View Full Version : Polling for tanks

31-08-2007, 18:30
Personally I think its the Cyclops. Seeing as how it can actually be transported inside a Chimera or Valkyrie makes it hardly a tank at all.

31-08-2007, 18:43
Gotta be the Cyclops, what other tank(ette) can be transported within a tank?

Gonna paint mine pink and call it "Barbara" :D

31-08-2007, 18:48
I knew a girl named Barbara. Her favorite color was pink and she was about 4'8". She went off to college a while ago. She doesnt actually have any growth disorder, shes just short.

31-08-2007, 19:23
The Piranya simply looks best. Then comes the Tetra... although both aren't "tanks", but out of that list at most the centaur is, and I totally dislike it together will all the other dkok stuff...

The best Vehicle is the Imperial Navy Valkiri followed by the Ground Control Dropship aeeehhh I mean Tau Orca.

31-08-2007, 19:28
I vote for the Cyclops. Maybe one day, it will grow up to ba a Chimera, if it doesn't get blown up. ;)

Lt. Co Steel
31-08-2007, 21:23
The cyclops is without doubt the cutest tank. "bleeb, bleeb, bleeb, KABOOM!!!!"

31-08-2007, 22:16
Cyclops cyclops cyclops cyclops cyclops cyclops cyclops cyclops cyclops!!!

God I love that little tank. Truly adore it.