View Full Version : Expanding from 1500 to 2000pts, Tzeentch

30-08-2007, 02:21
1) Exalted Daemon 230pts
Mark of Tzeentch 75pts
Master of Mortals 5pts- 310 pts

2) Asp Champ w/ Mark of Tzeentch 150pts
Spell Familiar 15pts - 165pts

3) Marauders (X25) 125pts
Shields, Light Armor
and flails 75pts
Full Comm 25pts = 225 pts

4) Chaos Knights (X5) 165pts
Full Comm 50pts
Mark of Tzeetnch 20pts =235pts

5) Marauder Horsemen (X5) 65pts
Musician, Flails Shields 26pts = 91 pts

6) Marauder Horsemen (X5) 65pts
Musicians, Flails Shields 26pts = 91 pts

7 Chaos Chariot w/ Mark of Tzeetnch 140 pts

8) Chaos Chariot w/ Mark of Tzeetnch 140 pts

9) Hounds of Chaos X5 =30pts

10) Hounds of Chaos X5 = 30pts

This list is 1457 pts and I would like to expand it to 2000pts. I want to add some minotaurs or ogres and a beastman champion (fluff purposes) but am unsure as to whom I should choose. I would add Wargor with a MoT also. Help me expand this list to 2000pts. The list looks light on models as well, should I add more mauraders? And, is the Wargor good, or should I choose exalted champion and upgrade the daemon to a prince?