View Full Version : Whats a good way to magnetize a lot of Skaven?

Slaaneshi Ice Cream
28-08-2007, 00:21
Hello all,

I have a skaven force that is 2,500 to 3,000 points large. Right now a lot of the force is in a cushioned pistol case for transport. However, this means the models are all over the place when I open the case to play and I have to set up each unit on its tray again!

I also have some small rare earth magnets that fit under my models' bases. I bought a Likitor (or something like that) adhesive magnetic pad packet to put on my trays, but found that the magnet isn't strong enough to attract the rare earth magnets glued on the bottom of my rats.

So, I'm trying to think of a way to magentize all my skavens bases so that I can literally put them in formation on the movement trays, put those in the case, turn it sideways, then unpack and still have my rats ready to play with minimal to no set up. Any suggestions?

28-08-2007, 03:03
I had the same problem.
I bought some magnetic strips (local hobby shop should have some),
cut it to the right size for your regiments and glue the parts you cut off under the bases,
or just use small round magnets.
Works perfectly both for transportation and for actually playing as my movement trays are now the magnetic strips.

29-08-2007, 12:41
micromark had some metal paper sheets u could buy at one time, id check there.

people on here back when it was portent mentioned using it one of 2 ways.

either mount the metal paper to the bottom of the bases and put the sheet magnet in your movement tray or mount magnets to the bottom of the bases and put the sheet metal in your trays.

if you used the sheet magnet itself as the tray and had stable trim like sprue or plastic rod for borders, metal tool boxes for transport would be your ideal carrying case since your tray would be magnetised to the tool box and figs.


Slaaneshi Ice Cream
30-08-2007, 12:15
I bought a roll of adhesive magentic strip from the hobby store and it works great! I can actually hold my 30 rat unit of skaven upside down and they don't fall off! Yaaaaay! Now I just need more tiny rare earth magents, which no store around here seems to have. Hurray for the internet!

DarkLord Of Naggaroth
30-08-2007, 12:36
If any of that doesn't work for some reason, you could always go for old fashioned blue tack.
Sometimes it can be hard to get out of the bases, and it might not be able to survive transporting, but it's worth a try.

though, magnets sound really cool and fun! :D

30-08-2007, 13:07
Okay, my 230 rat army is all fitted with 1/4"x2/32" Thick NdFeB Disc Magnets, Ni-Cu-Ni plated.

They're something like 8$ US for 50 of them at amazingmagnets (google it)

I know you say you couldn't get yours to stick but my setup is:
Magnet glued to the bottom of the model
Sheet of metal on the other side of my (GW standard old plastic) movement tray.

I can turn my plastic units upside down without drawing a breath.

I even put them on my non regimental units. My skryre and eshin stuff stick to an old cover from a VCR for transport, and they don't ever move (I actually have to be careful to pull them off the right way so I don't rip the magnets off).

I hope this helps, I know the frustration of looking at my skaven and saying "okay, now where's green unit model #23"