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26-08-2005, 18:38
heres some tactic for those new to skaven.

slaves. my definition "living shields"

how can you go wrong for two pts per modle. you just set them up in front of your more valuble units and watch them get killed. who cares about them? thier slaves. you want them to get killed.


use these in units of 30 or more. pretty usefull when your on the offensive or the defensive.


put them with your lords as body gaurds. thier halebreds are good for killing your enemy.

thats all i have so far.

26-08-2005, 19:20
1st tactic for the "new to skaven" people: check out the Council. The Underempire ( www.underempire.net , skaven forum) is also a good start.

For those 3 core units, I have a couple suggestions from experience:

I never achieved anything with stormvermin. On about 5 games, they made it to HTH only once and there were like 12 remaining, so I lost big time! If I take them, it's because I have points left or for the magic banner.

I try not to take more than 1 "block" unit for each foot of wide. There is often terrain which will slow you down and skaven need speed and space to outmanouever the enemy.

I like having 2 blocks of clanrats, 1-2 blocks of slaves (depending on table size) and 0-1 block of plague monks (sometimes stormvermin). The slaves are there to help keeping the enemy where you want it, but their job is a lot harder with smaller space available. And I don't really like elite units. I already said why I don't like stormvermin, and the plague monks can't kill anything even with lots of attacks. They often win due to CR and the job the censers did before. I must say I often take plague monks, but it's often only in order to have a PCB unit. I really like those guys, they can take out small units by themselves, or a big unit if they charge with another unit.

EDIT: I can't say much more: most skaven units can't win on their own, but the combined effort of units will make you win. For example, night runners can screen the rat-ogres from shooting and then go march-blocking the unit in front. Or the slaves that flee so the clanrats can have a flank charge.

Oh, and the size of the units depend on the player using them and there's no really bad number. I know Warlord GnashGrod often uses blocks of 35 because he fires A LOT on them with his ratling guns/engineers. I tend to use units of 20-25, but will rarely shoot/magic them.