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30-08-2007, 12:46
Hi everyone,

I haven't played with my trusty Empire army for some time and I haven't even bought the new book yet. Nonetheless, here's an army made with the help of my friend who gave some general guidelines on points cost and such; the points may be a bit off, but I'd like some feedback anyway. Thx all. :)


Arch lector 261
- Great weapon
- AoMI
- War altar

Can he use the great weapon while on a war altar? If not, I have to figure out something else.

Captain 147
- Full plate armour
- Warhorse
- Barding
- Doomfire ring
- Sword of might

Battle wizard 135
- 2 level
- Warhorse
- Rod of power

Battle wizard 110
- 2 level
- Wizard's staff

Every character in the army has some kind of magical ability so I hope I'm able to swamp the enemy with missiles and such.

5*Knightly orders 123
- Musician

5*White wolves 123
- Musician

I know white wolves are not that good, but maybe they can handle a flanking role regardless of their poor hitting power.

25*Spearmen 170
- Shields
- Full command
>9*Free company 45

25*Swordsmen 175
- Full command
>9*Free company 45

12*Crossbowmen 96

15*Greatswords 180
- Full command
>9*Free company 45

The main force. Every block should be able to hold their ground against most foes with the help of their detachments and characters. The crossbowmen will be deployed in either flank to get rid of fast cavalry etc.

6*Pistoliers 128

Great cannon 100

Helblaster 115

The pistoliers should have a musician, but I haven't converted one yet. The warmachines should be able to blast most big things to smithereens.

TOTAL 1998