View Full Version : Book of Secrets... useless?

27-08-2005, 12:34
I've fought a lot of Chaos armies in my time (in fact, it seems the only things I face are Chaos armies... but I digress), but Iíve never seen anyone use the Book of Secrets before. For 40 points, it just doesn't seem... well... useful... Even in a low point value battle (1000 or less), it doesn't make too much sense to me.

Does anyone here seriously use this item? If so, in what combination?

27-08-2005, 14:54
Hi there,

Well, where I play tournements, in the netherlands, it is a quite common item in chaos armies. Especially in 1500 pts, it's very handy, allowing you to field 2 sorcerers and 1 exalted, with book, enchanted shield and a GW.
Basicly, you use the book as a cheap power/dispell die, as the power familiar is 10 pts more. You won't cast with the book, so it can't backfire on him. Or just give him steed of shadows and scare the crap out of an unsuspecting enemy wizard (and kill him while you're at it).

never thought of it as useless....

27-08-2005, 16:08
It is practically, a second Power Familliar, very important when it comes to magical defence in low number Chaos armies, such as All Mounted Slaanesh with Lord on Dragon, where it is VERY usefull, seeing that the Lord can take it and still boot a nice arsenal of weapons and protection whilst a Slaaneshian Sorceror at level 2 picks the Power Familliar and the second one on level two something like Staff of Sorcery, now, you have a total of 6 Dispell Dice with +1 to dispell, it will last much longer against a Magic Heavy army than a bunch of Scrolls that will be burnt through in the first round of magic

Ivan Stupidor
27-08-2005, 22:30
And it's always fun to take Fire magic and hope you roll up the Flaming Sword. Other than that, it's an extra dispel dice.

31-08-2005, 01:50
when i took it i would give it to my leader (exaltred champ w/ flail) all you have to do is give him steed of shadows (1st spell in shadows). You instantly have a chariot/mage/light calvary killer!

Hrath Dreadaxe
31-08-2005, 09:05
It's ok, it is generaly used for a cheaper power familia but there is one tactic that works pritty well. An exalted/aspiring champion with BOS great wep and shield, take steed of shadows, cast this spell when ever you want in your magic phase, it can be extreamly dangourus but it is not necissery for you to cast it

02-09-2005, 22:13
Sure, it's worth it.

Assuming you don't try to cast anything (and thus, don't get horribly smacked around with a miscast), it's another power familiar for 10 points less.

03-09-2005, 19:44
Choose Shadow lore, take steed of shadows, give your character a double handed weapon, and you have a flying chariot destroyer with 360 degree line of sight. Not bad for 40 points.

Ethereal Alpaca
04-09-2005, 14:12
I nearly always give it to my exalted champion in 1000pt battles. My only other wizard is a one sorceror, so it pays to have the extra dice. And it's fun seeing the look on your opponents face when the "wizard" turns out to have 4 S+WS 7 attacks. :D