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27-08-2005, 05:29
So, I just read to my children "Flat Stanley" It's about a Stanley who gets flattened and comes to like it cause of all the things he can do being flat. He then finds that he can be sent anywhere by way of letter (being flat and all).

So here's my thing. I'm starting a Yahoo Group dedicated to the flat characters of the WARHAMMER 40k and Fantasy alike. This is how it works. When you join the group you create your own folder for your character and its home address. Then as other addresses are added you then send your character with a journal to another address of your choosing. When the host gets the character he takes him through some of the quest that (s)he is on. take a few pictures and add them to the character's folder back on the group. the owner can then, after a few days go by, check on the characters status and see where they have been and what kind of things have happened to the character....the character goes from "planet to planet" on their quest until they complete it or die; at whiche time are sent back to there "home planet" for proper burial. While you are hosting you write a few highlights in the journal. when you are done send the character to another "planet". After you ahve created your character write a brief description of him and the quest they are on and include the "home planet" in it. My previous handle on Portent was Blacksteel just so if someone recognizes the name they know i've been here for a while. once i get the group going will add the link to my sig. thanks!