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27-08-2005, 18:39
As some of you may have noticed, I have been away from Warseer a bit lately. This is due to having a new arrival in the Karhedron household. As a result I am now learning to cope with such delights as broken nights, dirty nappies and vomit on my clothes. Other than that I feel I am coping quite well with fatherhood. :cool:

Baby Raphael was born on the first of August weighing a healthy 7 pounds 6 ounces (that's 3.36 kg for you metric folks ;)). Please give him a hearty Warseer welcome. I have attached one of his first pictures, luckily for him he seems to have gotten his good looks from his mum. ;)

27-08-2005, 18:48
:eek: You realise that by exposing the poor lad to the entity that is Warseer, you have scarred him for life and ensured many lengthy and expensive counselling sessions through out his now disturbed and frettful life? :eek:

Seriously, :) congratulations and welcome to the little one. Now let your lady have some rest!

<sends cookies for those too busy/tired to cook>

Lafeel Abriel
27-08-2005, 18:53
Congratulations, daddy! That's a major step in life, and tends to be a real eye opener (haven't been there myself, but have seen a close friend change considerably after becoming a father). Best of luck with the responcibilities of parenthood.

Oh and just one last bit: Every parent I have talked to are in agreement that, overall, the good times always outweigh the not so good ones. Those moments when you feel a bit out of place, or unsure what to do, don't worry, there will be plenty of good ones to make up for them.

27-08-2005, 18:57
Congratulations. :)

Decided about an army already? I hope you'll save him from the hassle that is 40K and let him play a proper game like WHF. :p;)

27-08-2005, 18:59
That is so cool. I wish all three of you the bery bestest from the North!

It's a great feeling, isn't it?

Sgt John Keel
27-08-2005, 19:08
Cute one. ;)



Tom - Heretic
27-08-2005, 19:11
Congrats :).

However I feel the need to point out in a jokey fashion that naming the kiddy Raphael can lead to only one of two things.

1) He will be mercilessly teased by children with no knowledge of reanaissance artists
2) He will grow up to be a womanising super spy who wears shabby armani suits and sunglasses. I've no idea how that mental image came to me, but noone can prove me wrong!

Congrats again, K :).

27-08-2005, 19:13
Congratulations. Don't let him teeth on a Savage Orc--they're still metal.

27-08-2005, 19:18
Congratulations! Don't let him anywhere near any of your figures, my son's 4, and has been gradually incorporating my miniatures into his own personal collection for some time now...

27-08-2005, 19:25
Congradulations, a daddy, what a big responsibilty, my parents won't even give me house keys :p (I joke of course).


Rabid Bunny 666
27-08-2005, 19:25
congrats, dude

27-08-2005, 19:30
IMHO this thread is in desperate need of someone saying "Awwww..." ;)

Congratulations, Karhedron. Cool name, btw!

27-08-2005, 19:32
Thanks for all the well-wishing. My wife is a big Harry Potter fan so I suspect his first army may well be Howling Griffons.

Also, my own models will soon be migrating into safe cases which will live on the top of very high shelves. As soon as he starts crawling I will make sure that nothing hobby related is left anywhere that could fall into the wrong hands. ;)

27-08-2005, 19:34

seriously, very many congratualtions to you and yours

Its almost as though warseer is raphael's godfather :eek:

Rabid Bunny 666
27-08-2005, 19:35

that would be cool, so did we get to see him before the other family members?

27-08-2005, 19:44
Congrats, and btw Raphael is a cool name! :cool:

27-08-2005, 19:45
Karhedron: We'll have to organize a "kids of WarSeer" tournament in a few years.

I've got two girls to take the rest of you on!


27-08-2005, 19:45
Its almost as though warseer is raphael's godfather.

Not an image I ever wanted to have. :eek:

Expect to spend more on therapy than you do on GW. :eyebrows:

...and next weekend you'll be spending time with Uncle Brother Frog and Uncle Wanderingblade.... :eek:

27-08-2005, 19:46
Congrats dude. That he may always roll the dice well...

27-08-2005, 19:52
ah, nice work dude, its good to hear that mrs Karhedron (she is a mrs right? otherwise, miss) popped one out ok.

just keep him away from the game store kids.
no doubt bitz of him woudl turn up in their conversions if you did...

now to be immature...

teehe, you had sekkz and had a baybee!!! LOL!!1!!

all the best to little raphael, and to you and the mrs (or miss)


Great Harlequin
27-08-2005, 19:52

*cracks champagne bottle*

You'd better bring him upto being a 40K player. Can't have him playing Fantasy battle.

That folks is called bad parenting ;)

The Dragon Reborn
27-08-2005, 19:54
^ second that.

anyway good luck, and congrats

27-08-2005, 20:09
Congratulations! You can rest assured there's on problem he won't have later on in life...he doesn't have a boulder shaped head! I had one, which got brought up when some of my friends saw baby photos... :eek:

Still, hope all is well with bebbe Raphael!


Wolf Scout Ewan
27-08-2005, 20:30
*baby shock*

Now thats scary!

Grats man!

27-08-2005, 22:39
Congratiulations man, I wish you all a happy future together.

27-08-2005, 22:50
Awww... Cute baby....

Congratz dude, have fun rearing it properly ;)


28-08-2005, 02:33
Congratulations. Awesome little Karhedron Junior Fella.

Of course he'll play 40k, a mans game :D
with WFB on the side.
Don't listen to Sylass :p

He shall be nicknamed Raphie for short. Go Raphie. :D

Delicious Soy
28-08-2005, 03:45
Dear God he's multiplying! :p

Congrats on parenthood Karhedron.

Jaq Draco
28-08-2005, 08:09
Warseer being his god-family

whatever you do, dont let him spend time with Uncle Nid

28-08-2005, 08:27
Of course he'll play 40k, a mans game :D

Funniest thing ever.

28-08-2005, 08:32
Congrats man... What army does he play? :p

28-08-2005, 09:13
He looks like a Bretonnian player to me. Or perhaps Tau in 40K. My money's on Bretonnians, though. :p


Of course he'll play 40k, a mans game
Seriously considering whether or not to sig that...

de Selby
28-08-2005, 10:24
Hello Raphael.

If his first word is 'Warhammer' you have no-one but yourself to blame.

28-08-2005, 14:35
congratulations, there goes my hopes of fathering your child;):p

28-08-2005, 15:06
Raphael? If you get more kids, you HAVE to name them Donatello, Michelangelo and Leonardo :p

On a more serious note, congratulations. And good luck.

Brother Bob
28-08-2005, 15:51
teehe, you had sekkz and had a baybee!!! LOL!!1!!

Lmao :p

congrats dude!


29-08-2005, 04:35
is he a guilder yet?

New Cult King
29-08-2005, 04:49
So cool! Karhedron has learned to make his own people! Soon, he will have an unstoppable army of... um... nevermind.

Congrats to you and your missus. You done good ;)

29-08-2005, 04:53
to create his unstoppable army will take alot of women, and about 18 years to be battle ready, now im willing to help him create this army, but we will need to find more women to spread the geneseed:D

29-08-2005, 09:36
*puts up hand*

oh wait... im a guy...

anyway, good luck with the army of small children... hmm... to the rules development forums!

29-08-2005, 10:18
anyway, good luck with the army of small children... hmm... to the rules development forums!
I am so gonna sig that!

Oh yeah, Congrats. But, just so you know, they aren't as bad as you've seen...

they're worse!!!

29-08-2005, 10:40
anyway, good luck with the army of small children... hmm... to the rules development forums!
Ws 2 Bs 2 S1 T1 A1 I1 W1 Ld 5 Sv6+

parent bodyguards
grant an extra attack for every parent bought.

Annoying git
all models in 120" take a leadership test, if fail they fall prey to the annoying whinging and must fall back D6" directly away from the small child

29-08-2005, 17:06
Oh yeah, Congrats. But, just so you know, they aren't as bad as you've seen...

they're worse!!!
Hmm, I have already decided that whoever coined the phrase "Sleeping like a baby" was not a parent. :p

29-08-2005, 17:07
Dude, He is so going to be an Imperial Guard player!

Congrats matey!

29-08-2005, 17:10

Though, I am a little disappinted to learn that you have not named him Thud. :(


Oh, and good luck by the way. My ex and I had to take care of her sister's youngin' for a weekend and I almost lost my mind over all that noise coming out of that little cretin.

30-08-2005, 00:26
ill name my child thud then thud.