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31-08-2007, 11:41
Hi, fellow Warseers and Warbosses.

Recently I have been thinking about fielding Snotlings as a sort of detachment to my orc blocks, protecting their flancs, using them for redirection etc. In that way, they can replace the old 2-point goblins.

After all, they are immune to psychology and do not test for animosity, making them even better than their goblin cousins, for the tactical part of the fight.

The reason for fielding snotlings in this way is that I have recently experienced the problem of keeping a battle line due to animosity. If a gobbo unit fail its animosity test, the orcs beside it will expose its flank as it moves on, or vice versa. When your units eventually make it to the enemy, one by one rather than in a uniform manner, exposed flanks make the charge all the more important. If the enemy holds, he can flank you, and you will most probably lose the battle.

For 40 pts/unit of snotlings, I will have more tactical options during the battle, can counter Empire detachments, can redirect eventual flankers and potentially countercharge an exposed flank myself. I do not try to convince myself that the Snotlings themselves will do the difference, but are they a good "upgrade" for an infantry block?

I am thinking of fielding two or three units (for games around 2000 points). Does anyone else use snotlings and if so, for what?

/Snotling lover

31-08-2007, 15:56
couple flaws:
1) negating ranks and flank bonus is well and good, but I can hardly see any RaF unit not getting the bonus es back with the easy wounds they can inflict to snots. 5 wounds and they become a burdain, not a benefit. Zombies can easily give snots 5 wounds...
And 20 points a base is expensive for what they can do (which is, basically, nothing).
The only good thing snots can do is redirect a charge and die in the process - so wolves are much better for that. Let's face it, stubborn with ld4 isn't going to make them stick around - so they can't even be expected to be used as shields, they WILL break against any foe.
I got something like 10 snotling bases (build them up out of snots coming from various sources), tried them a few times in different situations, and the only thing they ever manage to do was hold on a quarter of the battletop because ignoring them is the best course of action.

01-09-2007, 10:04
Yep, Snots are decent for what you are suggesting, though less so for flanking stuff as they are so weedy. Another use I have found for them is a safe place to put my shamans, to keep them effective throughout the game.
And they can hold table quarters.

Stuff: Snotling Units (http://folk.ntnu.no/tarjeia/avian/tactics/snotling_units_chars.php)

01-09-2007, 12:06
I don't like my shamans in a unit, they lose the 360 LoS and can't escape as easily. Prefer to put them in cover. But yeah, snots would be a viable option since they're immune to panic, but still, need a few of them to be effective shields against shooting, and they're too expensive just for that.