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Brother Enok
01-09-2007, 11:11
OK guys, heres the "index Astartes" for my DIY chapter. please comment and offer any constructive critismism or general thoughts.

Thanks in advance

How Masamune became the first chapter master of the Sons is not known for sure. Chapter lore tells he was a child born on Prometheus, growing up big and strong he was inducted into the ranks of the Adeptus Astartes, the Salamanders chapter. During the great crusade he rose to the rank of Brother Sergeant, and was part of crew of artisans ordered to the planet mercury. Along with the Imperial fists they where to construct great underground city-vaults to protect the majority of the planets population from the unforgiving radiation of Holy Solar, Terras mother star. With the aide of the emperors praetorian the construction was finished quickly, but the salamanders ordered to aide in the construction requested to stay, citing they needed time to finish the fine details of the works they had slaved over. Vulcan allowed this, knowing how important craftsmanship was in all things. The Salamanders stayed, creating fine and wonderful works of art inside the city-vaults, towering gothic spires and tunnels, works of black marble and obsidian. The local populace came to see these devote giants as their Lord's, their masters and in time a feudal system had evolved. It was a time of great prosperity for the people of Mercury, their great works of art, and immense mineral wealth earning them ample wealth through trade. Such was their skill and commitment, the Salamanders of Mercury, now called "The sons of mother Mercury" informally by its colonists, constructed great out-gates to the vaults, great works of all manner of precious gems, metals and materials.

To protect their master pieces from the harmful radiation and heat they constructed void shield around them. These labours forced the to work for hours under the baleful glare of holy Solar, the harsh environment dying their once dark skin and hair white, and mutating their skin into a deep purple colour. It was not long after their finest work, their coup de grass, was finished that civil war broke out, and news of their brother’s terrible fate on the surface of Instaan IV reached them. Outrage, and seething for revenge the space marines on Mercury, who numbered less than 50, donned their powered armour, swore their oaths of moment and set out for terra. What awaited them was to terrible to describe, the blasphemy and waste, the carnage and slaughter too much to bear. Their actions are not known in any detail, it is said they moved among the panicking civilians of Terra, protecting who they could from the perverse actions of the Emperors Children chapter. Their actions cost them dearly, and all but one made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of their man they called "The Farther". Masamune was the only member of the group to survive the Heresy, and the aftermath broke his heart. His chapter slaughtered by his brother marines, The Farther killed by the warmaster, and now what remained of the once proud Salamanders Legion was to be broken down by order of Robute Guillman.

Vulckan had heard of the heroics of Masamune and his brothers on Terra, and upon his return to Mercury (which has escaped most of the turmoil of the heresy due to its proximity to a more worthwhile target, and the massive gates to the city-vaults) he found his Master awaiting him. He explained about Robute's plans for the remaining legions, about the Codex Astartes and how he wanted Masamune to construct a brother chapter of the Salamanders legion. Masamune, awed by such a request from his primarch, accepted. Starting a chapter from scratch was no easy task, and Masamune was handed a copy of the great Codex. He swore to adhere to it as much as possible, knowing its purpose. Never again would one man command the power of an entire legion of marines. Masamune knew the harshness of war, and sought to find the best and brightest among the people who had come to see him as their ruler. He ordered a serious of games to be held; Wresting, running, armed combat, weapons exercises, all set out like a great set of events worth of Ancient Terra. All these games were conducted above the city-vaults, under the watch of Holy Solar. Those that passed, or indeed survived the games were considered for entry into Masamune chapter, the new founded "Sons of Mercury". The selection process, surprisingly for some, had stripped all colour from their skin and hair, and dyed their eyes a deep purple. The chapter was born...

Their Zeal was never truly recorded, until the battle for Macragge. The Sons of Mercury had exposed an undiscovered, minor splinter of Hive-fleet Behemoth, which was believed to have drifted south from Macragge after its apparent annihilation their. What the inquisition found was dumbfounding. The 3rd and 6th companies had almost completely eradicated the splinter swarm, the guns of their battle barge “Dead Star” cutting a deadly swath through their hive fleet, the mushrooming fire and flares of battle were obvious on a nearby planet. The inquisition landed a small force, only to find members of the Sons of Mercury 3rd and 6th companies fighting a loosing battle. Much of the planet population had been slain, and those that had made it to the marine’s lines were taking a heavy toll on their supplies as their transports ferried men, women and children to the awaiting strike force above the planet. The Ordo Xenos were consulted and declared the planet lost. It was condemned to burn in the holy fires of exterminatus. The Sons refused to fall back however, remaining plant-side until the last possible moment to evacuate as many people as they could. It was true that marines were sworn to defend mankind, but the Inquisitor, Torn had never seen a chapter so dedicated to preserving human life. The cyclonic torpedoes were launched just as the last thunder hawk left the planets atmosphere, giving the final refuges but a moment to say their good byes to their planet and those that did not make it to their celestial saviours in time.

The torpedoes struck the planet, destabilising it crust, causing catastrophic quakes on a biblical scale. Virus bombs were launched, their deadly venom reducing all living organisms on the planet to sacks of fleshy tissue; toxic vapours boiled the seas and ravaged the sky. Once these weapons had done their word the Ordo Xenos cruiser fired a single barrage of lance battery fire into the planets atmosphere, igniting the volatile chemicals. Sky-high walls of fire coursed over the planets surface, and the once unknown, and still unnamed planet was scoured of all live, Xenos and human. The fleet carried on, dropping the Evacuees onto a nearby planet, recruiting a handful into their ranks as initiates.

Shunning the bright green uniforms, and preferring to fight from greater range, their first Chapter Master Masamune led them from battle-ground to battle-ground, finding planets and purging them of even the slightest hint of Heresy or mutation. Never forgetting the oaths he sword, he was indeed a bulwark against the terror. After his experience grew and enemy after enemy fell before the might of his brothers Masamune witness the callousness used by other chapters in regards to the lives of Imperial civilians. He remembered how the Inquisition would have had him abandon loyal citizens to death upon a Xenos infected world. Disgusted with what he saw as such a massive failing on the Adeptus Astartes part, Masamune had all initiates and hopefuls who became battle brother swear to a single solemn oath; that in their sight no loyal subject of the immortal emperor would fall, or be left behind to torment and death. Their lives were purely a shield for those without the purity and strength to bring the great foe to his knees him self. They would bring a glimmer of hope to the weak and the helpless, and slaughter without mercy all who betrayed their faith and their trust in the very people they existed to serve, the men of the emperor. Man would bestride the stars, and the Astartes would walk before them, leading the way with fire and faith.


Mercury was not colonised until the 31st Millennium. Before this time its proximity to solar made it an unviable place to support life or settlements. During the 30th-31st Millennium the Adeptus Astartes legions Salamanders and Imperial Fists worked together to create a series of underground settlements known as City-Vaults. These City-Vaults each have means of supporting themselves such as underground water sources, geothermal and cold fusion power plants, space ports and an extensive mineral and gem deposit mining system. Work was started from natural breaks and fissures in Mercury's deep crust to shield the workers from solar radiation. Construction of the original Vault networks took approximately 60-80 years with a further decade to set up working infrastructure. Constructing and maintaining orbital and ground defence was also part of the initial colonisation phase. Ground defences are all las based due to the extreme heat causing ammunition magazines to detonate. Salamanders created the great gates. These gates were massive works of Marble, Obsidian and countless other gems and minerals. The construction of these gates caused several appearance changes in the marines who made them.
Mercury's main source of income is the trade of its vast mineral wealth. Mercury's core is almost solid iron, and although more advanced materials have been found and are used throughout the galaxy, Iron is still an important base component in many materials,. including the durable plasteel. It also has significant veins of Gold, Emerald, Obsidian and marble.
Despite its proximity to Solar it has a relatively low density, meaning marines born and trained on Mercury do not suffer from the slightly slower reflexes of their Salamander forefathers. They do not gain the benefit of their awesome physical strength however. Despite this, they are still marines, with physical capabilities far outstripping any normal human.

Life Above Ground
The blasting heat and constant barrage of solar radiation make life outside the City-Vaults harsh at best, and extremely short at worst. While there is no native flora or fauna the planet faces extremes of both heat and cold divided by the planets terminator. During the long days the surface is blasted by unbearable heat and lethal doses of Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation. During the night the temperature drops, freezing anyone or anything caught without shelter frozen solid. Surface defence Silos and gunnery teams require constant communication with each other in case of emergencies, and the only one could survive in the open is by travelling constantly with the division of the terminator, or by settling in the northern pole where weather is harsh, but still bearable. Ships entering and leaving the area around Mercury often experience system failure unless equipped with massive amounts of heat sink or void shielding. Indeed, the heat from Solar acts like a natural fortress, its blistering aura making a naval attack a strenuous and hard endeavour.
Recently areas of Mercury's surface have been shielded from radiation by the use of heat shields. These shields allow small but dense settlements to be constructed on the otherwise inhospitable surface of Mercury. Large power requirements mean only very small areas are protected and colonised in this manner. Radiation sickness appears to be minimal...

Life Below Ground
Most of Omegas Civilian and military population lives deep bellow the ravaged surface of the planet in the gigantic City-Vaults. Each Vault is over 1000 cubic miles of hab-blocks, living spaces military complexes, mines and cathedrals. Dense public transport allows internal access to areas and also to one of the other three completed hab-blocks. The only area not accessible through the inter-trams and highways is the Sons of Mercury Citadel. Only Astartes, high ranking PDF officers and special cases are aloud through the checkpoints leading to the gates of the citadel.
Civilian life, Astartes recruitment and relationship
Life for Civilians on Mercury is hard but not unpleasant. Youths receive free education, and when not at war Astartes will often play an active role in teaching Literature, Philosophy, Mathematics, and of course Physical and Religious Studies. It is often said that Astartes make strict but good tutors, and their constant interaction with the civilian population allows them to locate possible future Astartes. Work choices are limited for a citizen of Mercury. Provided they cannot get off planet (which most can't) they have few options for work: Miner, Soldier, or on rare occasions, senate member.
Once every 365 Terran days "The Games" are held. These games are a mixture of Martial arts, Athletic and Mental challenges that are open to the most able of Mercury's citizens. Spectators are aloud, under the watchful eyes of the Astartes whom take offence to those who try to upset, fix or usurp the nature of the games. The winners of these gamers, (or survivors, as some often put it) are eligible for entry into The Lords household where upon selection for Astartes training can begin. Of 1000 contestants, only 100 may make it to the household, and from that it is common for only 25-40 to become scout marines.
The Astartes take an active role in the running of Mercury. While most galaxy wide decisions are handled by the high lords on Terra, local issues are handled by the senate on Mercury. The Captain of the 1st company holds head of the senate with up to 50 other senators forming the council. Senators are elected every 2 Terran years by the local community, and no more than 5 Astartes may be senators at any one time.

An extreme emphasis is put on loyalty to the Emperor, and the Sons of Mercury have an extremely high number of Chaplin’s represents this. While they venerate the emperor as the pinnacle of humanity, like most other chapters they still see him as only a man and not a god.

While the SoM see themselves as more compassionate that most other legions, they are still the Angels of death, terrible when angered and merciless to the foes of the Emperor. Blasphemy and a lack of a sufficiently pious nature is usually met with brutal and immediate execution.

They see the normal people of the Imperium, not as inferior, but as less fortunate as themselves. They offer their wisdom and council so that even the common man might one day begin to fathom the power of the emporer, and worship him all the more for his eternal majesty.

While prayer and fasting are all methods of devotion used by the chapter, self mutilation and flagellation are not permitted. As the creations of the holy emperor defiling what he has made is unthinkable. The most important method of affirmation to the emperor is, as always, the cleansing maelstrom of battle. It is very rare for a SoM force to exclude a Chaplain, referred as “Brother-Paladin” when not in battle.

As the emporer built an empire among the stars, so do the SoM seek to praise him by creating great works in his name. SoM artisans, sculptors and smiths are the equal of the Salamanders and their works are the envy of many imperial governors, whos’ decadent and extravagant halls cannot hold a candle to the detailed, heavenly carvings and majestic works.

The main bulk of a SoM force will be aimed at long range fire. Unlike their forefathers they prefer to conduct fire fights from a great distance, lancing enemy lines with a wither barrage of bombs and bolts. Marksmanship is perceived as a sign of devotion to the emporer, so all marines strive to strike what they hit making a SoM gun line a daunting sight, even for the most well trained and dug in defenders.

Close combat is left to units and soldiers specially trained and equipped to do so. Terminators, Assault Marines and Rhinos all move under the blanket of cover supplied by the expert shots of their brothers. As is suitable it is often a Chaplin who leads this charge. One the enemy begins to flounder under the weight of the charge the final element of the SoM force comes into play: a small but well equip lance of land-speeders, able to destroy armour, emplacements of supply lines with ease.

The skill of the artisans in the SoM means that all weapons are crafted with nothing but the up most devotion and care, lovingly decorated and blessed as is befitting an instrument of the Emperors bloody retribution. SoM armour and weaponry is of the highest quality, and often extravagantly decorated, sometimes overly so.

The Sons of Mercury are organised, mostly, as a Codex chapter. They have 10 Chapters, each one led by either a Chaplin or Captain. The 1st company contains the chapters’ veterans, while the 10th acts as the scout company. 2-5 are battle companies with 6-9 acting as reserves, although being no less valorous in battle for that.

Each chapter can have between 100-150 marines depending on success at the games and the toll of war. This excludes the 10th, which can be as large as needed, imitates are promoted as needed and as appropriate.

The current Chapter master of the SoM is Bhall Murasame. He is aided and advised by Brother Chaplin Metatron, who’s pious and impassioned speeches have led him to be known as “The voice of the Emporer”

As is fitting for such a devout chapter the Apothecaries of the SoM use pure Salamanders Gene-seed. With no signs of mutation or corruption it is a more than suitable gene-seed to be used in the creation of chapter dedicated to the honour of the Emporer and his son Vulkan.

The most commonly used battle cry in the SoM is “Never give up, Never surrender” although they do use “Into the fires of battle, Unto the anvil of war” to honour their parent legion.

Sometimes they cry nothing at all, instead chanting the litanies of hate and devotion in one, unnervingly deep drone that echos across the battlefield like the voice of legion.

Brother Enok
02-09-2007, 23:29
Are they that bad? no one has anything to comment on?

03-09-2007, 01:24
I'm not into Space Marines, but I like it. :) Some proofreading to remove grammatical errors would be helpful.

03-09-2007, 02:02
1. afaik there was not a second founding chapter for the salamanders

2. regarding the chapter organization, you interuse chapter for company and the two are not interchangeable

03-09-2007, 09:28
The most commonly used battle cry in the SoM is “Never give up, Never surrender”

Is this from the movie Galaxy Quest??!!...'By Grabthors Hammer...etc...'!!!!

Imperial Dragon
03-09-2007, 09:44
i like it

it doesnt really state that there was say 100 salamanders from the hours heresy or something like that broken away from the salamander chapter and made there own chapter like in brother enok's story, also the salamanders could of left some SM there so that they always had someone looking after the city.

one question i might of missed it when i was reading it but . . . what colour's are they?

Brother Enok
03-09-2007, 12:22
Sorry about the grammar guys, word must have missed some mistakes. I know noone likes reading a post that resembles a train wreck.

I know there are no second founding chapters for the Salamanders in the fluff, and thats one of the main reasons for creating one. I think the Salamanders are a great but mainlyn forgotten chapter. To me thier dogged determination and compassion towards the people of the imperium embodied what a space marine should be.
The swaping of chapter for company was simply a typing error, and not me being a complete fool in terms of astartes organisation.

Thier colours are black with gold trim for line astartes, with sergeants haveing the same colours with a deep purple right shoulder or helmet. Officers, excluding Paladins where purple armour.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Edit: as for the battlecry, I actually thought is was really just a rousing sounding thing to shout, but thinking about it that film may had somthing to do with it. Was that comedy film about the cast from a star trek type programe?

03-09-2007, 21:37
Sorry to pee on the parade but the sallies were one of the three chapters that were blitzed at Istvaan V. Whilst the IH went into remission, and the RG did genetic experiments, what happened to the sallies was never explained. Like where Vulkan went to. That's the reason there was no second founding chapter from the Sallies, there just wasn't the number.

Brother Enok
03-09-2007, 21:48
Yup, I know that too, but if they had Salamanders gene seed they could still create a chapter from that.

Also, like I said. great chapter, not really mentioned. I plan to create a small force of them now my painting skills are at a level I can be proud of.

03-09-2007, 23:42
If memory serves, the banking of geneseed happened after the 2nd founding. You would be on much safer ground to say they were 3rd founding as the 2nd was really the splitting of the existing legions and the creation of the GK, not the creation of new ones from geneseed. Besides, the sallies would not be in the position to give precious geneseed away after the battering they received.

Brother Enok
04-09-2007, 00:15
CHars for the advice Charlie, ill consider it when revising my fluff.

12-09-2007, 17:30
I have to agree with charlie, go with 3rd (or later founding). The Sallies didn't have any 2nd Founding chapters because they were already down to roughly the appropriate size due to the mauling they received at Istvaan. All chapters created during the 2nd Founding were made by taking members of the parent chapter and repainting their armor. The creation of chapters using the tithed geneseed started with the 3rd Founding. As with all the other chapters, the Salamanders had to make their tithe in geneseed and while GW has not made a big deal about it, the Sallies certainly have successor chapters.