View Full Version : Space on Battle barges and Strike cruisers

27-08-2005, 17:21
I am doing something different with my new chapter and was wondering how many companies of Storm Troopers could fit a battle barge or a strike cruiser.

My own guess is that 5 storm troopers could occupie(sp) the area occupied by one marine.

27-08-2005, 17:26
That really depends on what you mean by 'space' since it's not just a question of the volume that the Marine occupies but, rather, the additional support that they will require. One might balance the absence of armouries (i.e. specialised repair and maintenance facilities for Astartes Power Armour (for me this occurs every 50 hours!)), extensive apothecaries resulting from the Marines constant requirement for chemotheraphy, etc., against a purely volumetric analysis.

Also, wouldn't it be hellishly amusing if when one takes into account all the gubbins that come with a Marine one gets to the replacement ratio of 1:10? :D


29-08-2005, 04:23
1:10, is it really that low:p

Philosophical Aun
29-08-2005, 11:10
Well, there is most certainly "space" on a Battle Barge. It may be designed to carry three companies of Space Marines, but with all the automated systems and servitors, I'm certain you could fit in at least a regiment of Storm Troopers.

Afterall, the Imperial Navy ships can do this... and they're filled with rating scum!