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02-09-2007, 17:05
This is my basic army for a campaign that starts this month.

The lord (referred to as a Warbringer) can't change except for his mount (until I complete objectives) but everything else can. I started building this army about 8 months ago (linked in signature) and have all but the bow equipped NG's (which I hope to finish this week-end) the 20 orc unit (which is actually 26 orcs created in a manner for them to be either choppa/shield or 2 choppa equipped) and the savage boar boyz (7 total as often they will be 5 with only a musician) painted.

the 20 NG's with bows are primarily a far flank unit used to take a table quarter and support a fast cav flanking action. They could also be used to march up and fire 20 shots at any hill encamped or large target units. The single fanatic in it is a place holder for a magic banner on the blorcs or just to persuade enemy fast cav from getting too close.

6 dispell dice and 2 scrolls is generally enough to defend the magic phase against most of the opponents in our league but a second shaman may see appearances when the time is right. The on-foot blorc hero and ng-shaman are positions that change, holding either a blorc hero in chariot, an orc shaman, a sneaky gobbo hero or the ones shown below.

Although painted my giant will most likely see very little action in this years campaign as many of the "good guys" are empire or dwarf and the shooting would be just too much for him (unfortunately the probability of fighting chaos/undead for me this year, is pretty low, and I don't think there is a bret player this year)

one of my biggest concerns is the movement of such a large army, especially when you take animosity into account. I currently have a question on generals placement, whether in the blorcs as not to suffer from animosity ever (being just an orc) or to spread the heroes through the orc units diversifying the LD and leaving the blorcs to their own. 4 pretty balanced attack units or a tiered structure of 1 very good attack unit, 2 good ones and 1 low value unit.

2500 Pts - Orcs & Goblins Army

1 Orc Warboss @ 187 Pts
General; Choppa; Light Armour
Ulag's Akk'rit Axe [25]
Enchanted Shield [15]

1 Boar @ [0] Pts

1 Black Orc Big Boss @ 180 Pts
Heavy Armour; Battle Standard
Martog's Best Basha [15]
Effigy of Mork [35]

1 Boar @ [0] Pts

1 Black Orc Big Boss @ 115 Pts
Bigged's 'ed Kickin Boots [30]

1 Night Goblin Shaman @ 100 Pts
Magic Level 1
Dispel Scroll [25]
Dispel Scroll [25]

20 Black Orcs @ 318 Pts
Shield; full command

25 Orc Big 'Uns @ 330 Pts
Shield; full command
Morks Spirit Totem [50]

25 Orc Boyz @ 180 Pts
Shield; full command

20 Orc Boyz @ 150 Pts
Shield; full command

20 Night Goblins @ 114 Pts
2 Fanatic @ [50] Pts

20 Night Goblins @ 114 Pts
2 Fanatic @ [50] Pts

20 Night Goblins @ 85 Pts
short bow
1 Fanatic @ [25] Pts

6 Squig Hoppers @ 90 Pts

5 Savage Boar Big 'Uns @ 172 Pts
Spear; Shield; Musician

5 Boar @ [0] Pts

5 Goblin Spider Riders @ 71 Pts

5 Goblin Wolf Riders @ 71 Pts
Short Bow; Musician

5 Goblin Wolf Riders @ 71 Pts
Short Bow; Musician

2 Spear Chukka @ 70 Pts

1 Doom Diver @ 80 Pts

Casting Pool: 3
Dispel Pool: 3 (+ranks of big 'uns unit)
Models in Army: 197

Total Army Cost: 2498

warlord hack'a
03-09-2007, 09:14
What I am missing in your force are some chariots. Not only do they dish out a lot of hits when charging, they also create a 14" or 18" inch threatzone in front of your main infantry line. Now you will have a huge area where enemy cavalry can race into and charge and break one single orc unit, your 5 fanatics are not enough to guard your whole battle line from this. When you place one or 2 chariots in between your normal footsloggers this will make it much harder for the enemy to simply march up to your lines and charge you..

Also, if you want to make sure you have a good magic defense: give the spirit totem to your BSB so he can leave a depleted unit for a fresh one. Then give the orc big uns the warbanner or noggs banner of butchery.

And be careful with the svg orc big uns, they hit like nothing else in your army (20 S5 attacks on the charge!) but when they are charged they die easily and shooting will take care of them as well, so do not put them in the main battle line.

And why do all your orc units have full command? Especially on the big uns this is a waste of points unless you are 100% sure you need one for character protection.. On normal orcs a boss is worth the points due to higher ws and higher S, but for black orcs or big uns I would leave them home. Your characters are mounted so if you want to avoid a certain challenge then simply move the character out of the unit in time...

For the rest this list looks fairly solid, the enemy has enough of your units to worry about (svg orc boar boyz, black orcs, orc big uns) and if you add 2 more chariots this will only increase his troubles..

03-09-2007, 12:49
hack'a, You make some very good points and I honestly disagree with nothing you said.

I do have my on foot orc hero also modeled in a chariot and has usually come to battle kitted as:
Black orc big boss, ed kickin' boots, heavy armour, shield, spear
201 pts

but as for getting another chariot in the mix I have filled my special slots with
units that I am concerned about removing, although the boar boyz do get traded in for my giant when he wants to join the party. Each special fills a particular job in my strategy with the exception of those boars that generally just flank and hit. My specials are:
sav boar boyz

I do like the idea of losing the champs as this opens up the points needed for some small details I had to omit (like the musician in the 3rd NG's) and gives me the points for a magic banner or additional fanatic.

I have also considered the the placement of the spirit totem but I end up feeling that the BSB loses too much of his combat nastiness when carrying a magic banner. That isn't to say that this isn't often a hard choice when facing an enemy I believe will have 6+ magic levels and the ability to scar that unit early in the game (TK with 2 skull throwers comes to mind).

Thanks for the comments, I've actually only played a handful of games with OnG so I am by no means a vet and have yet to really try out all the ideas I have.