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  1. New version of In the Emperor's Name
  2. Huge Monstrous Creatures
  3. Warhammer CE: the definitive rule set for WFB veterans
  4. Warp Hunter (Updated for Eldar 6th)
  5. Drastanta, Phoenix Lord of the Shining Spears
  6. Fixing Howling Banshees
  7. Warlord Abilities - How would they work?
  8. Giving the Wraithknight a little bit more oomph
  9. Dragon Mage as a Battle Standard Bearer (among other things)
  10. Xenos Fortifications
  11. Combat Patrol for 6th Edition: Includes mission system
  12. Cheeslord & glass's wound allocation houserules
  13. 6mm Gaming System Complexity Questions
  14. Best way to make a weaker fleshbane
  15. A storm of Psykers
  16. Tyranids! (Codex)
  17. Bonesinger
  18. Codex: Gaunts Ghosts v2
  19. Custom Campaign Character
  20. Endless Swarms (Co-op 40k game with added features)
  21. Codex Supplement: Khornate Host
  22. Huge Warhammer (unofficial) Fantasy Army Book Update
  23. 40k Special Character Redux
  24. Craftworld Ulthwe supplement
  25. How to make shotguns viable
  26. Converting Monstrous Creatures to Vehicles
  27. Imperial Guard Abhumans Squads. My take on them.
  28. Making basic CSM a bit more interesting on the tabletop.
  29. Codex: Witch Hunters
  30. Word Bearers a C:CSM Supplement
  31. Black sword/ armor of faith
  32. Reworking magic items
  33. Fan List : The Imperial Rome for Warhammer Fantasy
  34. Codex: Inquisition
  35. Fixing Lictors
  36. Designing New Spell Lores (Warhammer Fantasy)
  37. Gue'nam Wing Mk 2
  38. I fixed cannons
  39. Fixing the challenge system in fantasy
  40. Chaos/Traitor Legion traits
  41. Introducing a "Movement" Characteristic to 40K?
  42. Tanith First and Only Custom Codex
  43. Adapting Star Trek to 40k
  44. Legion of the Damned Chapter Master
  45. 6th edition Sisters / Ecclesiarchy complete codex
  46. Ork Warboss Invul
  47. Chaos Space Marines 6.5 Edition
  48. Hybrid storm of magic/normalhammer scenarios
  49. Formations and commands
  50. Ordo Xenos Deathwatch Squad (my new take based on C:SM 6th ed)
  51. Norse Tribes - a Norsca Army Book (major update to a 3 year old army book)
  52. What represents the Legions?
  53. Imperial Guard Warlord Traits
  54. 40K: Rational Edition
  55. Fantasy Steadfast and Magic Tweaks
  56. Tyranids. The Red Terror
  57. 40k re write 'Xenos and Zealots.'
  58. Lasblasters vs Shuriken Catapults - Eldar Corsair Update
  59. Chain of Command 40k house rules
  60. Yet another Chaos legions thread: supplement style this time
  61. Solving Not Wanting to Win on your turn in 40k
  62. dark millenium 13
  63. (fantasy) woc khorne special characters/mono khorne implementation
  64. twinlinked = twice the shots
  65. Chaos Space Marines FAQ Homebrew
  66. Upgrades to WHFB Armies to help them win in 40K
  67. Ork Codex rewrite for 6th edition
  68. Warhammer rules variant idea - Feedback/ideas wanted!
  69. Modified Combat Patrol
  70. Should Watchers in the Dark be a playable unit for Dark Angels?
  71. Transofrming Walkers into Monstrous Creatures
  72. Inquisitor Army Idea
  73. The Reincarnation of the Star Gods
  74. Campaign, cards amd their rules
  75. Eldar Wargear
  76. Warhammer Final League Final Battle
  77. A 40k Format: Modern 40k
  78. Night Goblin Squig Chariot, house rules
  79. Enhanced Vehicle Rules v1
  80. House rules Tau 6e
  81. House rules Tau 6e
  82. Space Marine Jetpack Unit
  83. Codex: Eldar Exodites for 6th Edition
  84. Fixing Fear
  85. Making Monstrous Lords work like MC
  86. Buff/balance the Orcs and Goblins - advice needed!
  87. Blood Angels Stuff
  88. Let's Fix Tyranids!
  89. 6th Edition Tyranid Codex Modification
  90. Designing 40k 6.5
  91. Just for fun rewrite/FAQ for new tyranid dex, looking for input
  92. House rules to 'fix' 6th edition
  93. Icedales Cult Codex: Homebrew human faction.
  94. Warhammer Fantasy Battles Turbo Edition!
  95. My take on trying to "fix" the 6th Edition Tyranids Codex
  96. Changes to the wh40k core ruleset
  97. Would you play this kustom Stompa? (model-driven rules)
  98. Codex: Old Ones
  99. Long Drong Slayer Pirates
  100. Warp Spider & Shining Spear Phoenix Lords
  101. Codex: Sons of Malice
  102. Dwarf Anvil of Doom
  103. How would you design human Cataphracts in WHFB?
  104. Beastmen ungor hound riders
  105. 40K Skirmish Rules -> Rules Development
  106. Kislev Ice Magic.
  107. How would you fix storm troopers?
  108. Codex: Tomb Worlds
  109. Aincient civilizations
  110. IGOUGO or initiative based turn sequences?
  111. Custom chapter of old
  112. 1 page 40k covered on TGN
  113. 13th Black Crusade; New Battle Formations; Character Creation; New Phoenix Lords
  114. Poly-K. An alternative Rule Set for Warhammer 40k
  115. The new Wood Elf army book
  116. what would you do different and in what way?
  117. Rules for Sanguinius the Primarch
  118. Dark Mechanicus Individual Character Thread: Van Horr-mellsa Tech-count of Terax
  119. Changing Deep Strike in 40K
  120. Dark Mechanicus Individual Character Thread:Flesh Moulder Ernstine Kaizger
  121. Warhammer 40,000: Only War! Edition
  122. Dark Mechanicus Individual Character Thread: Etasia Scion of Abheild
  123. Chaos Dwarf Item: Zhargon's Skeleton Xylophone
  124. Unbound Begone - Alternate Force Organisation Charts and New Battlefield Roles!
  125. 40K rule re-write based on 2nd edition
  126. Codex: Dark Mechanicus (Complete collection thread)
  127. Adding flavour to campaign games: Medusa Events/ Ability Chart 2.0
  128. Statblocks! Get'cher statblocks 'ere! [utility thread]
  129. A new take on Cover
  130. Proposed Warhammer 40k 7th edition house rules
  131. Research: Past Codices - Strengths, Wekanesses, and Imbalances
  132. Draft proposal for alternate 40K VP mechanic
  133. Tau: XV22 Commander with bodyguard - unlock your stealth potential today
  134. Homebrew Codex/ Army list: Imperial Guard Fire Support Regiment
  135. Angels of Vengeance: Mini-dex/Expansion codex.
  136. Linkes to Orc and Goblin Fandexes?
  137. Space Marine Storm Crow Tactical Transport
  138. Zero Project General Thread
  139. [WHFB] Ghazak Khan - updated/revised rules
  140. 87 Page 7e Tanith First and Only Fandex
  141. Dark Mechanicus Individual Character Thread: Vae'rah Omnissiah assassin
  142. 40k Apocalypse scenario: Evacuation
  143. My Black Templars codex
  144. Codex updates
  145. Mk1 Plasma Pistols and Plasma Guns
  146. Bretonnian Veteran Sergeant
  147. Converting legacy units
  148. Praetorians mini dex
  149. Starship troopers fort style attack mission
  150. Cadians mini dex
  151. House Rules - WFB 8th "Improvements"
  152. Allocating Point Costs to 6th Ed Psychic Powers
  153. Making vox casters more interesting
  154. Riptide as a vehicle?
  155. Codex Adeptus Arbites for 7th Edition
  156. Ork Transport Idea: Space Rok-et
  157. Codex Hive Spyrers for 7th Edition
  158. Tau Supplement Idea: Battlesuit Cadre/Regiment
  159. Codex: Barghesi Dominion
  160. Homebrew Craftworld supplement
  161. Tournament 40K: 1st Edition
  162. Rate/Volume of Fire
  163. Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum psychic powers
  164. Empire army book revision (version 1.0)
  165. A new take on Shadow Spectres
  166. Tyranid Army Book - Warhammer Fantasy Battles Help
  167. Warhammer Battlescrolls expanded
  168. Would a Change in Phase Order do much to shake up the game?
  169. Army book Dwarfs: Mountain guard
  170. Saves before wounds
  171. one man army.
  172. Closed. Wasn't ready for posting after all.
  173. Looking for Rules for a NG Shaman
  174. Sporefall - A homebrew miniature wargame inspired by GW nostalgia
  175. A magical boomerang idea of my brother's
  176. Codex Astra Militarum Tweaks
  177. Contemplating house rules for Orks
  178. 9th Edition magic revamp including necromancy/demonology
  179. Online Co-operative Rules Writing Software/Web-design?
  180. Maleceptor house rules
  181. Bretonnian 9th Edition Book Background and Rules Discussion
  182. Clans of the Core [Squats Revival Codex)
  183. supplement for my Nurgle Warband the Angels of Despair
  184. Fixing Chaos Space Marines
  185. My Warhammer Fantasy Alternative System
  186. Capture/rescue Mission
  187. Design for club's Summer WFB Campaign - feedback/ideas appreciated
  188. 7th edition 'Movie Marines'
  189. Warhammer fantasy GoT army lists
  190. Shoot the Big Ones! Redux
  191. Angels of vengeance supplement
  192. Astra Militarum - Codex Formations
  193. Critique required: Vengeance Gunship
  194. Fandex: Adepta Sororitas v0.3.0
  195. Franken-K
  196. Idea to Mix up the Charge subsection of the Assault Phase
  197. Lizardmen in 40K
  198. 8th Ed 40K
  199. The Dakkacurion - Formation Based FOC for Orks
  200. Formations and Drill
  201. Warhammer 8.5
  202. Boosting soft shooters?
  203. New footknight unit for Bretts
  204. Codex: Exodites for 7th Edition 40K
  205. The Hammer of Karak Drazh
  206. Path to Glory: Chaos Dwarf Warbands Rules
  207. If I had to come up with up with a Tau codex pt 1
  208. Lord Solar Macharius advice (moved per request and tips really sorry)
  209. Warhammer Fantasy Alternative now canncelled
  210. Codex: Mercenary Corps.
  211. Fantasy Ice Hockey - A Game developers log
  212. sonic weapons for slaanesh csm should they be expanded up on
  213. Wrong dice for the game?
  214. Execution Force expansion?
  215. Adepta Sororitas Formation Detachment
  216. Magic
  217. Warhammer 8th - Discombobulated house ruling
  218. The New Kill Team - unoficial Warhammer 40.000 expansion
  219. Version of 8th edition in lieu of Age of Sigmar Killing off Ranked Combat
  220. GW may not balance AOS but can we
  221. Age of Sigmar Army Composition rules for events
  222. "Balancing" discussion - constructive comments only please
  223. Applying Point Cost to Age of Sigmar Models.
  224. The 8th of Sigmar - A Fantasy Battle hybrid.
  225. Point systems for AoS
  226. Another Points Cost Thread for AoS
  227. Bringing Structure to AoS
  228. Using Age of Sigmar Rules for Realms of Chaos-style Chaos Warband Campaign
  229. Azyr Comp System
  230. AoS "retinue" system for army construction - feedback welcomed.
  231. anyone thought about making 8th ed rules for stormcast eternals?
  232. Possible Balanced Point System Discovered
  233. Age of Sigmar: Scenarios
  234. 3 simple houserules to make AoS less boring
  235. AoS - point values for free battlescrolls
  236. So shooting . . .
  237. Winning and Scenearios
  238. AoS Army Composition Algorithm
  239. AoS Triump & Treachery
  240. Warhammer 8.5 ++++
  241. Adapting warhammer Armies for warthrone
  242. Age of Sigmar Calculator
  243. Age of Sigmar Project Points Cost
  244. D10 in Warhammer
  245. Points System Compendium for Age of Sigmar released
  246. Aos points solution
  247. Age of Selby
  248. Integrating AoS miniatures in Warhammer 8th edition.
  249. Age of Sigmar Tourney comp system
  250. War Scrolls Ranking System for Age of Sigmar