View Full Version : how to start a clan eshin army?

the brewer
01-09-2007, 10:36
i want to start playing with skaven, mostly clan eshin(either normal rules or SoC rules) but i don't know what to get first. what would you recomend?

01-09-2007, 15:38
I'd recommend that you start a skaven horde army (i.e. lots of clanrats) and then make a Clan Eshin army out of the horde of models you have. If you choose to do that, pick up a battalion or two first.

01-09-2007, 17:21
3 boxes of night runners or 2 boxes of Night runners and 1 Clanrat box
7 assassin type models - for 2 Eshin triads and Master Assassin conversion
2 Sorcerer/Engineer type - for Eshin Sorcerer conversion.

and.. that's about it really.

Gutter Runners and tunnellers can be created from Night runners.

DarkLord Of Naggaroth
01-09-2007, 17:29
I guess it depends on the level of points you want to use.

While being an interesting army to play with, nearly all-eshin armies are very killable and hard to play with. So I'd recommend if you're going for around 1500 points. To get 2 Good 30-strong Units of clanrats. (This now means you can take 2 of any other unit in your army due to a Skaven special rule, you can only field more of the same unit, if you have that number of clanrat units), 2 smaller night runner units, and a Tunnelling team for sure. (they're so fun to play with as it unnerves the enemy so much)

As for the Battalion sets. They'e very moulder/pestilens orientated and have no eshin. So I'd buy one to get going with a load of clanrats , an Eshin themed army can easily take a couple of additions from other clans, so the Plague Monks and Rat Ogres could still find a place in your army.

An Assassin would be the ideal themed choice for your army. Although I haven't found him to be such a powerful model for the points, he does add character. He cannot lead your army however, so you'll still need another hero.

As for purchasing tips for skaven. I use converted Night Runners as Gutter Runners, to save a load of money. And you can make about 18 giant rats with all the reasonable sized rats in the battalion that come on the plague monk sprues. (I made the packmasters out of converted clanrats). You can also make 2 rat swarm bases out of the tiny rats you get on clan rat sprues.

So overall by buying the Battalion. 2 clan rat boxed sets. 3 Night runners boxed sets. And an Assassin. You could have:

2 Units of 30 clan rats. (I prefer with swords, would fit into the Eshin style better)
2 Units of 15 night runners and 1 Unit of 20
1 Unit of 10 Gutter runners
1 Unit of Plague Monks
3 Giant Rat packs
2 Rat Ogres
1 Unit of 2 Poison Rat Swarms (Again, poison fits into the eshin style)

+ 20 Spare clan rats to convert into various units. You could make poison Wind Globadiers using 'globe' shaped bits from Plague monks sprue. You'll have to make a few extra pack masters to accomodate for the extra giant rats you made. And you could also make a few characters. You could make 10 of these into clan rats. Bringing your total to 60 clan rats. Which you could split into 3 units of 20 if you actually wanted to field 3 units of night runners. You could also make a hero to be your general from these spare guys.

I realise this wouldn't be a 'heavy heavy' Eshin themed army. Its more a balance between Eshin & Economy But remember using Normal Warhammer rules, you do need a lot of clan rats in any type of skaven army you make.

the brewer
02-09-2007, 06:11
the thing that i have against the battalion is that i have two brothers see, and we all play chaos my older brother nurgle, me tzeentch, younger is about to begin khorn, and we play them in fantasy and 40k. so i don't want pestilence in my army, + my younger brother wants to do skyre or moulder not sure which; probably first

the brewer
02-09-2007, 06:15
also im not going to be able to get a lot of points fast(im going to get about a hundred dollars to spend by christmas from my brothers and my parents refuse to buy me the game because they think i have to many miniatures and that they are a waste of time and money), so ima be playing small games for a while

02-09-2007, 06:42
I made a SOC eshin army with about three boxes of plastic night runners and four metal characters .... the plastics can in all honesty be used to make almost everything you need if you dont mind a little converting.

02-09-2007, 06:58
The Storm of Chaos List suffers below 2000pts due to lack of Master Assassin. You should also decide if your going full skirmish under cover of darkness or normal, as the normal army can have big block of rank and file rats while the skirmish army has no staying power or bonus leadership.
Normal Skaven with eshin in prominence or Full Ehin is also a choice to make because it changes your Mainstay unit, and you need lots of them for access to other stuff.
I love the Eshin army,
Good Luck

02-09-2007, 07:56
I disagree that the SoC: Eshin list lacks in points below 2000. If you start out at 500 point games, you can have TONS of units of Night Runners with throwing stars... very annoying. The Master Assassin gives you one of the absolute best killing machines in the game (Master Assassin + Fellblade).

I say the best way to start is to buy as many Night Runner boxes as you can afford. You can make ANY of the units for the Eshin army with those and a little bit o' converting.

Good luck with the force!

02-09-2007, 13:59
My only advice for a clan eshin list is to look at your army book and get an idea of EVERY skirmisher unit's purpose and try to take some of them all. Assasins are great counter-charge threats if you hide them in your units. If you don't choose to hide your assasins your eshin sorceror can use his improved skitterleap to throw your assasins into base-to-base with your opponents wizards, weapons teams and heroes for first turn charges.
In addition, if you take two sorcerors you can have one skitterleap assasins into combat while the other skitterleaps himself near a flank of a rank and file unit and peppers him with warpstone throwing stars. Then the next turn, when the enemy turns to fight him, have him either move diagonally to stay on their flank and shoot him again, or just skitterleap else where.
Night runners with slings make sufficient missile troops while night runners with nightleaders and extra hand weapons are effective and cheap CC units on the charge. Just make sure you never charge an enemy unit without an additional unit or two of night runners.
Jezzails are a great long range threat to larger scarier creatures while globadiers are great skirmishers against tougher units, but they take a rare choice so you won't be playing very many of them.
Also, if you're playing against a very shooty army invest in as many tunneler units as you can. I'd keep them small, 5 with a black skaven, extra hand weapons and poisoned hand weapons can clear out most weapons teams first turn and if not, can tie them up long enough to keep that catapult or boltthrower or whatever from punching big nasty holes in your night runners.
Pretty much, if you play a skirmisher Clan Eshin list your biggest advantages are mobility and the cover of darkness rule. You can use it to A) make your opponent come to you while you move your troops away in a manner similiar to fleeing herds of sheep, all the while shooting him with dozens of slings or B) play very in his face using disruptive tactics to keep him from marching and wreak havoc on battle plan as he has units all amongst his battleline who only want to shoot and scoot instead of charging into combat against him.

DarkLord Of Naggaroth- are you thinking about a basic skaven army list or a clan eshin army list? Clan Eshin take night runners as core, not clanrats.