View Full Version : 1500pts Dark Elves, Visil-Inu's Raiding Legion

27-08-2005, 04:13
Visil-Inu, Dark Elf Noble: 116pts
-heavy armor, sea dragon cloak, halberd
(rides in a Cold One Chariot)

Mistress Eliynari, Sorceress: 185pts
-level 2 upgrade
-Darkstar Cloak, Seal of Ghrond

Sister Shinowyn, Sorceress: 115pts
-Dispel Scroll

Total: 416pts

20 Corsairs: 270pts
-full command, Banner of Murder
20 Corsairs: 225pts
-full command
5 Dark Riders: 127pts
-musician, rxbows
5 Dark Riders: 127pts
-musician, rxbows

Total: 749pts

2 Cold One Chariots: 194pts
5 Shades: 70pts
5 Shades: 70pts

Total: 334pts

Grand Total: 1499pts
# of Druchii: 66
# of rxbow shots: 42

So what do you think? Alot of bang for the buck is the feeling I get from this list. Lots of scout/fast cav shooters, two nice blocks of infantry, 2 chariots, and 2 sorceresses to boot. I cant wait to test it. :)

Is there anything you'd change or any ideas you may have? :cool:

Monkeys always win
15-09-2005, 06:23
yeah it seems good but if you want to continue the 'bang' how about dropping the scroll caddy for a reaper boltthrower?

15-09-2005, 07:17
I think we have been through this before, but how about dropping the Banner of Murder for Soul Shadows Standard? It is my experience that with Banner of Murder you are tempted to go for a long charge and by this you open up the flanks of the unit. While with Soul Shadows Standard you can flee and expose the flanks of the opposing unit, ie. a moving ambush. Espesially with two chariots this is going to be success full.
That would mean that you have to get rid of a Corsair, but i belive you can live with it... ;)