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30-08-2007, 17:42
wood elves were my first army bout 10 years ago and iv just been collecting them ever since, got bout 10k + now and iv had a few games with various 2k list but none have been succesful. since then iv collected tomb Kings and Lizardmen and with that iv learnt so much more about warhamer in general so now iv went back to my forgotten archer to see if i can reclaim there once good name. so here goes.

Highborn - 576

Bow of Loren
Arcane Bodkins
Annoyence of Netlings
Light Armour
Talisman of Protection

Noble - 158

Light Armour
Great Weapon
Hail of Doom Arrow
Helm of the Hunt

Spellsinger - 140

Dispel Scroll
Dispel Scroll

10 Glade Guard - 120
10 Glade Guard - 120
8 Drayds - 96
8 Drayds - 96

7 Wild Riders - 243 - F.cmd, Warbanner

Treeman - 285
7 Waywatchers - 168

PD - 3
DD - 3
Total - 2000

above is the revised list after thinking that in my club u play alot of Dark elves, Goblins and empire. so i have changed the list to get more troops, i was surprised what i could get just by dropping the unit of 23 Eternal Guard and teh BSB.

so heres the new plan for this list, in general the highborn flys behind enemies and march blocks, with terror, then with the dragon breath working on ranked weaker units and him shooting anything with a half decent save should cause panic. the archers are there for support. teh waywatchers take out warmachines and move asap to help the highborn, unless the enemy has lone characters. the mage and treeman will start the game inside the 6" forest and start moving up the field, and cant be shot due to the trees, while still using strange root if in range.The wild riders and highborn also hav another tatic, as when an enemy is in range i would charge with the wild riders and dragon on the same turn (when the dragons behind the enemy) giving me the rear and the unit having to pass terror and hopefully the combinded atack power should wipe out units (very effective against chaos knights in a unit of 5). the Dryads units will work the flanks headin inwards trying to get flank charges, but iv only had the one game against chaos khorne army, so no magic. i am unsure how this army would work against an army thar used magic, as i only hav 3 DD and 2 scrolls, hopefully by turn 2/3 i would of hunted down and either killed or br in combat with any magic user, but as i said im working on it and would like to hear so coments on wether this list would work.

the changes made incase people were wonders are:
highborn - changed from gw to spear
noble - from BSB and Royal Banner of Arial
had 23 Eternal Guard unit, full cmd, warbanner
took them out and added in as list above


01-09-2007, 16:15
Just a few thoughts:

54 models in a 2k list seems a tad on the light side but it's what you get when you put in a dragon and a treeman.

I suspect that any artillery laden list is going to make you VERY sad. Empire, dwarfs, skaven, high and dark elves can all annhilate your list in a big hurry as you simply don't have enough models to take the inevitable incoming fire.

You are going to find yourself having to use your lord on dragon to hunt war machines which seems an inefficient use for him.

General build issues include: a great weapon on your general makes him attack last and only adds +1 S. A spear is as good on the charge without the strike last penalty in later rounds.

A 100 pt banner on your BSB is the points for most of a unit of waywatchers, gladeguard, gladeriders or an entire small unit of scouts.

The scroll caddie is, well, a scroll caddie. Nothing wrong there.

The only problem I see with your troops is that there simply aren't enough of them.

I'd consider decreasing the size of the wild riders to free up points and move the warbanner to them.

In closing, I fear your army will do very poorly against any hoarde or shooty army due to the fact you have very little of anything including: march interdiction, magic defense (even with the MR 1), shooting, mobility.

Try it and see if you like the way it plays but don't be surprised to find Mr. Dragonlord on foot and Mr. Treeman a pile of kindling by turn 2.