos Fandex - COMPLETE REWRITE
  190. alternative missions I'm making
  191. Combined Forces of Chaos in Fantasy
  192. Adding Fear back into 40k
  193. Alternate Giant rules
  194. Collateral Damage 40k: Mission cards!
  195. Codex Chapters
  196. [WFB] Reinventing the Magic Phase
  197. Hrud, how they should/could play
  198. Warthumble - alternate WFB rules
  199. Wh40K 6th Ed: 3 games in one rulebook (NOT rumour!)
  200. Twin linked weapons change - Logical?
  201. Exhaustion Warhammer Scenario
  202. Adeptus Mechanicus Discussion
  203. [WFB] Scenario: Supply Lines
  204. [WFB] Napoleonic Miniatures
  205. An idea for chaos equipment
  206. Warhammer Armies Wood Elves (Player Edition)
  207. 40K Modified Vehicle rules and damage table
  208. Warhammer 40K 6th Edition
  209. Codex: Thyrrus v1.0
  210. [WFB] 8th Edition Siege Rules
  211. Spartan Company Terminators
  212. Platoon Scale 40k
  213. Warhammer Sea Battle Rules.
  214. WH40k Iron Warriors 5E Codex
  215. My Groups 40k Housrules (incl Apoc & Planetstrike)
  216. Calling all Codex designers: A request?
  217. Chaos Space Marines, fan made dex/changes, version 4.5
  218. 40K turn sequence vanity exercise
  219. Yet another 40K vehicle rules thread
  220. [APOC] Tau datasheet, stealth attack
  221. Nine Legions
  222. Recruiting helpers for fandex
  223. 40K: positioning Independent Characters in melee, and the headache thereof
  224. Chaos Space Marines - New Codex anyone?
  225. looking for opinons on new unit for daemons
  226. Special Character Redux
  227. Looking for opinions on chapter special unit
  228. Space Marine Fandex Project
  229. suggeestion for WFB pike rules
  230. [WFB] Scenario: Pillaging the Tower of Sorcery
  231. WH40K - "Advanced" Edition (not 6th)
  232. The Cult of Slaanesh
  233. Hordes of Chaos (a very different take on Chaos in 40k)
  234. ZOMBIES!! A custom scenario by me and some chums.
  235. Warriors of Chaos house rules
  236. Warriors of Chaos - rewrite
  237. Proposed Tyranid Codex Amendments/Improvements
  238. The Eldar Codex Fix - version ?
  239. Kill Teams?
  240. [40K] Revising vehicles: integrating into the general ruleset
  241. Help me design rules for a 10k point fantasy game
  242. Tweak to blast/large blast rules
  243. Differentiating tactical marines from assault marines
  244. Which Dark Eldar units would be most likely to be mercenaries?
  245. Tweak to the To Wound table
  246. Continuation Survey for Tyranid Codex Survey and Proposed Amendments/Improvements
  247. 2nd Draft for Proposed Amendments/Improvements to Tyranids Codex
  248. Codex Astartes
  249. Advanced Pit Fighter (APF)
  250. Balance Solution