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  1. House ruling: insta-death spells
  2. Regiments of the Imperial Guard
  3. Heavy troops in WotR vs light troops' Movement
  4. What 5th edition specific unit rule would you make available to all armies in 6th ed
  5. Second Draft Feedback
  6. Wound -allocation - Two simple fixes for a broken rule
  7. Magic Resistance house rule
  8. Bound Spells house rule
  9. Chaos Space Marines Supplement
  10. 3rd Draft for Proposed Amendments/Improvements to Tyranids Codex
  11. Codex: Space Wolves' 13th Company
  12. Daemons of Chaos
  13. Codex: Legions of Chaos (completely re-written)
  14. (40k) Advanced Ruleset - Dark Millenium
  15. Altering the FOC over 2000-2500 pts
  16. 4th Draft for Proposed Tyranids Codex Amendments/Changes
  17. 8th Ed Dwarf changes proposal
  18. Chaos Space Marine Legions: Build your own Apoc Formation.
  19. Project Chaos
  20. How to make rules for this unit?
  21. Army of Norca Project - need YOUR ideas!
  22. Fantasy Force Org in 40k?
  23. Apocalypse Extravaganza REDUX
  24. Nurgle Plague engine design
  25. A Codex Creation Competition Compendium...
  26. Borg Codex
  27. High Elves: 8th Edition Fan Update
  28. easy idea to make bskill more3 variable
  29. A new version of Weaken Resolve for DA Librarians in a revised list...
  30. How to fix Mandrakes and Kheradruakh
  31. Introducing more effects of speed for infantry
  32. 40K: playing around with objective scenarios
  33. Fluffy Army Overhauls for Everything: A Love Story
  34. Thousand Sons Terminators
  35. 40k Chaos Daemons Houserules
  36. Tau Fire Warriors
  37. New Eldar HQs
  38. Looking for Codex: Harlequins
  39. Fandex Tau PDFs
  40. 40k Firefight - Missions for 500pt games of 40k
  41. Imagine a simplyfied 6th Edition inspired by both 2nd Edition and Warmachine
  42. what house rules have you taken from other systems
  43. Developing a new rule set that can be used for 40k.
  44. Daleks in 40k
  45. The Warhammer Fantasy Terrain Thread
  46. My attempt at Sanguinius
  47. Triple7s tackles Angron/Mortarion/Magnus/Fulgrim
  48. Mortarion, After Chaos, Before Daemonhood
  49. Calls for High-Quality Fan-Productions
  50. Feral's Lost and the Damned ideas
  51. Random thought for Monolith
  52. Reserves tweak for 40k
  53. Vampire Counts Rewrite
  54. quick 'fix' for orcs.
  55. Codex: Sisters of Battle (Player Edition)
  56. Eidre's Tyranid Fandex
  57. Ravenwing Killhawk, rules for custom model
  58. Final Draft for Proposed Tyranids Codex Amendments/Changes
  59. Rules for using Black Templar with Codex: Space Marines
  60. Chaplain Dreadnought
  61. Allies Rules
  62. Primarchs
  63. Dramatis Personae
  64. Codex: The Challis System
  65. [Necrons] new jump MC
  66. Planetary Defence Force Fandex
  67. Epic: 41st Millennium Warfare
  68. Cavalry tank: Front armour: 13, fast conqueror with no sponsons?
  69. A few simple Warhammer 8th improvement rules
  70. Themed lists without special characters?
  71. - Fluff Marines, as IG Allies! =P
  72. 8th DoC Book 'wishlist'
  73. 40K House Rules
  74. Unutilized Cultures
  75. Warhammer Armies: Warriors of Chaos (Player Edition)
  76. Warhammer 40,000: New Vehicle Rules
  77. Army Book Re-writes!
  78. Throwing Grenades?
  79. PROJECT REBOOT Codex: Chaos Legions
  80. Blast rules. Kabooom!
  81. Aping real life - New Tau Unit?
  82. Empire Unplugged
  83. Some New Special Characters for Fantasy
  84. New Futuristic Skirmish Game akin to Necromunda
  85. A way to tweak magic in fantasy?
  86. Eldar Slicing Orbs of Zandros
  87. Updating the Vampire Coast List of 8th Edition
  88. Codex: Tau Empire 5e update
  89. Possible unofficial rule changes for 5th edition eldar?
  90. Eldrad Ulthran Apocalypse
  91. The naked battlefield
  92. Fliers in Ma O'War: how to fix them?
  93. Daemonhunter Fandex
  94. Warhammer Fantasy Skirmishes
  95. Another House Rule for Big Spells
  96. Taking 8th Edition from Good to Great
  97. Clan Moulder
  98. Using the 3.5 Chaos Codex in 5th Edition
  99. Warhammer Fantasy: Duelling Magic
  100. Warhammer Fantasy: Battlefields
  101. Replacement of IGOUGO system for WHF esque games
  102. Space Wolves 13th Company
  103. Sturmkreig Codex
  104. Warhammer Armies: Dark Hordes of Nagashizzar (a remake of the undead list)
  105. More with less: chaos space marines
  106. Codex Salamanders: Work in progress
  107. My Tau Empire Homebrew Codex v.1
  108. Custom Character (SW WG upgrage character)
  109. Tau Codex: A Different Approach
  110. Dark Eldar- Raven Jetfighter reimagining
  111. COG Troopers/Delta Squad from Gears of War
  112. combat squads firefight
  113. Hedgehobbit's Small Scale 40k rules/mods
  114. More realistic vehicle movement
  115. Gnoblar Hordes Revision in Progress
  116. Codex: Eldar (2)
  117. What to do with Magic Resistance
  118. New Necromunda Variant - Check It Out
  119. How to make Swooping Hawks work
  120. Codex: Tyranids done right
  121. Daemonic Incursion
  122. Tyranid Codex concervative revision
  123. Input on costs for Space Marine (:rolleyes:) fan-dex
  124. Eldar 5th edition Fandex by me, rate comment and help the project
  125. Interstellar Coalition - A homebrew codex
  126. 40kifaux
  127. Let the pitch quake - Blood Bowl Giants
  128. Reducing magic Lore Bloat
  129. Squat Codex
  130. The Storm of Blood
  131. Imperial Guard medals and honors
  132. Custom Fandex: Halo Covenant
  133. Eldar Bonesinger
  134. Codex: Chaos Legions
  135. Mortarion home-made stats
  136. Need help playtesting a Tau Fandex
  137. A New Kind of Magic: An addition or alteration to spells
  138. Codex: Goa'uld
  139. Blood Bowl Team Ideas
  140. Dark Eldar Fandex with 6th Edition in Mind
  141. Empire Chaos Cult Army List
  142. Codex: Armacham
  143. The First War Against Chaos Expansion
  144. Once Again: Swooping Hawks - Another try for a fix
  145. Personalized Necron Codex for 5th Edition
  146. Storm of Magic fun: The Patriarchs of the Orders of Magic
  147. Warriors of Chaos - houserules
  148. Henchmen for Dwarves?
  149. Diceless 40k
  150. Fantasy News: New Version of Coreheim Out
  151. Change to scoring units
  152. Tau Dreadknight Conversion... Need Help Developing Rules
  153. 40k dust tactics
  154. More Common Magic Itmes
  155. An 8th ed Cavalry buff
  156. 40k Rule Overhaul Ideas
  157. Slaanesh Demon Engine: Experimental rules
  158. Codex Kroot
  159. Codex: Chaos Space Marines
  160. speeded up dice rolling
  161. (40k) need some ideas for chaos
  162. Twinlinked Missile Launcher for Dread
  163. Tau "Integrated Heavy Weapons" Idea
  164. Chaos Apocalypse Datafax - Superheavy Artillery
  165. incubus hierarch
  166. Balancing a new Farseer.
  167. Sisters of Battle fandex: Work in Progress, input sought
  168. Chaos Dreadnought Variants
  169. Forest Goblin List?
  170. Do we need a 6th edition?
  171. Codex: Eldar Harlequins
  172. Lost and the Damned
  173. My proposal for the Sacrificial Dagger
  174. Codex: Sisters of Battle (Player Edition)
  175. Another Covenant Codex
  176. [WFB] 8th Edition House Rules (Mini 9th Edition)
  177. Warhammer Siege... Quest?
  178. 40k nazi zombies!
  179. Every SM Codex Ever
  180. Zerg Codex- warning, it's very long!
  181. Mixing up Chaos 40k, Guard, Tau and others...
  182. Zephaniah Godsend, Templar of the Ruinous Powers
  183. Starcraft Terran codex
  184. Zombie Pirates
  185. Dwarf runemagic idea
  186. Ungol Composite Bows
  187. Vampire Counts balance suggestions
  188. Rebalancing the BRB Lores
  189. Robotech Battles: Playtesters wanted
  190. Magic items generation and pricing!
  191. Zerg Codex- 2nd Edition
  192. Blood Ravens 'errata' ideas?
  193. Expanding Dreadfleet. Early rules ideas
  194. Updated Goa'uld Codex
  195. Arena - A GW Mini-Game?
  196. Chaos Legions, Primarchs, Phoenix Lords, Elector Counts, Patriarchs of Magic & more!
  197. Army of the Old Ones Codex?
  198. I'm WS10 your WS1, and I need 3's?!!!
  199. What do you think of these changes for Beastmen monsters?
  200. Trying to come up with Gaunt's Ghosts army list
  201. New Terminator-like Mk III armour rules?
  202. Linking 40k to BFG, AI and Epic Armageddon
  203. Cover in 40K. Take this, dead horse! Hyah! Rawhide!
  204. RoR: Hochland Bergjaeger
  205. Warriors of Chaos War Mammoth
  206. My Codex: Tyranids
  207. special missions
  208. Home Made IG Codex
  209. Fanmade 8th edition Warhammer: Bretonnia
  210. The Scourge- Warhammer Army Book
  211. Repeater Bolt Throwers in 8th Edition
  212. Magic ideas
  213. Finally!!! WFB Armies Stygian
  214. Help with a Chaos Bane Blade Varient
  215. Whad do you think about this "worked out" rules for vehicles?
  216. Daleks in 40K?
  217. Warhammer: 3 way fight rules
  218. Tribes of Norsca - 140 page Norse Army Book!
  219. Looking for Sub Editors, Playtesters Etc.
  220. Looking for Sub Editors, Playtesters Etc.
  221. Help me create a good rule to represent some Eldar fluff.
  222. Changing how you choose your army
  223. imperial heavy walker
  224. SLAYERS changes suggestion
  225. Fimir Army Book development
  226. Home made Necron Codex
  227. Ideas for an Eldar character...
  228. 40k 2nd edition married with reactive skirmish systems
  229. Dwarf Anvil of Doom Rules Idea
  230. Warhamer Ogres: Rhinox Mount option for Ogre Bruisers
  231. Tankbusta Change
  232. Feedback Wanted: Dwarf Anvil of Doom IDEA
  233. fantasy Striking order
  234. Slayer Cult. New units, warmachine, runes, and Runic Striking.
  235. Necron Aeonic Orb Datasheet
  236. Fixing HE Dragon Mages: an armor save?
  237. Necron Datasheets
  238. Witch Hunter Hero Choice for Empire armies
  239. Question
  240. My Primarch
  241. Necron Superheavy idea, part 2.
  242. My datasheet :)
  243. Woodland Warriors, Asrai Saracens and Rootdruids
  244. Lorgar Aurelian, the Bearer of the Word
  245. My Primarch for my own Chapter the Storm Angels
  246. Personal Necron Errata
  247. Bunnahabhain's all-in-one Marine Codex
  248. New Eldar weapons
  249. Remaking the Beastman Monsters
  250. Seferim Sector - Special Characters