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  1. Age of Sigmar: Opinions and Ideas
  2. Age of Sigmar - Chaos Dwarfs using Azyr Comp System
  3. Warhammer: Pews & Pings
  4. Fixing Summoning Rules
  5. Designing rules for GIANT ROBOTS!!!
  6. 8th Ed - I want to playtest your favorite Houserules/Variations
  7. Point values for WHF AoS scrolls: the Sage of Sigmar Scroll of Might
  8. Our Age of Sigmar composition, Home Rules and FaQs
  9. ETC announces OpenHammer
  10. Age of Sigmar Points Systems List
  11. Balancing AoS with maths
  12. The Virtues of the WS To Hit Table
  13. The 9th Age alpha 1.0
  14. Warhammer Fantasy 9th Edition Fan rules
  15. Warhammer 9th Edition Rules system
  16. Alternative rules for AOS with changes to Magic, Movement and Targeting in particular
  17. Alternative rules for AOS with changes to Magic, Movement and Targeting in particula
  18. Finding and fixing 40ks core faults.
  19. Revising Warhammer rules for historical / Westeros games
  20. Death Clock in AoS - Balancing a system without points
  21. 40K Warscrolls for Age of Sigmar
  22. 8th Edition Cannon extra mild nerf- the "Phew" save
  23. Project: Warhammer rules adapted for Westeros
  24. 8th EdnSpecial Character: Aenarion Ruleset - looking for feedback
  25. Thoughts on AoS Tournaments based on an Underdog/Favorite Points System
  26. Twilight Era: a game of fantasy battles (An independent game inspired by WFB)
  27. WFB 8th Skaven armylist
  28. Maths derived Points System
  29. Age of Sigmar Add on / Modification Primo Victoria
  30. Houserule: Legacy Space Marine Chapter's Scouts and Dreadnoughts
  31. Magic Revamp- Reducing overlap and duplication in WFB magic lores
  32. Accumulating all the fantasy rulesets.
  33. [Theoryhammer] Count Rank Bonus from First Rank?
  34. aos make your own warscroll ideas
  35. Grit - find the best bang for your buck, be it Might or money
  36. AoS comp for the Infernal Zoo
  37. 40k Homebrew Compendium Idea: Any Interest?
  38. Mordheim - Age of Sigmar (alpha v.0.5) launches!
  39. Building a better 7th edition 40k. Project Zeta
  40. Age of Sigmar:Reliquum A different take on balance
  41. Franken-K: developing points costs
  42. Stormcast Eternals in 8th/older edition or 9th Age?
  43. Ninth Age Beta 0.9 + 16 Army Books Released
  44. Global spells for a map based WHFB campaign
  45. The Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth. Ideas for verses play.
  46. M41 - Alternative Rules for Battles in the 41st Millennium
  47. 9th Age first "complete" army book - Undying Dynasties
  48. 40k: Alternative method for vehicle damage
  49. (40k) 7th ed Codex Sisters / Ecclesiarchy
  51. Angels Of Vengeance Supplement (2nd Edition Codex) (7th Edition Compatiable)
  52. 13th Black Crusade, Phoenix Lord and Character Creation rules
  53. SCGT Tournament Pack for your AOS games
  54. Cult Urban Building Tile Game
  55. New magic item: Banner of Arcane Supremacy
  56. [40k] 7th edition Codex: Adepta Sororitas
  57. [40k] 7th edition Codex: Adeptus Ministorum
  58. [40k] 7th edition Codex: Inquisition
  59. Skraag Tripleface
  60. Khorne Bloodbound: Slaughterpriest for 8th edition.
  61. Warhammer Fantasy Hypothetical Rule Changes
  62. Horde (Swarm replacement) Idea
  63. Re-working titan weapons.
  64. Thought Experiment: Revising S vs T
  65. 8.5/9 warhammer project ideas
  66. Age of Sigmar Combat Patrol - 500pt Games
  67. [AoS] Necrolith Knights
  68. [AoS] Death Summoning & Standard Bearer Alternative Rules
  69. NEW Codex Ogryns : Try me !
  70. [WFB ]Warhammer 8th edition expanded siege rules
  71. (40K) Khrave Marauders
  72. A better mechanic for orc animosity
  73. Battlefleet Rogaria Rules and Fleet list
  74. 8th Edition: Adeptus Arbites Index
  75. WH40K 8th scenery buildings rules tryout
  76. Thoughts about an open rule set for wargaming. Are you good at math?
  77. Slaughter At Forge Valley - A Future Force Warrior Battle Report
  78. As usual I don't like GW's Phoenix Lords
  79. The lack of initiative in 8th ed and creating more variety in melee
  80. Eldar Titans suck
  81. Bridging Competitive and Narrative play - an alternate mission system
  82. Mission-based campaign system for 2 players for Warhammer 40k, 8th edition
  83. Reimagining the Avatar of Khaine
  84. A way to represent speed as defence for eldar