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  1. Eldar Everguard; Home brewrules, non-playtested
  2. Eternal Slaves of Chaos (A Chaos Warband Codex)
  3. Infantry damage buffer: A good idea?
  4. Codex: Ecclesiarchy
  5. Race based on the 'aliens' in avatar!
  6. I got tired of waiting for the Tyranid Codex, so I wrote my own
  7. Moving away from binary Ld. WHFB shaken rule.
  8. Fixing Daemons
  9. Winter magic lore.
  10. Legions Dex, not just a bandaid
  11. New 40k unit type?
  12. not quite warhammer
  13. anyone else think Chaos Warriors should be the same unit?
  14. we'll show em
  15. Home-Brew Space Wolves (WIP)
  16. The Isle of Albion Army List
  17. Codex: Exodites
  18. Codex: Harlequins
  19. My Warhammer Fantasy Army - The Huq'inset
  20. The Sabre returns to life! But how much is it gonna cost ya?
  21. Design that Magic - The sky is the limit
  22. The lost Engineers
  23. Upgrading 40K (Debugging the Rules)
  24. 7th Ed. Bretonnians
  25. ZOMBIE A new take on survival scenarios. [WH40k]
  26. a dark eldar thought
  27. a try re-write for the chaos space marine
  28. Codex: Iron Warriors
  29. [40k Scenario] The Bridge,
  30. A new 66 page unofficial Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army PDF
  31. Tyranid Fandex (exercise in futility)
  32. Tyranid Fandex (exercise in futility)
  33. 5th Edition Tau fan codex
  34. How to Fix Monstrous Creatures
  35. Multiple Barrage Weapons
  36. Human Wave Attack datasheet
  37. Dark Crusade - Tau and Necron codexes
  38. Starcrashers! Alternative space battle / exploration game
  39. Vindicare Assassin
  40. Making my own Vostroyan army...
  41. rippling mass - nids
  42. Lost and the Damned: You write the codex
  43. Making the Waagh ability better
  44. CODEX DEMIURG. Apoc Allies
  45. Blessed Ammo for Sisters Bolters
  46. Making CSM Legion-Compatable (SUPER LONG)
  47. R.I.P. Carnifex, I Hardly Knew Ye
  48. ITT: Fun rules you'd like for your army of choice.
  49. Sisters Repentia - what's the fix?
  50. Rhinox as a mount/unit...
  51. Death-Cult Assassins
  52. Warhammer Armies: Mullvad
  53. Tyranid Reactive Evolution
  54. Random idea for Ward Saves in 8th
  55. Warhammer 1942
  56. Spacehulk Genestealers in 40k???
  57. Tyranid: The Red Terror
  58. Modern Warfare-hammer
  59. Warhammer 40k rulebook suggestion - shooting
  60. Codex: Chaos Daemons Supplement
  61. Codex: Barghesi
  62. My Dwarven Armybook revisions
  63. Ciaphas Cain and Jurgen
  64. Warhammer Armies: Daemons of Chaos
  65. Do we really need static combat resolution?
  66. Battle Sisters Litanies of Faith
  67. Trial Rules for Witch Hunters Zealots
  68. Solution for Clipping in 8th
  69. houserules for o&g
  70. Adjustment to Magic System
  71. My magic overhaul suggestion
  72. Varghulf as characters
  73. Space hulk - the wrong way round
  74. A brilliant idea!
  75. Codex: Leigon of the Damned
  76. Warhammer Armies: Estalia
  77. A hopefully brilliant idea
  78. another magic overhaul suggestion
  79. Campaing rules that i have made
  80. Hey Orc players
  81. New 40k Rules Design Blog - looking for writers/editors
  82. Witch Hunters Update - 1st Draft - Opinions?
  83. What would you want from a pure sisters of battle codex? My attempts at improvement..
  84. LotR SBG & 40k
  85. The Sensei
  86. Warhammer fantasy and large creatures
  87. Chaos Daemons Supplement
  88. Night Goblins Army Book
  89. (40k) Tactical Dreadnought
  90. Codex: Imperial Guard revamp
  91. Norse Armybook - Fully detailed
  92. Custom DE Codex Bizarre Bazaar
  93. Burna Boss
  94. Help with Witch Hunters Holy Rage
  95. Dwarf War Horn
  96. Diceless 40k
  97. Things you wish GW would do/have done to balance army books.
  98. (WHFB) Random idea for regeneration
  99. 40k Houserules: Cover, Buildings
  100. Wound allocation Fix
  101. Wizard Wars: Warhammer Skirmish Mini Game
  102. I have an idea about Chaos
  103. Warhammer with a hexagon system
  104. Home made rules, need help to polish it!
  105. IG Doctrines: Forces of Chaos
  106. Power Weapons, flaw and possible improvement?
  107. Codex: Deseret Confederation
  108. Rate my new rule set.
  109. Dwarf Army List Development
  110. Imperial Guard Humvee (homemade rules)
  111. Dwarf Golems
  112. Hell Scorpion of Tzeentch
  113. Imperial Assassin Special Character
  114. Cavalry armour save bonuses
  115. Chapter Master Dreadnought
  116. WoC Daemon Princes & Exalted Daemons
  117. Warhammer: different shields
  118. Inquisitorial Doctrines
  119. WFB 8th Ed Houserules
  120. Hrokka's various developments
  121. Hordes of Chaos x5
  122. Instant Death, Instant Death...
  123. Kislev Indy army book.
  124. Commissar Lords and Commissars
  125. Warhammer Lords of the Sky game supplement
  126. Hot Shot Lasgun
  127. Melta Weapon Wielders
  128. Dwarf Special Characters
  129. Codex Dark Angels: Revised
  130. Should Monstrous creatures have the same stats as vehicles ?
  131. Tepozgaran revisited
  132. Primarchs for Apocalypse
  133. Warhammer 40k: Grot Rebellion
  134. Codex: Chaos
  135. Codex: Squats
  136. Codex: Harlequins
  137. Need some input (orks)
  138. Phoenix Lords for Apocalypse
  139. Minor races games
  140. Chaos Dwarfs (full list)
  141. The army in the south
  142. Thoughts on a better combat system
  143. Cypher, Fallen Angel
  144. The Lord of the Rings: Through WHFB?
  145. Battle Royale Rules Submission - THUNDERDOME
  146. Fixing HE ASF
  147. Need some help and guidance from experienced players
  148. Alien meets 40k?
  149. Some houserules for High Elves
  150. A very simple "patch" for Orcs and Goblins
  151. Orcs and Goblins: A Quick Fix??
  152. High Elves - How would you replace Speed of Asuryan?
  153. snotling character upgrades
  154. 40k in modern warfare (NOT THE VIDEOGAME!!!)
  155. Deff from Above, Weirdboss Ruzgob
  156. Animosity Fix
  157. Warhammer Armies: Kislev (full book)
  158. Dark Angels Codex - my rewrite
  159. 5th Imperial Guard Codex Fixes.
  160. dark angels, with more punch
  161. What would you like to see in a Cathay/Nippon/Estalia army?
  162. Da Red (or possibly green) Deaf codex
  163. The Avatar of Kaela Mensha Khaine
  164. Collabrative Genestealer Codex
  165. Ideas for shooting and Initiative
  166. 40K: proposed replacement for Instant Death mechanic
  167. New Units For Lizardmen (And others if you wish)
  168. Warhammer Fantasy Elementals
  169. Red Hunters!
  170. 40k Question - The rules that should have been
  171. My dragon breathe fire and drop magic - Wizard dragons.
  172. Chaos Codex "Patch"
  173. New rules for a straighforward tactical action combat simulation
  174. Catachan Codex - Brainstorming time
  175. Warhammer 40K Dex: Ordo sanctus tempestas
  176. Special Character Creation Rule Set
  177. Rolling Terror! Updated Chaos Vehicles
  178. Quick question about posting Word 2007 files
  179. Army Lists for every Traitor Legion
  180. Bretonnian and other House-Rules
  181. Apocalypse Campaign Rules
  182. Vehicles firing all weapons at one target unit. Right or wrong?
  183. Custom Special Character - High Elf Prince
  184. An Eldar fandex
  185. Idea for supressing fire.
  186. Warhammer: changes to shooting
  187. Just throwing a thought around...
  188. WOTRHammer - a Warhammer total conversion
  189. Codex inquisition
  190. Possible Beastmen Improvements
  191. Bretonnian 7ed Patch Booklet w/Campaign (Campaign coming soon)
  192. Exercise: unambiguously Defining 40k Rules
  193. Knight paladin, a more appropriate data sheet
  194. Warhammer 40k Super Mechanics
  195. Tweaks to the Eldar Codex
  196. loxatl
  197. Terminator heavy Imperial Fists
  198. Dork Footur
  199. Lord Martial Graf Harazahn - Special Character?
  200. I Choose to Fail....
  201. Writing CSM dex from Space Wolves...
  202. Bloodpact Death Brigade.
  203. Tau: Skyray air defence
  204. Solution to truly creating your own army.
  205. New xeno
  206. Necron Codex Re-write
  207. New Xeno codex
  208. New units for Warmaster.
  209. Tau Fire Warriors - revamped.
  210. 40k CTF Bloodbowl
  211. WotR: Khand Battlehost
  212. Dogs of War Play Test Version 3
  213. Any body got ideas for their own army, not yet done?
  214. Werewolves
  215. Forces of the Imperium
  216. Warhammer Armies: Fishmen
  217. 40k into Fantasy?
  218. Warhammer Armies - Cathay (full book)
  219. Chaos Space Marine Ideas
  220. Codex Ecclesiarchy
  221. Tau Markerlights
  222. Building a Game
  223. Tau: Pathfinders
  224. Racial Traits Idea
  225. Thoghts on WS
  226. Twin Linked Weapons and Damage.
  227. Mild change to disembarking.
  228. Perturabo, Daemon Primarch of the Iron Warriors: Apocalypse Datasheet
  229. Dark Eldar Codex Re-Write
  230. House rules for Nids
  231. Making armies interesting by working in cohesion?
  232. Replacement for SoA
  233. Dawi Zharr Remix
  234. Necron Super-heavy Flyer
  235. My take on Belial, master of the deathwing for a future WD rules article
  236. Reworked 40k Characters
  237. Homebrew Dex: Night Watch Chapter
  238. custom black orc special char
  239. 40k Rulebook Patch
  240. Codex Space Marine Wishlist
  241. Warhammer Armies - Nippon (full, fan-made army book)
  242. Dark Angels as they should have been
  243. How do you make a pdf codex?
  244. The last of the sky titans
  245. The Forgotten Chapters
  246. WHFB -> 40K Conversion
  247. fluff codex Manatee
  248. Return of the War Wagon
  249. Warhammer Armies - Albion (full, fan-made army book)
  250. Adepta Sororitas: Acts of Faith