View Full Version : At long last; Victory for TKs over VCs

02-09-2007, 21:00
ok, slow learning curve finally climbed, resulting in my first victory with the Tomb Kings against Vampire Counts. WOO!!

so here's my list

Tomb King; 303
-flail of skulls
-golden ankhra
-light armour

Liche Priest; 330
-casket of souls
-2 dispell scrolls

Liche Priest; 148
-dispell scroll

Liche Priest (heiro); 160
-cloak of the dunes
-hieriatic jar

3 chariots; 190
-standard bearer; standard of the sacred eye

10 skeletons; 90
-standard bearer

10 skeletons; 90
-standard bearer

20 tomb guard; 295
-full command
-banner of the undying legion

3 ushabti; 195
tomb scorpion; 85
screaming skull catapult; 90

points 1976 (i didn't realize at the time i played below 2k)

what i'd like to know is how can i improve this a bit more, as i know my win was partially due to some very unlucky magic rolls on my opponent's part, (namely some 3 miscasts which ended the magic phase early), and would like to make my army more solid.

02-09-2007, 21:53
id give ur catapult the skulls of foe, usless against undead but every other army its useful. unless ur facing vc all the time, in which case maybe loose the umshanti for 3 moe chariots and 3 carrion for necro hunting.

02-09-2007, 21:56
welll... finding the points to add another fifteen Skeleton Warriors to each Warrior unit would be nice (lest they be archer blocks), other than that, I can't really see a way of improving it

02-09-2007, 22:49
Dig around and find the points to add a swarm or scorpion for assasination vs undead and for warmachine killing otherwise (or just plain old woodcutting against wood elves, useful to have skirmishers/single models able to enter the wood without getting stuck)

03-09-2007, 19:20
thanks, i'll bear these in mind. ushabti are definitely going, they only managed to win back 13 points. o well.

04-09-2007, 08:09
Actually before going all nuts, Huitzilop, can you give us an idea of what he was fielding? That way I can better suggest what would be good to take.

He Who Is Him
04-09-2007, 23:08
I think you have too many dispell scrolls. I thought you could only take one of each magic item, even if they're on the common magic items list. I could be totally wrong though, wouldn't be the first time

05-09-2007, 07:10
You can have as many dispel scrolls and energy stones you want. It is stated in the description of each item. I personally like Ushabti, but they are not absolutely the easiest unit to use. I often keep them in reserve and use them for counter charges (I think especially against Vampire counts this might be useful). If you do get rid of them, I might use the points to buy a unit of carrion. They could be useful in killing all his mobile units like dire wolves, fell bats, bat swarms and the like (if he uses stuff like this). Otherwise I might stock up on the skeletons.

05-09-2007, 15:18
I Personally prefre scorpions ..... but thast just me and have 3

howvere against VC a mean just line up a charge and shud eat a necro from breakfast.... a mean only gotta wound him twice which is easy :p