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  1. Alternative Eldar HQ choices - reintroducing craftworlds
  2. Blood in the Badlands: Generic Warmachines for Siege Games
  3. Index Astartes
  4. Developing a campaign for my store... HELP PLEASE
  5. Warhammer armies: Cathay v2 is coming
  6. 2nd Ed with new codexs
  7. Black Crusade to 40k coversion rules
  8. [40k] Firefights in the Assault phase
  9. D00M's Tyranid Codex Re-price Thread
  10. Eldar Special Character!
  11. Eldar Revision
  12. Eldar Revision
  13. Halfling Army List
  14. A slightly different take on guardians
  15. 40k: dark millenium
  16. Messiah of the Coming Apocalypse
  17. WF Pre-Sundering Campaign-Aenarion
  18. New pre-sundering campaign ideas-feedback?
  19. Tyranid Revision...OF DOOM!!!
  20. Types of turn sequences
  21. Tactical squad wargear points system
  22. Beastmen Revision
  23. Need some community feedback on this
  24. Custom Eldar Codex (Wishlist)
  25. Wood Elves: Regrown
  26. warriors of chaos marks of favour
  27. Minimizing the 5th edition 40k Meta
  28. An idea to fix magic?
  29. Blood in the Badlands
  30. D.I.Y Unit ideas.
  31. Improving the chapter master.
  32. Codex: Dark Eldar deficiencies
  33. Warp Destroyer Cannon
  34. The Six Horsemen of Chaos
  35. A shot at a rune system for Dwarfs to streamline with the new magic
  36. Venerable Lord Kroak, First of the Slann Mage-Priests
  37. Exalted Bloodthirster, Rage Champion of Khorne
  38. Games Workshop Games "Beta Test"
  39. High Dark and Wood
  40. tau demiurg experimental-homemade rules
  41. The locusts- a tyranid fan project.
  42. Flames of Warhammer 40k
  43. WotR - Why 8 Instead of 10?
  44. Snotling Monster
  45. Tomb Kings 8th Edition Errata
  46. 5th Edition Rules - Captain Invictus
  47. Halflings - Warhammer Army book PDF released
  48. Herohammer, CQB and Urban terrain rules, oh my!
  49. Imperial Guard: New Units and Extra Options
  50. 40k - New Imperial heavy Infantry aka Household Guard
  51. Codex: Demiurg Warhost 05/03/2012
  52. An idea for an IG (Elysian) character
  53. New Army - Ancient Greece
  54. Quick fix for vp's in 40k -
  55. Open Content campaign system - extra rules
  56. Rules for designing a new book?
  57. A new Warhammer Fantasy Army - Fimir
  58. new army don't have a name yet.
  59. BS skill thought
  60. Codex: Gue'nam Wing
  61. Kustom Battle Krawla
  62. Codex: Imperial agents
  63. New Ork Fandex (if anyone's interested)
  64. Warhammer Chariot Racing!
  65. Codex Adeptus Arbites
  66. [WFB] [Houserule] Marienburg Landship
  67. My 8th Ed Bretonnian Book
  68. Magic Ideas
  69. Army Wide Rule for Chaos Space Marines
  70. CODEX: Habal - Fake race - Early Draft PDF
  71. Warhammer Fantasy: Atlanteans (Or adding greek units to warhammer)
  72. DE Dais of Destruction
  73. 40K squad leader orders
  74. Alternative Mortar Rules
  75. New magic rules
  76. Rules for Mortarion pt2
  77. Codex: Imperial Guard Houserules
  78. Codex Lizardmen (almost finished but needs feedback)
  79. Reinventing the Conqueror
  80. Points cost formula/system
  81. Chaos Space Marines
  82. The Barghesi- Discussion and Rules Development
  83. Tyranid Sacrificial Hordes
  84. Fixing Vehicle Damage chart
  85. How to Make Chaos Lords Playable
  86. Simple Flier rules
  87. Space Marine specialists
  88. Chaos Daemons (40k) Revision
  89. Other wizard altars
  90. Graduate level space marines
  91. Getting more out of the AP system
  92. How would you re-work the EOG?
  93. Be'Lakor: The Dark Master
  94. Rule change for spears and halberds.
  95. possible wood elf rules
  96. Tyranid discussion - How to make tyranids viable.
  97. Making Pinning effective again
  98. Brettonian Lance Formation Rule Idea
  99. Bear Mount for Dwarfs: looking for input
  100. Dwarf Bear Rider: Requesting input
  101. How to make MSU viable in 8th? (Focus on WE)
  102. Making magic fairer in WHFB 8th
  103. Madboyz
  104. Revamping Marks of Chaos
  105. 40K 2nd edition - revised psychic power rules
  106. Warhammer Armies: Gnoblar Kingdoms
  107. Advice requested regarding how best to represent spears & lances in 40K
  108. Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Combat Patrols
  109. Tau 6th ed Gunslinger errata V2
  110. A simple fix to challenges (pos house rule)
  111. Simple fix for DE WWPs (aside from the obvious)
  112. Warpwolf?
  113. Armour Save house rule idea
  114. New Army List Idea!-Odobnus
  115. Aero Warhammer 40k 6th Ed Campaign Rules
  116. Aeronautica: Returning Sanity to Flyers
  117. Codex Adeptus Arbites for 6th Edition
  118. Special Characters
  119. Vehicle Weaponskill in 6th ed
  120. What should this weapon be called?
  121. Kill Team Rules For 6th Edition
  122. What would a fantasy army do to combat flyers if used in 40k?
  123. Look Out Sir! house rule fix (avoid the abuse!)
  124. Flying Infantry and Zooming Jet Bikes?
  125. Homebrew 40k Ruleset: 40k Gothic
  126. Tau flyers and new unit help?
  127. My new DE Engines of Pain
  128. Shooting into Close Combat
  129. [40K] Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey
  130. Fluff Characters
  131. Codex Rewrites
  132. Codex Harlequins for 6th Edition
  133. Dread Knights of Naggaroth
  134. Modern day supernatural skirmish game: Gathering ideas
  135. Drakemasters of Caledor
  136. Scenario and Terrain generation for Warhammer fantasy
  137. Fandex Eldar v3.00 - Revived and Updated for 6th Edition
  138. Rewrite; Codex: Dark Angels
  139. Fighting the Weather!
  140. 'NPC' Armies for Fantasy
  141. Deathwatch
  142. Design a weapon
  143. The Lord Commander Solar Macharius
  144. Eidre's Inevitable 6e Fandex
  145. Classic Regiments of Renown PDF Released
  146. Cult of Ulric Army Book PDF Released
  147. 6th Edition 40k House Rules
  148. Kill Team vs Kill Team Skirmish - introductory rules
  149. My changes to 6th edition
  150. Fortification design rules
  151. Team. The missing special rule.
  152. Alternate rules: What if you rolled to hit vs Initiative?
  153. Third Rapid-Fire Option
  154. Rule addition for 9th ed WHFB. Counter Charge
  155. Changing VP scoring method
  156. Alternative 40K morale/falling back
  157. Second attempt at Victory Points
  158. Special Operations Killzone 6th ed Beta available: 40k skirmish game
  159. Primarch stats
  160. Araby Army PDF Update - it's as good as it gets !
  161. New Psychic discipline: Cronomancy
  162. "Fixing" overwatch
  163. New Psychic Discipline: Diastokinesis
  164. Has anyone done an alternative ally table for 6th ed 40k?
  165. Chaos Legion Rules, in PDF form. ENJOY!
  166. POLL: Plague Terminators Points Cost
  167. Our Club Campaign, "The Battle of Essex Prime"
  168. New Psychic Discipline: Gravitokinesis
  169. Codex Feedback Help Needed
  170. New Psychic Discipline: Energomancy
  171. Chaos Pantheonist Dwarfs
  172. Sonic Dreadnought proposed rules for Emperor's Children CSM's
  173. Codex: Legions of Khorne
  174. CSM Codex missed opportunities
  175. Tyranid Fandex - Comments/Criticism wanted!
  176. Black Templar 4.5
  177. WHFB: The Marks of Chaos
  178. Conga line houserule
  179. Ghost's Gears of War-Rules
  180. Warlord Traits for Codex: Space Marines
  181. WoC Revamp MK2
  182. Would this be acceptable for High Elves 8th, or would it be too extreme!
  183. Tyranid Warlord table
  184. The Pontifex - a rather frivolous thread
  185. Codex Ecclesiarchy for 6th Edition
  186. Another Fandex: Eldar for public criticism
  187. Ideas for a New Xenos Army
  188. Tactical Squad revisited
  189. Grombrindal
  190. 40k rules adjustment: Instant Death reduces armor saves to 4+ at best
  191. Vehicle rule Idea (40k)
  192. Additional Close Combat Weapons
  193. Open topped vehicle disembarking
  194. Dark Elf Hounds
  195. Rules for a planetary governor?
  196. the Linebreaker Class Transport Tank
  197. Let's Do Chaos Space Marines
  198. The Elder Scrolls Battlegame
  199. FREE Warhammer Fantasy Characters Supplement PDF (unofficial)
  200. Experimental Daemonette/spider centaurs
  201. Genestealer Cult Codex for 6th Edition
  202. Campaign House Rules for Perusal, Comment, and additions
  203. House Rules for Campaign for Perusal and additions
  204. Sisters of Battle Apocalypse Formations and Super Heavy
  205. New Cover save rule with AP
  206. Tyranid Bastion Rules
  207. Heresy Era jetbike squad using the old Rogue Trader models.
  208. Challenges v.2, thoughts?
  209. New Warhammer Fantasy Magic System
  210. Tanith First and Only Codex 6th
  211. Nippon Warhammer Fantasy Army Update (PDF) - 8th Ed.
  212. random shooting unit
  213. Apocalypse Tau SX-316 Shield Generator Datasheet
  214. My own Pre-heresy Kharn?
  215. Fixing the Ghoul King
  216. Wood Elves 8.X
  217. Rogue Trooper
  218. Nurgle artillery
  219. Our alternative wound allocation houserules
  220. Dice modifiers by other means..
  221. Allowing assault from reserves
  222. Dyer's Eve (Beta) - Zombie Apocalypse Event Rules
  223. Wood Elves 8E
  224. Priority (Interleaved) Turn Sequence in 40k
  225. The Black Box of Warhammer
  226. Daemonic Instability
  227. Chaos Legions & Red Corsairs for 6th Edition
  228. Go To Your God-Emperor Like A Soldier!
  229. The Problem with HE, DE, and Dwarfs
  230. The Hammer of the Emperor
  231. The Inquisitorial Mandate
  232. Prioress of The Convent Sanctorum
  233. SoB Bike Rules
  234. Airbursting Weapons
  235. Codex: Imperial Guard 6th Edition Rules Changes
  236. New Psychic Discipline: Demonology
  237. New Psychic Discipline: Faith
  238. New Warhammer Fantasy Army - Cathay (2nd edition PDF)
  239. Tau council of the castes - house rule
  240. Gaunt's Ghosts Facelift
  241. Scenario house rules for Space Marines
  242. Goretek the Hunter (WHFB O&G character)
  243. 6e Codex Gaunts Ghosts
  244. Tau Commander Shas'el
  245. Tweaking Animosity (O&G, 8th)
  246. 6th Ed Sisters of Battle Book
  247. Arcane Daemonic Gifts
  248. Necron Super Heavy Flyer
  249. 8th ed Dwarf magic items
  250. Fixing High Elf Army book