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31-08-2007, 02:20
Sup all,

I've seen this concept floating around and like to keep myself abreast of as many fluff tidbits as I can, so if anyone can add/expand on this I'd appreciate it:

The Emperor returned to Terra after Ullanor (sp?) to work in the dungeons of the Imperial Palace on a secret project which was presumably to either 1) untangle the mysteries of the Warp or 2) prepare for humanities takeover of the Eldar Webway via a portal that the Golden Throne was built upon. After the Horus Heresy the emperor remained on the Throne to do his thing (the astronomicon, etc.) but also keep the webway portal closed so demons do not come pouring through it.

I welcome all answers that expand on this, correct parts, verify, etc. Thanks.

31-08-2007, 03:39
That's pretty much it. From the Horus Heresy artwork book (based on the fluff from the CCG). Nothing here is rumor, it's all canon GW fluff.

Emperor tried to access the webway to free humanity from relying on the warp for travel. He access a sealed webway gate on terra, and built an artificial link between it and the webway (either breaking open the seal, or bypassing it completely, details not known).

Unlike the eldar webway, the "human" section of it did not have the self-repairing anti-daemon sheath. The Emperor kept an artificial one going throgh minimal psychic effort thanks to a ton of wards.

Magnus's message shattered the wards and the Emperor was forced to basically lash himself to the gateway generator to keep the daemons out. Daemons flooded Terra, and the Custodes and the Sisters of Silence fought them off.

The Emperor briefly disconnected himself to battle with Horus, and Malcador took over during the fight. Malcador's brief time connected sucked out his life, proving that normal humans, even super psykers like Malcador, can't sustain the device.

Emperor, now shattered after fight with Horus, commands that he be bound to the gateway eternally to keep the anti-daemon sheath active. This not only saves Terra from Invasion, but keeps Daemons from invading the entire eldar webway and basically flooding into anywhere in the universe via the webway.

The books suggests that the Astronomicon has nothing to do with the Emperor anymore. The psykers keep it running themselves. The concept of "feeding the emperor with souls of psykers" seems to be a front to keep the public from knowing that the Emperor has become the "little dutch boy" with his psychic finger in the dam wall.

31-08-2007, 04:17
Thanks for the reply, I picked up a few details I hadn't know from your post which make the overall picture fit better for me :cool: