View Full Version : 2000 Points Necrach Vampire Counts - with Dragon!

29-08-2007, 11:41
Here be another list!

Necrach Lord
Level 3 Wizard;
Crown of the Damned, Cursed Book,
Forbidden Lore
Zombie Dragon

Level 2 Wizard;
Dispel Scroll, Book of Arkhan
Barded Steed

20 Skeletons
Light Armour, Shield
Full Command

19 Zombies
Musician, Standard Bearer

8 Ghouls

6 Fell Bats

5 Dire Wolves

5 Dire Wolves

9 Black Knights
Barded Steed
Full Command

Black Coach

Power Dice; 7 Dice, 1 Bound Spell
Dispel Dice: 5 Dice, 1 Scroll

The idea here is to have a fast list that isn't overly reliant on its characters. Its more reliant on speed.

How do you think it will fare?

29-08-2007, 23:09
A vampire general is never good to have on a dragon. It really sucks when warmachines take him out in the first couple of turns. Plus if he's flying around he's not helping your units move.

I'd you like the model I would look at 3000+ lists.

29-08-2007, 23:19
I ran him in a game today and was pleasantly surprised by how well he did. The War Machines you mention really suffered because of the unexpected undead guy flying infront of them and casting IoN. The whole shock factor of what had happened really seemed to kick the guy where it hurt...

29-08-2007, 23:52
It looks like an interesting list. It should be fun to play, and fairly competitive.

Although I'm not sure about the infantry, with the general flying off
I expect they'll be too slow to keep up with the rest of the army.

How about dropping them and adding more wolves of core. I consider using a sizeable (maybe 8 or 9?) unit of wolves to protect the necromancer and keep him out of combat.

The freed up points should also let you add another unit of knights (maybe 6). And give the big unit a magic banner, either banner of the barrows or warbanner to give them more punch.

I'm guessing you want the large unit of knights to have a rank bonus, if you do I'd consider running 12, I really like them 6 wide in 7th ed, as you can get every model in base contact against units with a rank bonus.

The other trick I'd consider is adding more little units of wolves and ghouls. These serve two purposes. They let you harass the enemy and block charges. But even better they let you delay deploying your important units until most of the enemy troops are down.