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Emperor's Light
28-08-2005, 05:19
I was googling random stuff and came across an article about extrasolar planets composed primarily of carbon (http://www.novacelestia.com/space_art_extrasolar_planets/carbon_planets.html). Check out the article and see how it describes the planet. I thougth these planets would make excellent battlefields and offer an alternative.

From a background perspective though, what would any of the races want with such a planet? The Imperium would probably be interested because it would be a incredible source of promethium (it's theorized planets like this would have rivers and oceans of hydrocarbons). So I'm trying to come up with a plausible history for one such Imperial world, and would welcome suggestions and input.

28-08-2005, 07:38
The world itself seems rather inhospitable. What size is it? If it is large enough, perhaps the Imperials could live on one of its moons rather than the planet itself. That would be neat. Just place a "no smoking" sign somewhere.

28-08-2005, 08:06
Well, I think the vast majority of planets out there would fall into the 'rather inhospitable' category :D

Yeah, it would make for one rocking alien landscape to fight over.

So long as their was a fairly low level of oxygen in the atmosphere and the temperature was low, you wouldn't have to worry too much about things bursting into flames the second someone fired off their weapon.

Then again... if you were walking around with an oxygen tank on your back in such a place, then you'd have to live with the fact that you're essentially spontaneous combustion waiting for a place to happen...

28-08-2005, 09:20
I think it would be an excellent setting for a penal colony. A sealed facility with its own atmosphere on such a world would be perfect to house prisoners, as any exposure to a methane/carbon oxide environment without protection would be lethal within seconds, and environmental suits could be provided to work teams sent out to gather promethium and mine the minerals for shipment offworld.

28-08-2005, 09:33
wow, yeah good idea, I was thinking a mining world, personally. They'd have to import a lot of water though.

28-08-2005, 11:07
Sounds like Notcturne to me :D

Pretty cool notion, and they're right, it is based on reasonable idea.


28-08-2005, 12:13
makes sense to me, run with that idea

28-08-2005, 12:24
I've always found the thought of Ammonia based life to be interesting:


28-08-2005, 14:57
And it also depends on whether you believe the eldar 'conjure' their wraithbone/psychoplastics or whether they have a material component. I personally find conjured wraithbone (out of the immaterium) to be most yawn-inspiring, so for me the eldar would be interested in this type of world...


Emperor's Light
28-08-2005, 19:11
I think that may be be a good reason for the Eldar to want such a planet. As I understand it wraithbone is some kind of syntheic - a psychic plastic.

The ammonia based life article is interesting, because the planet would be much more interesting with some unique flora and fauna (harkoning back to the days of Rogue Trader when ambulls come out and eat your troops.) Obviously, we are talking about fairly complex life forms, enough to pose a threat to armed troops (and possibly offer an opportunity for scratch build model.)

28-08-2005, 22:09
I think that may be be a good reason for the Eldar to want such a planet. As I understand it wraithbone is some kind of syntheic - a psychic plastic.
Interpretation, preference and the horrid Edition Drift compound on this one. If you are to believe the earliest approach to the 'fluff', then wraithbone was a psychoplastic in the meaning of 'plastically malleable psychic energy'. It was in later (2E) that the meaning of 'psychically conductive hydrocarbon' was introduced. It doesn't help that throughout the subsequent 'fluff' it has been variably described as one or the other, i.e. the idea that matterium/immaterium crossovers such as 'warp gates' allow the gradual growth or spawning of wraithbone, or indeed the idea that Seer crystallisation is linked to the channelling of psychic energy through wraithbone, etc.

Again, for me it is based entirely on personal perspective and interpretation. The idea that eldar get everything 'for free' is not one that appeals, and the eldar are my favourite race! :D


29-08-2005, 11:55
i always saw wraithbone as a material that they had to harvest but then could grow it as a they would a tree. Using their psychic abilities to speed up its growth, while at the same time it could channel their psychic energies. So its not for free, but its not exactly rare.

29-08-2005, 22:35
Well, that wouldn't be the 'fluff' but would be a reasonable interpretation...