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Bretonnian Lord
03-09-2007, 00:45
Hi there,

My High Elf friend has a seemingly unbeatable list consisting of a Level 4 archmage with book of Hoeth and a great eagle, a level 2 wizard with some annoying trinkets, a hefty unit of silver helms with a commander and a battle standard bearer with the battle banner, four repeater bolt throwers and some spearmen and archers to fill up his core choices.

He's been massacring me in every game we've played for the past few weeks, and I want me some revenge. :evilgrin: His battle plan consists of deploying on a hill with his RBT's on the crest. Big chunk of silver helms deploys on one flank and his spearmen and archers go on the other. His mages are always flying around, and that damned level 4 archmage with great eagle has been impossible to catch.

Here's a list I tried to make specifically for taking down his army (we're playing sixth edition rules). Give me some feedback on how to improve it, I don't want our upcoming battle to become another Agincourt. :(

Paladin 1
-Falcon Horn of Fredemund
-Barded Bretonnian Warhorse
-Grail Vow

Paladin 2
-Tress of Isoulde
-Barded Bretonnian Warhorse
-Questing Vow
-Great Weapon

Paladin BSB
-Virtue of Duty
-Barded Bretonnian Warhorse

Damsel of the Lady
-Bretonnian Warhorse
-2 Dispel Scrolls

Damsel of the Lady
-Bretonnian Warhorse
-2 Dispel Scrolls


5 Knights of the Realm
-Joined by Paladin 2

8 Knights of the Realm
-Joined by Paladin BSB
-Standard Bearer, Warbanner

9 Knights of the Realm
-Standard Bearer, Twilight Banner

16 Peasant Bowmen
-Skirmishers, Villein


5 Pegasus Knights
-Standard Bearer
5 Grail Knights
-Standard Bearer, Banner of Defense
-Joined by Paladin 1

Field Trebuchet

Total: 1996 points

Basic Strategy:

First turn: Pray to the Lady that his RBT's will do minimal damage. Hold ground as his RBT's hammer away at my knights, most likely killing four of them. (He uses the multiple strength 4 shots).

Second turn: He fires again with his RBT's. I move my archers forward, shooting at the RBT's (If I'm lucky I kill 1 crewman?). Trebuchet shoots at his RBT's. Paladin 2 and his tarpit unit move close to the silver helms, trying to bait them into a charge. Paladin BSB and the other Knights of the Realm follow behind. Grail Knights move at the other flank while the Peggies move toward his mage.

Third turn: Ideally he charges my tarpit unit with his silverhelms. Hopefully my Paladin will survive, and he gets 3 strength 6 attacks that hit on 2's against the High Elf Battle Banner, hopefully killing it and making life easier for the rest of my army. His RBT's open up again, either on the Pegasus Knights or Grails. By now I've probably used all my dispel scrolls and his wizards can start hammering out some spells. Come my turn, I use the Falcon horn and move my Pegasus Knights as close as possible to his great eagle wizard. Use my knights to charge any target of opportunity. Trebuchet and Peasants are still firing at RBT's. (Hopefully my trebuchet won't explode like it's done the last two games :mad:)

In the following turns, hopefully my Peggies will survive the hail of RBT fire heading their way and assassinate the archmage. Things will snowball from there and I'll focus on taking out his important targets.

That's my battle plan and how I hope it will turn out. Please, please, PLEASE give me some advice and analysis, I don't think I can stand getting massacred by those pointy eared elves again. ;)

03-09-2007, 05:55
Let's see you probably don't need both pallys. If you think you can corner the flying mage drop the one without the horn. If you don't think you can, drop a pally, horn and tress for a weapon or points.

I'm not familiar with how many pd a high elf force can kick out but do you really need four dispel scrolls?

Grail Knights are great, but you can probably reach the same level of effectiveness with knights of the realm or questing knights. Your looking to break on the charge if you can and with elves the extra strength is unnecessary (strength 6 rolls the same as 5 against t3). Also, if you use lance formation you should have a higher rank bonus (and lots of attacks).

Little Aaad
03-09-2007, 09:11
I am Dark elf player.. Were pretty similar.. I always lose to fast armies and shooty armies.. As your not shooty.. But your fast.. I wouldn't take a trebuchet but something real fast.

warlord hack'a
03-09-2007, 09:23
it looks like you pray the frirst turn and do nothing else, why? he can go first but you can still move in turn 1, meaning you will be in chargerange of something in turn 2 unless he deployed to the back of his deployment zone.

What to do against 4 RBT's, well, how about playing a battle without any hills in the deployment zone, there is NO rule stating that there needs to be a hill there, so play a game without hill there.

Also, get some forest for cover, your pegasus knights should be able to stay in cover till you get within chargerange of the RBT's.

03-09-2007, 13:26
He is real fast so take lots of those mounted yoemen. They are fast cavalry. With them you can not only march block his large silver helm unit but also redirect a charge with it. But more importantly you can get those RB and Mage. Also consider putting 1 of those paladins on a fyling horse thingy "sorry cant spell it".

Also 4 dispel scrolls is way to much. With 2 mages 1 each is fine. Remember his Mage is most likely gonna be casr on irrestable anyway.

Start playing 7ed its way better and more fun and wait till his level 4 mage gets a mistcast.