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29-08-2007, 11:41
CourtJester17 asked me earlier if i could make a badge for him presuming he could RIP my Night Assassin. Now, here are my probs:

a) i dunno **** about graphics, let alone how to design a badge
b) i dunno how this could be incorporated into our WSFA league...

so, i wanted to ask, shall we make a bounty kinda thing, with a badge award, so whoever achieves a certain RIP, they get a badge??? if so, i'll put ZoomZoom up for a badge immediately :)

29-08-2007, 21:30
Good he needs to die an AGI 5 no stunty passing dodging ball carrying machine does not belong in stunty kill maim burn him

29-08-2007, 22:44
I am in the process of updating the WSFA Assassin badge award with new contracts. All the big guys who had access to general skills are on it, and I might add a few more. (see Highlander issue 12 out soon)

Zoom Zoom is a good candidate because the WSFA hates the uber winning player and I might put one out on Robocop because it would be fun watching hordes of stuntylings die trying to earn honour and glory trying to take him out.

30-08-2007, 09:09
well, to be honest, ive been avoiding using him for scoring as he literally dominates the game, so i just let him dodge around the pitch and allow the other players to score whenever possible... he still changes the course of the match, but doesnt dominate anymore...

then again, maybe its coz im afraid of him aging :)

30-08-2007, 13:31
I think I would donate one point from any points i score to the team/coach that kills that rat

Can you do that Ten?

30-08-2007, 20:06
I think I would donate one point from any points i score to the team/coach that kills that rat

Can you do that Ten?

You have just given me an idea

22-09-2007, 09:11
Is there anyone in need of a team badge for the Warriors tourney and has appalling if not non-existent graphix skills? Then call 555-P-H-R-O-L-L and get one ordered today, money back guarantee!

24-09-2007, 16:21
I could use one Phrollikk I wanted some kinda nose with snot coming out of it. If you could do me up sometthing

24-09-2007, 17:50
Ah our first customer! Come right in sir and tell me what it is you want? As a special for our first customer we give away a free hat with the WSFA Logo and lollipops to the kiddies :-)

Sure thing Court. Any special requests, whackiness, style (cartoon nose etc.)?

(This is totally dependant on what pics I can troll from google images...)

24-09-2007, 20:12
Yeah something Cartoony and Funny. I was trying to find a pic of that big NOSE from the NICK show Double Dare that you had to dig into and find the flag i thought that would be funny but i never found one.

24-09-2007, 21:57
Right I went and messed about in Gimpshop and voila, here's an image!


Suits your needs?

25-09-2007, 01:44
ohhhhh i like that even looks like a little snot now how do i post it up nice

25-09-2007, 07:27
Glad you like it. Turned out better than I thought :)

Right-click and save the image to your drive. Go to fumbbl.com, and then go to your team bio (Snots Feeling Well). Click on the Add Image in the team's bio and upload the image. It will have to be approved by the fumbbl staff before you can use it. might take 1-10 hours.

25-09-2007, 19:03
While we are on about team badges, Deathboy has a plain ordinary goblin team for the WSFA entry.

Here is a badge I did for him as a temp measure.

Deng Ham
25-09-2007, 20:45
two very sweet logos..
Can't wait to see them pritnted on the pitch

01-10-2007, 19:47
Bumped for Deathboy

01-10-2007, 19:51
Ty ten, that pic is nice, I will use that i fyou dont mind instead of hte other 1