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  1. Heresy Beastmen - The Eternally Cursed
  2. Hairy's Pre Heresy Log
  3. Pre Heresy Death Guard
  4. Shaw3029's Heresy Iron Warrior Army.
  5. The Unkindness at Istvaan
  6. Loki Deathclaw's Great Company (Heresy Era Space Wolves) Plog
  7. Still's Heresy Log
  8. FC Paints the Primarchs
  9. 30k Pre-Heresy Marines
  10. The Serpents Tail - The Slowest Alpha Legion Heresy Army Build Ever...
  11. A crazy mans task: converting and repainting his army!
  12. The Bloody 12th
  13. Jimbob_Jenkins' 30k Night Lords
  14. Pre Heresy Iron Warriors: Golg's 11th Grand Company
  15. Consecrators / Early Post Heresy Dark Angels
  16. [30k] The 10th Millennial of the Third Legion
  17. Blissful Brushes: Conversions, maybe with a little bit of paint thrown in
  18. Vulkan The Legends, the Villains the Fallen - Horus Heresy Model
  19. 30K Killteam
  20. Heresy Era Dark Mechanicum
  21. Adeptus Mechanicum - Prefecture Magisterium (and some Heresy Death Guard)
  22. Lupercal! Lupercal! The Luna Wolves 117th Marches To War!
  23. Horus Heresy on an epic scale!
  24. Heresy Night Lords for local campaign starting 2015
  25. Pre-Heresy Death Guard
  26. The Tale of the Fated - A narrative HH log
  27. Pre Heresy Night Lords Legion
  28. Terra Will Burn, A Tale of Betrayal and Unholy Alliances
  29. The WAAAGH Studios - 30k Alpha Legion
  30. The 406th Grand Battalion - Heresy Iron Warriors
  31. The XIXth Legion - Heresy Era Raven Guard
  32. The Phall Project;
  33. Horus Heresy Project: Raven Guard.
  34. Visions of HERESY
  35. WORD BEARERS - Den of Imagination HD Showcase
  36. FizzyBubble studios!
  37. Pre-Heresy World Eaters (Also possibly loyalist or even Dornian Heresy)
  38. Heresy Word Bearers: Broken Scythe Chapter
  39. Heresy Era House Krast
  40. The Aleph Null, Cherubael does 30k Alpha Legion!
  41. The ever marching Heresy era Death Guard.
  42. In the Shadow of Mighty Wings: Blood Angels Heresy Era Force
  43. [Heresy Era 30k] The Eaters of Worlds – Children of a savage messiah
  44. Iron Warriors 15th Grand Company - a Pre-Heresy Log
  45. Heresy era Night lords, Knights and Navy
  46. Theodicy's End - The Horus Heresy
  47. Pre Heresy Emperors children plog
  48. Heresy Blood Angels
  49. It's only a cough, Pre Heresy Death Guard
  50. Hail Hydra. Heresy Era Alpha legion
  51. Horus Heresy: XIIIth Legion Wip
  52. Pre-Heresy Alpha Legion
  53. Zujara's Heresy Raven Guard
  54. Broterhood of the Shattered Spear - HH-era White Scars!
  55. I'm painting up bad guys! (Heresy Word Bearers)
  56. Angels in Black and the Terrors of the Night.
  57. Age of Darkness - Radium paints Heresy stuff
  58. The Horus Heresy - Betrayal Campaign
  59. Heresy Era forces of Ultramar
  60. Deagle's Heresy era Dark Angels
  61. For the 14th! (HiveFleetCerberus's Heresy-era Death Guard)
  62. 30K Project Forum
  63. Little's Imperial Fist
  64. Little XIII legion: For Ultramar
  65. Leman Russ
  66. Iron Warriors 9th Grand Battalion
  67. Rise of the VIIth Legion (Heresy Era Iron Fists)
  68. Blood Angels MK4.
  69. Nathaniel Garro
  70. Sons of the 15th
  71. Photobucket Block and Solution
  72. The Guard of the Crimson King
  73. Horus Heresy Ultramarines Army
  74. Shield Captain
  75. Comission: Prospero Burns´ Custodes
  76. Legio Mortis Reaver Titan
  77. Leman Russ
  78. DKOK Tanks
  79. Truescale Great Crusade Project
  80. Ultramarines vehicles, freehands!!!