View Full Version : 2000 Point Empire List For ToFP

28-08-2007, 11:02
Ok, so here is my list for Tale Of Fantasy Painters that i intend to paint up.

What do you guys think of the list, Magic items can change easily.

(It is actually part of a 2250 list, Which has the Captain upgraded to General (216 points total [would take different items up to 100points]), and another Battle Wizard w/2Dispell scrolls (150 points).

Coming to 2242 points, but this is what i have chose to paint up for ToFP.
What do you guys think?

Captain, Warhorse w/barding, Full Plate, Shield, Shroud Of Magnus = 124
Warrior Priest, Additional Warhammer, Armour Of Meteoric Iron, Ring Of Volans = 139
Battle Wizard, Level 2, Armour Of Tarnus, Wizards Staff = 145

20xSpearmen, FC, Shields = 140
20x Swordsmen, FC = 145
18x Swordsmen, FC = 133
15x Knights, FC, Standard Of Arcane Warding = 385
10 x Handgunners = 80
5x Crossbowmen = 40 (detatch)
20x Free Company, FC = 120
20x Flagellants, Prophet Of Doom = 210

Great Cannon = 100
5 Pistolliers, Outrider, Repeater = 107

Helstorm Rocket Battery = 115

C&C would be great =)