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25-08-2007, 14:15
Let's see.

When a character is retired from combat as a result of refusing a challenge he is moved to a location in the unit where he is no longer in a fighting position.

Am I correct in assuming that he doesn't automatically "pop back" into his original position once the combat phase is over, but must be moved within the unit in the player's movement phase.

That would mean that refusing a challenge in your own turn essentially keeps the character out of the game through your opponents turn until you can move him back in your next turn.

Should the combat be won and the enemy be destroyed, does the character still have to wait until his next movement phase before he can be repositioned to the front ranks?

What if the character was off fighting an enemy that had enaged the unit from the rear? Assuming the enemy is evetually destroyed, when is the earliest opportunity for the character to return to the front rank?

(We usually "pop" the character back into position after a combat phase with a refused challenge, and we reposition characters to the front of the unit when the unit is no longer in combat.)


25-08-2007, 14:59
Page 77 answers your question.

25-08-2007, 15:15
Ach. Rules-blindness. And p. 74 tells us characters are move to the front rank immediately once combat is over.