View Full Version : bolt thrower and magic at 500? oh my!

28-08-2007, 15:26
I have a 500 point list for an attempt at getting onto my store's challenge board (i have to win 1 game to get on). heres my list:

Lore: either Fire or Metal
Level 2, Silver Wand, Jewel of the Dusk, Pure of Heart

Archers x10

Spearmen x10

Repeater Bolt Thrower

497pts total

the plan is to keep the Spearmen in front of my army to stay away any close combat units, while the Mage blasts my opponent with magic. the archers and bolt thrower are there to mop up any survivors. i already know that i will have a very hard time with Dwarves because of theyre dispell pile is larger than average. Ive used similar lists at larger games and it works pretty well.

28-08-2007, 16:06
To put it simply, your mage and missile fire won't cause enough damage against horde armies, who will likely weather the rain of fire and arrows and still outnumber your spearmen when the get into combat.
Against small armies like yours, you'll probably find that the reason they are small is because they are packing just as much magic as you, if not more, and make it impossible for you to get a spell off, OR will have tough heavily armoured troops off whom missiles will bounce or, being cavalry won't give you much of a chance to shoot at.
I'd honestly swap the archers for a unit of Reavers or another unit of Spearmen and the bolt thrower for a chariot.

29-08-2007, 11:41
yea my 500 pt skaven army with a warlock and 100 infantry models would love this army :P you. YOu def need some hitting power drop the thrower for a chariot.

29-08-2007, 11:41
Actually at 500 points panic can be a big factor in favour of this army. But chivalrous has a point, against some armies you will have a problem. Namely those with lots troops or undead, who don't panic. I would actually run silver helms (even with just a 4+save they can be deadly), reavers, or shadows over archers or spearmen. High movement makes highelves deadly.