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27-08-2007, 23:57
Hi Warseer! I was wondering how you would play this, or if it is covered somewhere in the rules, hidden from my eyes?

Say that a fast unit, a unit of knights are facing a unit in its flank zone and wishes to charge said target. The problem is, that unit is protected by buildings on both sides, it has used terrain to shield its flanks.

To avoid corner-to-corner discussions, the corner is not a viable charge option, they are protected by the walls of the buildings.

a) The charge is disallowed, since it cannot be made in the proper charge zone. (Strange solution, the knights' move would easily let them charge in the front).

b) The charge is allowed, re-aligning the target to give the knights the flank. (Awkward, since they have used terrain to their advantage - for a worse scenario, consider the ground between the buildings to be a castle gate, why would the guards suddenly show their flank to the enemy because he rode along the walls into combat).

c) Allow the charge, but re-assign it to the front (sounds best, but breaks every rule concerning charges and alignment)


28-08-2007, 00:00
The answer is A.

Since the knights can not make contact with the flank, they can not declare a charge.

28-08-2007, 00:34

Yes, a)