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28-08-2005, 01:32
Hey all,

I was first gonna post this in the 40k background forum, as this looks like more of a forum for posters' own works, but by the description this seems to be the appropriate place...

Anyhoo, I was curious as to what BL books the character of Honsou appears in? I just finished Storm of Iron and just started Dead Sky, Black Sun and was surprised to not only find Honsou appearing, but based on the storyline this book seems to come right on the heels of where SoI ends (at least as far as Honsou is concerned).

As I realized that reading DSBS first would have ruined (a bit) the ending of SoI, I was wondering if there are any other BL books featuring Honsou (esp any that chronologically cover Honsou pre-Storm of Iron) that I should read first before continuing on with Dead Sky?

Just curious as I believe these two books are by different authors, and Dead Sky, Black Sun is set up as being an Ultramarines novel, so I was a bit surprised to see Honsou showing up in the prologue (at least).

Thanks for any info! :chrome:

Chaplin Unitas
28-08-2005, 06:19
No. That's it. Honsou rocks, however unless you write it, that's all of Honsou so far.

BTW. Check the author's names.

"Just curious as I believe these two books are by different authors"

You might, in your extensive and thorough research find by chance, that the author of both books is the same guy.