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26-08-2007, 04:26
Well I picked up a nice-looking Slaaneshi G-Daemon from Forge World (the 6-7inch tall female looking resin one) called "Zarakynel, the Bringer of Torments".

The model is well-done and the rules I got along with it also quite nice.

I won't go into all the numerous stat-specifics, but going from the background of the Chaos Gods, they listed her as 666-pts (they are doing this thing where each G-Daemon they make costs the number of points, tripled, of the Sacred Number of the God in question). So the B-Thirster would be 888 (since 8 is sacred to Khorne), 777 for Nurgle, and supposedly the not-yet-out (I think) Lord of Change is supposed to be 999-pts, which would make it the most expensive pts-wise model in 40-k (I think) - not counting that crazy Tau Manta ;)

ANYWAYS...the issue I have is that Zarakynel is given rules in the 40-K style ...and the pts. cost for her and the other G-Daemons Forge World has or is going to produce are all based along that 40-k baseline for costs, effectiveness etc.

When we consider that a "normal" KoS in Fantasy is over 600 pts... Zarakynel would have to be MUCH more than that "in Fantasy" (she has better WS - Str - Toughness - LD - and "Ward Save" than a basic KoS for instance).

So my question is 2-parts.

1) Are there listed rules for using the Forge World G-Daemon of Slaanesh, as the special character Zarakynel, in Warhammer: Fantasy ?

2) If NOT ...what would be "reasonable" points cost for her to be given in Fantasy, if you took her rules as listed for 40-k (stats, special abilities etc.) and applied them to Fantasy (tweaking slightly where needed to accomodate the different rules-set) ?

26-08-2007, 05:01
Fantasy rules?
nope...forgeworld doesnt seem to like doing that,they seem to avoid fantasy rules more than fantasy models

As for a points value?
Well....depends what rules your giving her.
666pts seems like a good target,meaning you get a few pts of extra's onto your regular keeper of secrets.

I do wish they'de hurry up and make that lord of change....

26-08-2007, 13:42
But here's the thing ...she IS the Forge World "Keeper of Secrets" model. IE ...if you want to buy a ForgeWorld "Keeper" - she is what you buy.

You don't HAVE to use her as "Zarakynel" - the "Special Character Keeper of Secrets" - but if you DO...you get to use her crazy stats and abilities.

The reason I think she'd HAVE to cost more than 666 in Fantasy Games is her stats are all considerably better than a basic Keeper of Secrets, which is a bit over 600-pts in Hordes of Chaos Army Book, PLUS she has a ton of special abilities which one would have to factor in too.

Some of them don't apply in Fantasy, like "Daemon Summoning" / Possession, but some would.

I think her most ridiculous (powerful) feature is that her attacks ignore BOTH a targets Armor Save as well as their Invulnerable / Ward Save ! (thanks to a combo of her basic "monstrous creature-ness" and her special Daemon Sword).

That ALONE would be worth 100+ pts in Fantasy, I would think (consider cost of Blade of the Ether, for example, which ONLY ignores Armor Saves).

Also, consider that normal troop units in Fantasy with STR-3 or 4 weaponry would not be able to scratch her ...and even Great-Weapon wielding guys like Imperial Greatswords or Great Axe hefting Beastmen would need "6"s to wound her.

That again would have to be many more points if you were to convert her for Fantasy use.

I'm thinking she'd have to be 1000-ish points in Fantasy, when you consider all her attributes. (or at least 900-ish)

28-08-2007, 06:43
Just use her as a normal keeper of secrets. The Forge World rules are unbalanced and for a completely different game system.