View Full Version : 2000 pt Beasts of Blood

11-04-2005, 16:23
Beastlord: Mark of Khorne; Gaze of the Goods; Slaughterer's Blade;
Armor of Damnation 235pts

Wargor: Mark of Khorne; Chaos Armor; Crown of Horns; 2nd weapon 139pts

20 Bestigors: Mark of Khrone; War Banner; Standard & Musician 328pts

3xBeast herds: 12 Gors; 8 Ungors; Full command 453pts

Beast herd: 12 Gors; 8 Ungors; Standard & Musician; Shields 139pts

2xTuskgor Chariot 170pts

2xMinotaurs: Mark of Khorne; Light armor; Great Weapon 384pts

5xChaos Warhounds