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This is a poll to see who wrote the best fluff.

Fluff #1

The Order of the Eye of Chaos: History

The Order of the Eye of Chaos was founded in the 36th millennium by the greater daemon of undivided chaos N’ncogilyeuuuydu or, Coldface Loathrend, his common alias. No one knows Coldface Loathrend’s real name but they do know that he was born on the planet of Prospero in the late 29th millennium. During the Horus Heresy, Coldface was just a young Librarian in The Thousand Sons Legion of the Adeptus Astartes but he grew to be so much more than that. After the transition into Chaos, Coldface became a Sorcerer of Tzeentch. Once a sorcerer, Coldface became a recluse secluded within the arcane libraries of The Planet of the Sorcerers. Coldface became renowned for his knowledge and at the peak of his mortal life he was named a Lore-Master, the highest title given to a Sorcerer of Tzeentch but this glory would not last long. He did not age well, and by the middle of the 30th Millennium he found himself slowly dying. In a desperate attempt to save his life, Coldface, offered his mortality to the Chaos Gods in return for eternal life. The Chaos Gods agreed but that wasn’t it, Coldface was brought before the Chaos Gods. He was gifted so he would not die but he would continue to rot. He was given the name N’ncogilyeuuuydu meaning “The reborn” in a long dead language also, he realized one thing, there weren’t multiple Chaos Gods but just one Chaos Deity. That encounter influenced Coldface to tell his sorcerer brethren of his findings and because of his new ideas he was called senile and crazy.

So he left the Planet of the Sorcerers for good and he decided he need a more subtle method for uniting Chaos, a guild open to the leaders of Chaos. Coldface moved that thought to the back of his mind as he wandered the universe looking for a place to call home. One day he came upon a world of feral humans locked between the Tau and Ork civilizations because of this that planet was completely missed by Imperial expeditions. Coldface’s appearance caused confusion amongst the feral humans because they thought that he was their Death God. Coldface took that opportunity to form the guild he always intended to make and named it The Order of the Eye of Chaos because he thought that this organization would become the eyes and ears of Chaos.

Fluff #2

The sorcerer Belial known has troubled the Inquisition for too long;he spreads the chaos cult in alarming rates,he is stealing ancient artefacts and threatens the Imperium constantly.His name is feared by the loyalists and loved by chaos.He 's the favoured one of Coldface and leader of the high council.Long ago Belial was a Librarian of the Lunar Wolves.During the Black Crusades he believed that Abbadon purposefully failed so Horus wouldn't and thus he would remain eternal Warmaster.At the voice of such words the Black Legion banished him instead of killing him because of his great service.Banished with his warband Belial looked for a place to spread chaos in its true form were he would mastermind his plan and seek vengeance,but more over he looked for a home that had been denied to him.He found all that on Coldface's homeworld and swore himself to serve him eternaly somone who wanted vengeance against fellow chaos warriors and the Imperium.

Fluff #3

location: sector VIII
Level access: Omega
froment: vision cystal

-he/she is a mutie but not a psyker in the begining of the story => the =][= personal is perpare for a mutie cleanse not a witch hunt => during the mutie cleanese his/her psychic power wake up and charm every black ship personal on site to cursh each other with tank and rock after the psker see his/her entire mutie family burn down by the =][= personal. . NOTE : the psychic power of the psyker awake during the mutie cleanses not before the cleanese .

-=> the psychic outbreak have awake all of the psyker on his/her home world and the tide start to change form a cleanses to a war. with the psychic outbreak it trigger a powerful warp strom which pevent the black ship using melta warhead the destroy the planet . => the psker look more muture then before , and he/she start difting in the planet , she/he and meet with other mutie hordes and humen tribe form the world , which turn out many of the bossess has awaken the psychic abilty or inmumme to psychic , some becomes freinds other become food .fight many battle , learn how to control his/her abilty and many battle skill ...note : the agenada of the psyker is unknown , to male the treat psyker like a bautiful lady , but female treat the psker like a handsome man.

-=> during his/her trevel he/she bumb into a mutie blood beast horde cought and going to serve on the dinner table . as he got inperson in their nest , she/he discover their nest turn out to be a psychic teleport engine build by some xeno race . => she/he use it to escape from the person but get 'suck' by the heavy battle cruiser .note : the blood beast is aka blood god's flea in sector VIII =][= out post .something that is mutate from animal to humen in a psychic outbreak area .possessed with sami-int , and high soical order .also highly inmumme to psychic and super animal strength .

-the psker MSG style infitate the heavy battle cruiser and take over . found many bound psker in the pison , eat them all. use the power to stop the warp strom in his/her home world . than the psker sence the connetion between him/her and the xeno psyhic engine he/she encounter before . he/she order a multi melta obit stike to burn out the ocean , and the xeno psyhic engine turn out to be part of a huge xeno vessal [ think despoiler class battle ship] .after all the psker's freind had entire the vessal , after both ship is men and in the space , the xeno space ship's date cystal start to react to the psker's psychic power and inputing the knowlage of the warp in to the psker and his/her's mind . the vision cystal ends here .note: you can see a giant warp entiry in the psyker's shadow, at the end of the vision .

Fluff #4

Name; *unkonwn*
Aliases; The Iconoclast of Beta V, Enticer, Butchar Supremis.
Legion of Origin; Emperror's Children
Current Location; Mercenary work for Renegades in the Maelstrom

The Sorcerer of Slaanesh was first reported during the Sundering when the Emperor's Children fled Terra to the eye of Terror, reaping worlds and capturing slaves in the millions. The first fleeting steps of physical pleasure that was promised by Slaanesh were dull in comparison compared to the pleasure afforded by the pursuit of forbidden knowledge. The first tenative steps yielded very little in the ways of knowledge, until he discovered the second Scroll known as the Apocryphos of Slaanesh, an ancient text written by an ancient Farseer during the collapse of the Eldar Empire. The text concerned deals with the creation and strengthening of a Deity, and was seperated into 6 different fragments scattered across the Galaxy to prevent the knowledge getting into the wrong hands.

Many raids on the Thosand Sons followed as the newly created Noise Marines fought for their master's knowledge, which secured the whereabluts of three other fragments, one on the Craftworld of Ulthwe, one located on a barren Crypt world near the Ghost Stars, and the third known fragment resided within the Black Library.

Using the chaos that was rife during the time of the sundering, many cults were founded with the sole aim of tracking down and passing on the Scrolls.

After discovering the first fragment, the Sorcerer attacked the system of Belar II and earned his title of The Iconoclast of Beta V after subjigating the newly-founded Shine-workd of Beta, casting down its Ivory Aquillas and instigating a worldwide revolution in the name of Slaanesh.

After the success of the Belar II incident, a vision was gifted revealing the whereabouts of another Scroll, located within an Exodite colony.

due to the remote location of the Eldar

During the three year conflict with the Eldar, the Scroll was obtained, but at a cost of his allies. His troops betrayed him as he claimed they were but pawns in his plans. Abandoned, he waited until the inevitable Imperial Colonisation began.

the 300 year wait for the Colony Ships to arrive was tiresome, but progress on translation was made, and with the Spirit Stones of the vanquished Exodites, he was able to summon Daemonic Forces to aid the speed of the translation, and in turn corrupted the land with the taint of Chaos.

When the first ships arrived, he waited until a Vessel suitable enough for his purpose. Duly enough one arrived that fitted his plans. After stowing aboard under the pretense of Administering the Emperor's blessing to the Ship, he disappeared. With the remaining Spirit Stones in his posession, it was a simple matter of storming the Astropath choir and sacrificing them to Slaanesh. with no communications, the ship was stranded. During the estimated 14 months of isolation, the ship broke down into little more than Gang warfare between various groups, many falling to promises of Glory in the eyes of the Dark gods, prepetuated by the Sorcerer.

By the time Imperial vessels reached the ship, its crew had completely lost any semblance of sanity and even Humanity, by which time it had reached the Maelstrom

Now under the employ of Huron Blackheart, the next steps in his scheme are being planned as well as the potential of gaining control of a sizeable army under his current master means that his presence is rightly feared.

"Butchar Supremis" was the last message recieved from Inquisitor Lermarrk during a Red Corsair raid on an Escort he was inspecting. The rest of the shaky footage shows a figure with "flames upon his back" as well as many of the Inquisitorial Stormtroopers seemingly abandoning cover to head towards a mysterious figure leading the attack. Worryingly, the footage cuts short when the Inquisior attempts to execute the Navigator to prevent his capture. No further communications have been madewith the Task Force since then, and due to failure to act under Inquisitorial Guideling XXV9;8945 C, Inquisitor Lermarrk has been considered Excommunicate.

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only four entry ??? thats so sad ... sob sob ,maybe we can add more ppl after the poll ?

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only four entry ??? thats so sad ... sob sob ,maybe we can add more ppl after the poll ?

Yeah I know I think it was because of warseer going haywire.

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I do have mine up, had it up for about a day. Maybe the poll should be scrubbed and reposted. Maybe that's shameless self promotion on my part... i report you decide

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I do have mine up, had it up for about a day. Maybe the poll should be scrubbed and reposted. Maybe that's shameless self promotion on my part... i report you decide

Well I'm not sure because i did post rules saying if fluff wasn't up by X you would be dq'd and I extended it several hours to boot. So it depends on the number of votes. If it's under 20 then we'll make a new one over then stays the same maybe we could have an poll for another thing as consolation for those who were late and/or lost the first one?