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31-08-2007, 12:17
Ok, this is my first try at it, here's what i've come up with so far:

Undivided Lord 278pts
Blade of Blood
Armor of Damnation
Ok, i can't manage to get this guy into a unit, as i'll explain later

Exalted Champion of Slaanesh 210pts
Berserker Sword
Enchanted shield
Steed of Slaanesh
Oh look, this guy again!

Aspiring Champion of Nurgle 149 pts
Helm of many eyes
Great Weapon
This guy is supposed to go on the great weapon marauder unit, i thought his strike first ability and his fear would make quite a good block of infantry

Undivided Scroll caddy 170pts
lvl 2 and 2 Dispell Scrolls
I can't seem to place this guy in a unit either, but i think having it is a must, i generally run only 2 dispell dice and it usually costs me the game VS Magic heavy armies.

19 Marauders 158 pts
Great Weapons
Full Command

19 Marauders 158 pts
Light armour and Shield
Full command

15 Chaos Warriors of Nurgle 305 pts
Shield, Standard&Musician

5 Chosen Knights of Slaanesh 255pts

3 X 5 Warhounds

4 Minotaurs 196pts
Mark of Chaos Undivided, Great Weapons & light armour


So, as you can see i need some help! I wanted to use the Nurgle Aspiring Champion on marauder unit for the fear+strike first,making it a really hard unit to beat down, but that seems to be a thorn in the side. Should I really go for that combo or it's just not worth it? Having 3 units causing fear seemed nice before.

The overall tactic was supposed to be having 3 blocks of infantry capable of handing themselves in combat but still having lots of hard hitting fast units "roaming around". Plus, I really like Chaos Warriors and Marauders, and always tend to give the armies that infantry heavy look.

Other stuff i left out but wouldnt mind having is a Beast Herd with Shaman, Mounted deamonettes, Ogres, Screamers and Furies.
With all this in mind, advise me on changes and stuff to swap or add as there are still points missing.

31-08-2007, 12:25
You're doing an army of STDs?
Sexy Slaanesh and Rotting Nurgle?
Hope your Lord has some protection!

Put your sorceror in a unit of marauders with the lord to help out in combat. What lore will you be taking? I would suggest fire for shooty missile spells.

Good luck.

31-08-2007, 15:59
You're doing an army of STDs?
Sexy Slaanesh and Rotting Nurgle?
Hope your Lord has some protection!

You actually made me crack a smile with that comment. :p

01-09-2007, 13:24
He has Chaos Armour condoms :)

I have been thinking of swapping the Nurgle Aspiring for another Sorceror, but i may try this combination first.

How about the rest of the army? I think it is rather uncoerent, as i tried to put in everything i already had or like.

02-09-2007, 11:38
My 2k list for Slaanesh only runs like:
30 marauders with h/w shield and Sorceror (either caddy or lvl 2 with fire depending on what I want to do)
12 marauders with gt weapons - these guys act like empire detachment and will flank the big block to get the flank charge when the enemy charge the parent block.

2 units of 6 horsemen - these guys can be your best unit with the only shooting in the army run them down the flank and threaten the flank units peppering the enemy with axes or spears and run away from the charge

12 hounds for another flanking unit.

1 or 2 chariots with possibility of an asp. champ also

Unit of 6 knights rapture standard

Lord / ex champ on steed in this unt also.

If points allow - a slaanesh spawn or 2 just for flavour

I don't go for chaos warriors as I don't think they are worth their points and tend to be targeted by enemy arty.

If the mood takes me I might also throw in a unit or 2 of centigors for another speedy unit.

This gives me 2 fast cav units a large block of speedy hounds 2 chariots to threaten a 14" charge, 1/2 units of centigors who may be frenzied charging 16" and 2 spawn charging max 18" tying up enemy until the big block of marauders show up!

Hope this helps.


02-09-2007, 14:39
Hrmmm... your list is interesting, however, there are some flaws, Undivided Knights are generally better than Slaanesh (when not fighting undead), due to their abillity to flee charges, however, what makes Slaaneshi chosen as good as they are is the Raptorous Standard, something I think your Knights deffinately do want. Not having a banner on Chosen Knights is generally a bad move anyhow, why not make it count for something as well?.

Your Sorceror is an iffy setup, he doesn't need the second level, he won't get any spells off, and thus, that is 35 points wasted on nothing, a scroll caddy will do just fine hiding in the woods. Use these spare points for upgrading your Aspiring to an Exalted, tons better than an Aspiring for a mere penny points-wise.

The idea of a Nurgle character with Marauders is a very good one as well, however, I think I'd go for Helmet, Gaze, Armour of Damnation and a Greatweapon on your Lord and have him as the First Striker, I'll explain.

A Nurgle character benefits a lot from his own toughness, and, despite striking first is tempting with an Exalted, one more attack and a higher weaponskill makes that abillity on a Lord simply evil, not to mention that Ld9 and the Mark of Chaos Undivided makes him much more able to pass the Stupidity test than the Exalted of Nurgle. A Nurgle Exalted to go with the second unit of Marauders is however a very good idea though, and I think you should keep it, however, he should be kitted out differently.

A Hallberd is a very nice thing to put on an Exalted Champion, strength six and four attacks makes the Hallberd an exellent weapon, especially since you keep your Innitiative. With a Hallberd, you should go for either the Crown of Everlasting Conquest or the Armour of Tortured Souls for the Exalted (I have dabbled in using it lately, and on Exalteds, it makes them put all but immune to your standard infantry attacks, and other Heroes that haven't invested in strength increasing weapons). No matter which one of the two you choose, you won't really be dissapointed, it all depends on if you want him to fend off Rank and File or Knights and Characters really. If you have or can get the Beasts of Chaos book, I would reckomend you the Slaughterers Blade for the Exalted, regeneration and a magical Greatweapon on a Nurgle character? Yes please.

I would also drop one Minotaur as well as their Lightarmour in order to free up the points to get a unit of Nurglings, they are some of the best infantry supporters out there, -1 to hit a unit of Marauders or Warriors makes them that much more durable in combat, taking the edge out of a lot of killer units after the innitial charge. Also worth thinking about would be to flesh out the Marauder units with five more in each, giving you five ranks, meaning that if you suffer one dead Marauder, the fighting abillity of the unit will not diminish, however, at the moment, it will.

Also, you don't really have anything to deal with M&A's (Magic and Artillery characters/pieces), you need something fast for this, Mounted Daemonettes, Furies, Screamers and Fleshhounds are some of the best weapons mortals can bring to deal with this, perhaps consider dropping the Slaaneshi elements in favour of some Khornate followers? A unit of Khornate Knights and a unit of Fleshhounds would allow you an Exalted of Khorne to ride with the Knights (he doesn't need much, Collar of Khorne, Hallberd and a Chaos Steed, and then, he's all set).

I think that this slight modification (swapping Chosen Slaanesh for non-chosen Khorne, Exalted of Slaanesh for Exalted of Khorne and then spending some points on a unit of Fleshhounds) would give this army a more "realistic" theme (Nurgle = less hatefull towards Khorne, arch nemesis of Tzeentch, Slaanesh = less hatefull towards Tzeentch, arch nemesis of Khorne). It would also offer you some faster elements without sacrificing any of the hittyness of the army as it currently stands.

My two cents... and perhaps a bit more :p

02-09-2007, 19:30
Thanks for the really nice replies!!

After reading throught them all, i've came up with this:

Chaos Lord 300pts
Helm of Many Eyes
Blade of Blood
Armour of damnation

Exalted Of Slaanesh 210pts
Steed of slaanesh
berserker sword
enchanted shield

2 X Sorcerers 145pts
2nd level
Dispell scroll


15 Warriors of Slaanesh 263pts

18 Marauders 151pts
Shield, light armour, full command

14 Marauders 123pts
Great Weapons, full command

5 Chosen Knights of Khorne 280pts

3 X 6 Warhounds 36pts


6 Furies 90pts

4 Minotaurs 184
Undivided Mark, Great Weapon


The Lord and a Sorcerer both go on the bigger marauder unit, the other sorcerer goes on the smaller one wich guards a flank of the main unit. The warriors guard the other flank.
I went all the way to Chosen Khorne Knights because i can now field the army without having to use proxys.

Nurglings are really great, but for it to pay out, as i see it, i had to use two units and they are 0-1 :(

02-09-2007, 19:47
That is a feeling I had at the start as well, however, the level of "Don't get any infantry close to the blocks we're guarding" that they send out is unbelievable, I suggest you at least proxy them for a game.

I still suggest you drop a Minotaur though, it'll get you two more Furies and a few more Marauders, don't worry about an odd marauder in a backrank, that's one casualty less to worry about. Marauders are statistics, it's when they start to loose rank bonuses that they become a worry.